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New additions

Posted by Rita Dockery Jan 31, 2011

Here are the recently arrived additions to the Library collection. These books are now on display in the Main Reading Room, Botany Reading Room (for all Botany titles) and Tring (for all Ornithology titles). Have you made an appointment to come and talk to us yet? 


Also, check out the sparkling and new Images of Nature gallery, free to visit in the Blue Zone.


Anthropology / Palaeontology


Lake District mountain landforms / Peter Wilson
Lancaster [England] : Scotforth Books, 2010


A catalogue of the collection of Cambrian and Silurian fossils, contained in the Geolological Museum of the University of Cambridge / by J.W. Salter ; with a preface by Adam Sedgwick and a table of genera and index added by John Morris.
Cambridge : University Press, 2010


An empirical synthetic pattern study of gars (Lepisosteiformes) and closely related species, based mostly on skeletal anatomy. The resurrection of Holostei / Lance Grande
Rome : Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, 2010




Wild flowers of Greece / text by Kit Tan and Arne Strid ; colour plates by Niki A. Goulandris.
Kifissia, Greece : The Goulandris Natural History Mueum, 2009.


Bryophyte ecology and climate change / [edited by] Zoltán Tuba, Nancy G. Slack, Lloyd R. Stark.
Cambridge ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 2010.


Flora Zambesiaca. Volume 13. Part 4, Xyridaceae, Eriocaulaceae, Typhaceae, Restionaceae, Flagellariaceae, Juncaceae, Musaceae, Strelitziaceae, Costaceae, Zingiberaceae, Cannaceae, Marantaceae / edited by Jonathan Timberlake.
Richmond : Kew, 2010.


Flora Zambesiaca. Volume 13. Part 2, Eriospermaceae, Dracaenaceae, Arecaceae (Palmae), Pontederiaceae, Bromeliaceae, Mayacaceae / edited by Jonathan Timberlake.
Richmond : Kew, 2010.


A new atlas of the Kent flora / Eric G. Philp
Kent : Kent Field Club, 2010.


Index to chromosome numbers of Chinese Pteridophyta (1969-2009) / edited by Cheng Xiao & Zhang Shou-Zhou.
Shenzhen, China : Fairylake Botanical Garden, 2010.


Flora of tropical East Africa, Acanthaceae (Part 2) / by Iain Darbyshire, Kaj Vollesen and Ensermu Kelbessa ; editor : H. J. Beentje
Kew : Royal Botanic Gardens Kew, 2010.





Insect biodiversity : science and society / Foottit, Robert George
Wiley-Blackwell, 2009


Norges sommerfugler : Hånbok over Norges dagsommerfugler og nattsvermere / Aarvik, Leif
Apollo Books, 2009


Gallenboek :  overzicht van door dieren en planten veroorzaakte Nederlandse gallen / van Leeuwen, Willem Marius Docters
Zeist : KNNV Uitgeverij, 2009


Wasps of Surrey / Baldock, David W.
Woking : Surrey Wildlife Trust, 2010




The species seekers : heroes, fools, and the mad pursuit of life on Earth / Richard Conniff.
New York : W.W. Norton, c2011.


The single helix : a turn around the world of science / Steve Jones.
London : Abacus, 2006.


The economics of ecosystems & biodiversity : report for business : executive summary / [Joshua Bishop ... [et al.]]
[Bonn : TEEB, 2010.


Marine environment and resources of Abu Dhabi / edited by Thabit Zahran Al Abdessalaam.
Abu Dhabi : Environment Agency--Abu Dhabi, c2007.


Secrets of nature [videorecording] : pioneering natural history films / British Instructional Films.
[London] : British Film Institute, c2010.




Field guide to stiperstones mines / edited by Adrian Pearce
Shropshire Mines Trust, 2010


The Cambridge handbook of earth science data / Paul Henderson, Gideon M. Henderson.
Cambridge, UK ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 2009.


Ornithology (Tring)


The birds of Thorne Moors: an annotated checklist / by Bryan P. Wainwright
Doncaster : Thorne & Hatfield Moors Conservation Forum, 2009.




Pitanie presnovodnykh bespozvonochnykh / A. V. Monakov
Moskva : Institut Problem Ekologii i Evoliutsii im. A. N. Severtsov, RAN, 1998.


Wildlife of the Pacific Northwest : tracking and identifying mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates / David Moskowitz.
Portland : Timber Press, 2010.


Opredelitel' lichinok krabov infraotriada Brachyura severo-zapadnoí chasti Iaponskogo Moria = Illustrayed [sic] key for the identification of brachyuran larvae in the northwestern Sea of Japan / E. S. Kornienko and O. M. Korn
Vladivostock : Dalnauka, 2010.


Shrimps and crabs of Kume Island, Okinawa / Kawamoto Tsuyoshi & Okuno Junji.
Tokyo : Hankyu Komyunikeshonzu, 2003


Fish defences. Volume 2 , Pathogens, parasites and predators / editors, Giacomo Zaccone ... [et al.].
Enfield, N.H. : Science, 2009.


New additions

Posted by Rita Dockery Jan 27, 2011
Here are the newest additions to the Library.  Please see our online catalogue for more details on these items and many more. 

Anthropology /  Palaeontology

David  Attenborough 's First life : a journey back in time by Matt Kaplan with Josh  Young ; introduction by David Attenborough.

London : Collins,  2010

Dinosaurs  : a field guide / by Gregory  S. Paul

London : A. & C. Black,  2010



The  diatoms : applications for the environmental and earth sciences / edited by John P. Smol,  Eugene F. Stoermer.

2nd edition

New  York :  Cambridge  University Press,  2010.

An  introduction to plant structure and development : plant anatomy for the  twenty-first century / Charles B.  Beck.

2nd edition

Cambridge, UK ; New York :  Cambridge  University Press,  2010.

The  flora of county Tyrone / Ian McNeill ; with the  assistance of Paul Hackney.

Holywood, Co. Down : National Museums Northern Ireland,  2010.

A  natural history of the New World : the ecology and evolution of plants in the  Americas / Alan  Graham.

Chicago : University of Chicago Press,  2011.

The  wild plants of Antigua and  Barbuda : an illustrated field guide to the  native and naturalised vascular plants / [principal authors]  Christopher Pratt, Kevel Lindsay ; [collaborators] Melanie Pearson, Carolyn  Thomas ; with a foreword by Baldwin Spencer and Yasmin  Baksh-Comeau.

St.  John's,  Antigua : EAG,  2009.

Flowering  plants of India. Dicotyledons : Volume 1,  (Acanthaceae - Avicenniaceae) / S. Karthikeyan, M. Sanjappa  & S. Moorthy

Kolkata : Botanical Survey of India,  2009.



Lepidoptera  (Gelechiidae and Lecithoceridae) / Park,  Kyu-Tek

Suwon, Korea : National Institute of Agricultural Science  and Technology, 2004

Bemisia :  Bionomics and Management of a Global Pest / Stansly, Philip  A

Dordrecht : Springer,  2010

Noctuidae  Sibiricae Vol.2, Micronoctuidae, Noctuidae; Rivulinae – Agaristinae  / Kononenko, Vladimir  Stepanovich

Sorø, Denmark : Entomological Press,  2010

Butterflies  of the world = Schmetterlinge der Erde. Pt. 33, Nymphalidae 18, Morpho 2 / Schaeffler, Oliver  Adam

Keltern : Goecke & Evers ;  2010

Genera of  Indian butterflies / Varshney, Rajendra  Kumar

New  Delhi :  Nature books Indial, 2010


Evolution  : the molecular landscape /  meeting organized by Bruce Stillman, David Stewart, Jan Witkowski ; Cold Spring Harbor

Cold Spring Harbor : CSH Press,  2009

Terrestrial  environment of Abu Dhabi Emirate / [authors: Abdulrahman Alsharhan ... [et  al.] ; editor: Richard J. Perry].

Abu  Dhabi,  United Arab Emirates :  Environment Agency--Abu  Dhabi, c2008.

Biodiversity  and responsible consumption : Mesoamerican Biological Corridor - Mexico  / Fulvio Eccardi; [English  translation: Suzanne D. Stephens].

México, D.F : CONABIO,  2008.

Mexico : capacities for  conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity / [project coordination: Irene Pisanty ;  assistants: Rafael Pompa, Alejandra Martínez Berdeja, Elizeth  Escamilla].

México, D.F. : CONABIO : PNUD México,  [2009]

Medienberichte zur Ausstellung James Cook und  die Entdeckung der Südsee

[S.l. : s.n.,  2010.]


St  Petersburg : a history in  stone / A.G. Bulakh, N.B.  Abakumova, J.V. Romanovsky.

St  Petersburg :  St Petersburg  University Press,  2010

Metalliferous  ore deposits of Bolivia /  Osvaldo R. Arce Burgoa

La Paz, Bolivia : [s.n.], 2009. (SPC Impresores, S.A.)

Turquoise  : the world story of a fascinating gemstone / Joe Dan Lowry and Joe P.  Lowry

Layton, Utah : Gibbs Smith,  2010

Ornithology  (Tring)

The American Bird Conservancy guide to bird  conservation / Daniel J. Lebbin, Michael J. Parr, and George H.  Fenwick.

Chicago : University of Chicago  Press,  c2010.

Checklist of the birds of Peninsular  Malaysia / MNS Bird Conservation  Council

Kuala  Lumpur:  Malaysian Nature Society, 2010.

A complete guide to the birds of  Malta / Natalino  Fenech.

Valletta, Malta : Midsea Books,  2010.

The hen harrier : in the shadow of Slemish / Don  Scott.

Dunbeath, Caithness : Whittles,  2010.

Shorebird ecology, conservation, and management  / Mark A. Colwell.

Berkeley : University of California  Press,  c2010.


Encyclopedia  of flora and fauna of Bangladesh. Volume 24, Marine  fishes / Zia Uddin Ahmed  (Ed.)

Dhaka : Asiatic Society of Bangladesh,  2009.

Reproductive  biology and early life history of fishes in the Ohio  River drainage. Vol. 6, Elassomatidae and Centrarchidae [electronic  resource] / Robert Wallus,  Thomas P. Simon.

Boca  Raton,  : CRC Press,  2008.

Manuales  de Mastozoologia : manual de campo para un sondeo de rata de agua (<Arvicola  sapidus>) / Jacinto  Roman

Málaga : SECEM,  2010.

Pisor's  registry of world record size shells : [over 11 5000 listings] / Donald L. Pisor ; comp. by Conchology, Inc.  ; reworked by and with an introduction by  Guido T.  Poppe

Hackenheim ConchBooks  2008.

Shi jie  tou zu lei / Chen Xinjun, Liu  Bilin, Wang Yaogeng

Beijing : Hai yang chu ban she,  2009.

Annotated  and illustrated catalogue of recent Cancellariidae / Jens  Hemmen.

Wiesbaden : Hemmen,  2007.

Encyclopedia  of flora and fauna of Bangladesh. Volume 17, Molluscs / Zia Uddin Ahmed  (Ed)

Dhaka : Asiatic Society of Bangladesh,  2007.

Protozoa  and human disease / Mark F.  Wiser.

New  York : Garland Science,  2011.


New additions

Posted by Rita Dockery Jan 19, 2011
Here are the newest additions to the Library collection. These books are now on display in  the Main Reading Room, Botany Reading Room (for all Botany titles) and Tring (for all Ornithology titles).  Check our website for the latest Library news, to discover how to make an appointment, and links to our catalogues for these and other titles.

Anthropology  / Palaeontology

Cenozoic  mammals of Africa / edited by  Lars Werdelin and William Joseph Sanders.

Berkeley : University of California Press,  2010.


The  quaternary of Glen Roy and vicinity / edited by A.P. Palmer, J. J. Lowe & J.  Rose

London : Quaternary Research Association,  2008.


The  quaternary of the Solway Lowlands and Pennine  Escarpment / edited by  Stephen J. Livingstone, David J.A. Evans and Colm O  Cofaigh

London : Quaternary Research Association,  2010


The  Quaternary of Western Sutherland and adjacent areas / edited by Sven Lukas and Tom  Bradwell

London : Quaternary Research Association,  2010.


The  quaternary of northern East  Anglia / edited by I. Candy, J.R. Lee and A.M.  Harrison

London : Quaternary Research Association,  2008.


The  Quaternary of the Trent Valley and adjoining  regions / edited by T. S.  White

London : Quaternary Research Association,  2009.


Shorter wild flower walks in Dorset / Peter & Margaret Cramb.

Bridport : P. & M. Cramb, 2009.


Lichens  of the Namib Desert : a guide to their  identification / Volkmar  Wirth.

Göttingen : Klaus Hess Verlag ; Windhoek : Klaus Hess Publishers,  2010.

Mokhopodibni  Zhytomyrskoi oblasti / V.M. Virchenko, O.O.  Orlov.

Bryophytes of Zhytomyr region

Zhytomyr : PP "Ruta"; Vyd-vo "Volyn,"  2009.

Non-marine  algae of Africa : a bibliography (1799-2010) / Anatoliy Levanets, Leon van  Rensburg.

Potchefstroom : The Platinum Press,  2010.

Malaysia  plant red list : Peninsula Malaysian Dipterocarpaceae / L. S. L.  Chua ... [et al.].

Kepong, Selangor : Forest Research Institute Malaysia,  2010.

Natur  im Aquarell : Meisterwerke der Wiener Hofmaler Johann und Joseph  Knapp / Helga de Cuveland ; mit einem  Vorwort von Wilhelm Hornbostel und Gerbert Frodl sowie einem Geleitwort von Loki  Schmidt.

München ; New  York : Prestel,  2006.

Catálogo  de plantas e fungos do Brasil / [comitê organizador do  projecto e editores, Rafaela Campostrini Forzza ... et  al.].

Rio de Janiero : Jardim Botânico do Rio de Janeiro : Andrea Jakobsson Estúdio,  2010.



Scorpions of the World /  Stockman, R  & Ythier, E

NAP Editions  , 2010

Faune de  France 91 : Hemipteres, Aradidae, Piesmatidae et Dipsocoromorphes  Euro-Mediterraneens / Heiss, Ernst et  Pericart, Jean

Paris : Federation Francaise des Societes de  Sciences Naturelles, 2007

Faune de  France 92 : Hemipteres Reduviidae d’Europe Occidentale  / Putshkov, P V & Moulet,  P

Paris : Federation Francaise des Societes de  Sciences Naturelles, 2009

Les  papillons du Gabon / Vande  weghe, Gael R

Libreville : Wildlife Conservation Society ;  2010

Revision  of genera of the parasitic mite family Macronyssidae (Mesostigmata:  Dermanyssoidea) of the World / Radovsky, Frank J

West  Bloomfield, MI: Indira ; 2010


Letters  to Linnaeus / edited by  Sandra Knapp and Quentin Wheeler.

London : Linnean Society Of London,  2009.


Before  disenchantment : images of exotic animals and plants in the early modern  world / Peter  Mason.

London : Reaktion,  2009.

For the  love of nature : E.E. Gostelow's birds & flowers / Christobel  Mattingley.

Canberra : National Library of Australia,  c2010.

Cook's  Endeavour journal : the inside story / National Library of Australia.

Canberra : National Library of Australia,  2008.

Collaborative  research and development projects : a practical guide / Tom Harris ; foreword by Ray  Browne.

London : Springer,  2007.

Designing  a research project / Piet  Verschuren and Hans Doorewaard.

2nd ed. / rev.  and ed. by M.J. Mellion.



Treated  diamonds / James E. Shigley,  editor.

Carlsbad, Calif. :  Gemological Institute of America,  2008.

Synthetic  diamonds / edited by James E.  Shigley.

Carlsbad, Calif. :  Gemological Institute of America,  2005.

Ornithology  (Tring)

Kakapo:  rescued from the brink of extinction / Alison Ballance

Nelson, N.Z. :  Craig Potton Pub., 2010.


Reef  creature identification : Tropical Pacific / Paul Humann and Ned  Deloach

Jacksonville : New World  Publications, 2010.

Magnificent  books, manuscripts and drawings from the collection of Frederick, 2nd Lord  Hesketh . Part II, Audubon /  Sotheby's

London : Sotheby's,  2010

Hormones  and reproduction of vertebrates. Volume 1, Fishes / [edited by] David O. Norris, Kristin H.  Lopez.

Amsterdam : Academic Press,  2011.

Hormones  and reproduction of vertebrates. Volume 5, Mammals / [edited by] David O. Norris, Kristin H.  Lopez.

Amsterdam : Academic,  2010.

Handbook  of the mammals of South Asia : with special emphasis on India, Bhutan and  Bangladesh / N.C. Bahuguna  and Jayanta K. Mallick.

Dehradun :  Natraj Publishers, 2010.

Taiwan bei lei tu  jian / Lai  Yingyang

[Taipei : Owl],  2008.

Hormones  and reproduction of vertebrates. Volume 2, Amphibians / [edited by] David O. Norris, Kristin H.  Lopez.

Amsterdam : Academic Press/Elsevier,  2011.

Hormones  and reproduction of vertebrates. Volume 3, Reptiles / [edited by] David O. Norris, Kristin H.  Lopez.

Amsterdam : Academic Press/Elsevier,  2011.

Secrets  of the snake charmer : snakes in the 21st century / John Murphy

[S.l.] :  Iuniverse Inc, 2010.

Amphibians,  reptiles and turtles in Kansas / Joseph T. Collins, Suzanne L. Collins,  Travis W. Taggart ; with artwork by, Errol D. Hooper, Jr. ; photographs by,  Suzanne L. Collins.

Eagle Mountain : Eagle Mountain Publishing,  2010.


New additions

Posted by Rita Dockery Jan 10, 2011

Here is a list of this week’s recently arrived additions to the Library collection. Please contact us if you would like to make an appointment to see any of the titles.



Anthropology / Palaeontology


Gornyi Muzei [Mining Museum]
Sankt-Peterburg : First Russian Technical Educational Institution, 2008

Humans, environment and chronology of the late Glacial on the North European plain : proceedings of Workshop 14 (Commission XXXII "The Final Palaeolothic of the Great Plain/Le Paléolithique Final de la Grande Plaine Européenne") of the 15th U.I.S.P.P. Congress, Lisbon, September 2006 / Martin Street, Nick Barton, Thomas Terberger (eds.).
Mainz : Verlag des Römisch-Germanischen Zentralmuseums, 2009


Mesolithic Europe / edited by Geoff Bailey and Penny Spikins
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2010


Biominerals and fossils through time / by Jean-Pierre Cuif, Yannicke Dauphin, and James E. Sorauf.
Cambridge ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 2011.




Field guide to the plants of East Sabah / R.P.J. de Kok and T.M.A. Utteridge.
Richmond, Surrey : Kew, 2010.


Georgiana Leake's wildflower album : Western Australia's first botanical artist / Margaret J. Love and Bryan R. Sherwood.
Cardigan : Forrest, 2010.


The lichen genus Rinodina (Ach.) Gray (Lecanoromycetidae, Physciaceae) in North America, north of Mexico / John W. Sheard.
Ottawa : NRC Research Press, 2010.


Kvetena : Ceské Republiky = [Flora of the Czech Republic]. 8 / editor : Jitka Stepánková.
Praha : Academia, 2010.


Analyzing lichen indicator data in the Forest Inventory and Analysis Program / Susan Will-Wolf.
Portland, OR : U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Forest Service, Pacific Northwest Research Station, [2010]


Flora del Paraguay. 40, Lythraceae / por Reinilda Duré Rodas & Julián Molero Briones.
Geneve : Conservatoire et Jardin Botaniques de la Ville de Geneve [etc.], 2010.


Peonies of the world : taxonomy and phytogeography / Hong De-Yuan ; in association with Pan Kai-Yu ... [et al.].
Richmond : Kew Pub. ; St. Louis : Missouri Botanical Garden, 2010.




Handbook of zoology. Coleoptera, beetles Vol. 2, Morphology and systematics / Lawrence, John F
Berlin : Walter de Gruyter, 2010


Insetti della fauna italiana, Coleotteri Carabidi. I / Pesarini, Carlo
Milano : Società Italiana di Scienze Naturali, 2010


The Palaearctic Chrysomelidae : identification keys, Vol.1 and 2/ Warchalowski, Andrzej
Warsaw : Natura optima dux Foundation ; 2010


Beiträge der Hymenopterologen-Tagung in Stuttgart / Krogman, Lars
DGaaE : Müncheberg ; 2010




Habitats of Wales : a comprehensive field survey, 1979-1997 / T.H. Blackstock ... [et al.].
Cardiff : University of Wales Press, 2010.


Adelante : wild orchids & beetles in Paraguay / Mitsugi Koyama ; [supervisor, Kohji Karasawa]. .
Kyoto : Koyama Toshiko, 2009.


A frozen field of dreams : science, strategy, and the Antarctic in Norway, Sweden, and the British Empire, 1912-1952 / Peder William Chellew Roberts
Thesis -- (PhD), Stanford University, 2010.


2010, Year of Biodiversity.
Ming magazine, (04, 2010), p. 022-064.


Discoveries of the census of marine life : making ocean life count / Paul V.R. Snelgrove.
Cambridge [etc.] : Cambridge University Press, 2010.


Sustainable economics for a digital planet : ensuring long-term access to digital information : final report of the Blue Ribbon Task Force on Sustainable Digital Preservation and Access.
[La Jolla, Calif. : Blue Ribbon Task Force on Sustainable Digital Preservation and Access, 2010]


Boyle : between God and science / Michael Hunter.
New Haven, Conn. ; London : Yale University Press, 2010.




Sea-spiders (Pycnogonida) of the north-east Atlantic / Roger N. Bamber
Shrewsbury : Field Studies Council for The Linnean Society, 2010.


Fauna of Hebei, China : Amphibia, Reptilia and Mammalia / Wu Yuefeng ... [et al.]
Shijiazhuang : Hebei ke xue ji shu chu ban she (Hebei Science and Technology Publishing House), 2009


Hebei dong wu zhi, Jia ke lei / edited by Song Daxiang, Yang Siliang ; consultant : Liu Ruiyu
Shijiazhuang : Hebei ke xue ji shu chu ban she (Hebei Science and Technology Publishing House), 2009.


Eels at the edge : science, status, and conservation concerns / edited by John M. Casselman and David K. Cairns.
Bethesda : American Fisheries Society, 2009.


Development of non-teleost fishes / editors, Yvette W. Kunz, Carl A. Luer,  B.G. Kapoor.
Enfield : Science Publishers, 2009.


Encyclopedia of flora and fauna of Bangladesh. Vol. 23, Freshwater fishes / chief editor : Kamal Uddin Siddiqui
Dhaka : Asiatic Society of Bangladesh, 2007.


Changjian jingji touzulei caise tujian = colour illustrations of common economic cephalpods / Chen Xin Jun, Liu Bilin
[Beijing : Hai yang chu ban she], 2009.


Farmland molluscs from Zhejiang Province, China. Prosobranchia; (Archatogastropoda, Mesogastropoda) Pulmonata; (Stylommatophora)
Hang zhou : Hang zhou chu ban she, 2008.


Encyclopedia of flora and fauna of Bangladesh. Vol. 25, Amphibians and reptiles / chief editor: Zia Uddin Ahmed
Dhaka : Asiatic Society of Bangladesh, 2009.


New additions

Posted by Rita Dockery Jan 4, 2011

Happy 2011! Below are the most recently arrived titles in the Library collection. These books are now on display in the Main Reading Room and the Botany Reading Room (for all Botany titles.)  Have a look at the online catalogue from wherever you are to see records for these and other useful titles.  And, please don't hesitate to contact us to see how we might help with your research interests.


Anthropology / Palaeontology


The first human : the race to discover our earliest ancestors / Ann Gibbons.
New York : Anchor Books, 2006.


Bailiandong culture, a case study on Mesolithic culture / Guoxing Zhou.
Nanning : Guangxi ke xue ji shu chu ban she, 2007.




The great trees of London.
London : Time Out, 2010.


The wildflowers of Ireland : the habitat guide / by Carsten Krieger, Declan Doogue.
Dublin : Gill & Macmillan, 2010.


Karl Blossfeldt : the complete published work / [edited by] Hans Christian Adam.
Köln ; London : Taschen, 2008.


Algae of Australia : Phytoplankton of temperate coastal waters / G. M. Hallegraeff ... [et al.].
Collingwood, Vic. : Australian Biological Resources Study and CSIRO Publishing, 2010.


Lepanthes of Bolivia : systematics of Octomeria species north and west of Brazil : addenda: new species of Brachionidium, Lepanthes, Masdevallia, Octomeria, Playstele, Pleurothallopsis, and Porroglossum. CORRIGENDA / Carlyle A. Luer.
St. Louis : Missouri Botanical Garden, 2010.




Lepidoptera of North America. 9, Butterfly distribution and dispersion across the montane islands and drainages of the Chihuahuan Desert / Holland, Richard
Fort Collins : C. P. Gillette Museum of Anthropod Diversity, 2009


Izatha (Insecta: Lepidoptera: Gelechioidea: Oecophoridae) / Hoare, Robert J. B.
Canterbury, New Zealand : Mamaaki Whenua Press, 2010


Tvåvingar : Blomflugor, Diptera : Syrphidae : Eristalinae & Microdontinae : Denna volym omfatter samtliga nordiska arter / Bartsch, Hans
Uppsala : ArtDatabanken, Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet ; 2009


Mapping risk from forest insects and diseases / Lewis, Joseph W.
[Washington] : United States, Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, 2002.


The bee genera and subgenera of sub-Saharan Africa / Eardley, Connal
Brussels : Belgian Development Cooperation, 2010


South African Red Data Book : butterflies / Henning, Graham A.
Pretoria : South African National Biodiversity Institute, 2009




A naturalist's eye : twenty Somerset years / Philip Radford.
Taunton : Somerset Archaeological and Natural History Society, c2008.


A list of the terrestrial and marine biota from the Azores / Paulo A. V. Borges et al.
Principia Editora, Lda, 2010


First census of marine life 2010 : highlights of a decade of discovery / editors, Jesse H. Ausubel, Darlene Trew Crist, and Paul E. Waggoner.
Washington, D.C. : Census of Marine Life, c2010.


The vent and seep biota : aspects from microbes to ecosystems / Steffen Kiel, editor.
Dordrecht ; New York : Springer, c2010.


The natural history book : the ultimate visual guide to everything on Earth / [editors, Becky Alexander ... [et al.].
London : Dorling Kindersley, 2010.


One year on : evaluating the initial impact of the Scottish Higher Education Digital Library (SHEDL)
London : Research Information Network, 2010.




Studies on Brachyura : a homage to Danièle Guinot / by Peter Castro ... [et al.] (editors).
Leiden : Koninklijke Brill NV, 2010.


Metazoan deep sea fish parasites / Institute of Zoomorphology, Cell Biology and Parasitology, Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf, Germany. Sven Klimpel ...
Solingen : Verl. Natur und Wiss., 2009.


Field guide to fishes of the Mekong delta.
Vientiane, Lao PDR : Mekong River Commission, 2008.


Dong bei di qu dan shui yu lei / Xie yu hao.
Shen yang : Liao ning ke xue ji zhu chu ban she, 2007.


Zhongguo te you jin xian ba yu shu lei : wu zhong duo yang xing, dong xue shi ying, xi tong yan hua he dong wu di li / Zhao Yahui, Zhang Chunguang
Beijing : Ke xue chu ban she, 2010.


Atlas der Säugetiere Sachsens : Naturschutz und Landschaftspflege / Silke Hauer, Hermann Ansorge, Ulrich Zöphel
Dresden : Zentraler Broschürenversand der Sächsischen Staatsregierung, 2009.

From 21 January 2011 you can marvel at some of the most beautiful, historic artworks and modern images of nature held by the Museum Library in our newly renovated gallery called Images of Nature.
As a reminder, the Library will be closed to external visitors from the 24 December - 3 January (inclusive).  Happy holidays to one and all.

New books

Posted by Rita Dockery Dec 20, 2010
Here are the recently arrived additions to the Library collection. These books are now on display in the Main Reading Room and the Botany Reading Room (for all Botany  titles). See records for these titles and more in our library catalogue, any time day or night from wherever you live and/or work.

Anthropology  / Palaeontology

I e II  Simpósios sobre a Bacia do Araripe e Bacias Interiores do Nordeste : realizados  em junho de 1990 e novembro de 1997 : comunicações / editores, Luiz  marivando Barros, Plácido Cidade Nuvens, José Betimar melo  Filgueira.

Crato-CE : Tipogresso,  2001.


Das  verschwundene Meer [Fossilienwelt Weinviertel ; eine Publikation des  Naturhistorischen Museums in Wien in Kooperation mit der Geologischen  Bundesanstalt Wien] Mathias Harzhauser ; Wolfgang Sovis ; Andreas  Kroh

Wien  Naturhistorisches Museum 2009


The  transantarctic mountains : rocks, ice, meteorites and water / Gunter Faure and Teresa M  Mensing

London: Springer-Verlag,  2010.



Kleiner  Pflanzenführer für den paraguayischen Chaco = Una guía para plantas nativas del  Chaco Paraguayo / Hrsg.: Iniciativa para la  investigación y transferencia de tecnología agraria sostenible (INTTAS), Loma  Plata. Christine Ulmke ; Lily August. Fotogr.: Christine Ulmke  ...

Herborn :  Fachverl. Uniglobia, 2004.


Unrunde'y,  Schlorrekaktus, Pehen : una guía para plantas leñosas del  Chaco / Verena Friesen Ratzlaff. Rev.  Levi Hiebert Funk ... [Ed.: Iniciativa para la investigación y transferencia de  tecnología agraria sostenible (INTTAS), Loma  Plata].

Herborn ;  Fröndenberg : Fachverl. Uniglobia, 2004.


Plantas  medicinales de tres áreas silvestres protegidas y su zona de influencia en el  sureste de Paraguay / María Vera Jiménez ; edicion,  María Vera Jiménez ... [et al.].

Asunción, Paraguay : Fundación Moisés Bertoni,  para la Conservación de la Naturaleza, 2009.


Impressions  of nature : a history of nature printing /  Roderick  Cave.

London : British Library ; New York, NY : Mark Batty  Publisher ; London : Thames & Hudson [distributor],  2010.


Algues  de Roscoff / Susan Loiseaux-de Goër,  Marie-Claude Noailles.

Roscoff : Éd.  de la Station biologique de Roscoff, 2008 Cloître  impr.)




Checklist  of Ohio  butterflies : a field companion/report form / Parshall, David  K

[Columbus, Ohio] :  Ohio  Lepidopterists, 2009


Imenotteri  d'Italia : Sapygidae, Scoliidae, Methochidae, Mutiliidae, Bradynobaenidae  [Electronic Ressource] / Tassi, Franco

Torino : Museo Regionale di  Scienze Naturali and others, 2008


The  beetles/ Ming plus [Max  Barclay]

[China]  : Ming, 2010


International  Symposium on Zygaenidae XII, 5-9 May 2010, Hatay, Turkey : scientific programme and  abstracts / International  Symposium on Zygaenidae (12th : 5-9 May 2010 :  Hatay)

Hatay  : Mustafa  Kemal University,  2010


Big bugs  life-size  / George  Beccaloni

London : Natural History Museum, 2010


6th  International Conference on the Biology of Butterflies : program and abstracts / International Conference on the Biology of  Butterflies (6th ; 2010 ; University of  Alberta, Edmonton, Canada)

Edmonton, Alberta : Department of Biological Sciences, University of Alberta, 2010



Charles  Darwin [on the origin of species]

[Taipei, Taiwan : s.n.],  1988


Super  species : the creatures that will dominate the planet / Garry  Hamilton.

Richmond  Hill, Ont. : Firefly Books,  2010.


The  flexible phenotype : a body-centred integration of ecology, physiology, and  behaviour / Theunis Piersma, Jan A. van  Gils.

Oxford : Oxford University Press,  2010.


Photoperiodism  : the biological calendar / edited by Randy J. Nelson, David L.  Denlinger, David E. Somers.

Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press,  2010.


Wytham  Woods : Oxford's  ecological laboratory / editors, P.S. Savill ... [et  al.].

Oxford [England] : New York : Oxford University Press,  c2010.


Adobe  Photoshop CS5 for photographers : a professional image editor's guide to the  creative use of Photoshop for the Macintosh and PC / Martin  Evening.

Amsterdam ; Boston : Focal  Press/Elsevier, 2010.


Light :  science and magic : an introduction to photographic  lighting / Fil Hunter, Steven Biver, Paul  Fuqua.

Oxford : Focal,  2007.




The  dissection of vertebrates : a laboratory manual / Gerardo De  Iuliis.

Amsterdam : Academic Press,  2010.


Zhongguo  Chang Jiang San Xia dong wu da quan = Encyclopedia of animals in three gorges of  Yangtze River of China / Liu Xianxin zhu  bian.

Beijing : Ke xue chu ban she,  2010.


Upside  down world : early European impressions of Australia's curious  animals / Penny Olsen.

Canberra : National Library of  Australia,  2010.


Coral  reefs : biology, threats and restoration / Thomas B. Davin and  Anna P. Brannet, editors.

New  York : Nova Science Publishers,  2009.


Mammal  teeth : origin, evolution, and diversity / Peter S.  Ungar.

Baltimore : Johns Hopkins University Press,  2010.


Whales,  dolphins and porpoises / Mark  Carwardine.

London : Dorling Kindersley,  2000.


Zhong guo  hai yang bei lei tu jian / Zhang Suping.

Bei  jing : Hai yang chu ban she, 2008.



New additions

Posted by Rita Dockery Dec 13, 2010

New  books added to the Library  collection


Please find below a list of  this week’s recently arrived additions to the Library collection. These books are now on display in  the Main Reading Room, Botany Reading Room (for all Botany titles) and Tring  (for all Ornithology titles).

Anthropology  / Palaeontology

Prehistory  of Sri Lanka: ancient history  of Sri Lanka, Indian  subcontinent, history of Sri  Lanka/ edited by Lambert M.  Surhone, Mariam T. Tennoe, Susan F. Henssonow

Betascript  Publishing, 2010.

How  humans evolved / Robert Boyd and Joan B  Silk

W. W. Norton  & Co, 2009

Cro-Magnon  : how the Ice Age gave birth to the first modern humans / Brian  Fagan.

New  York : Bloomsbury  Press, 2010.

Biodiversity  of fossils in amber from the major world deposits / edited by David  Penney.

Manchester : Siri Scientific  Press, 2010.

Dinosaur  sex / Michael  Brookfield.

London, England : Janus Pub.  Co., 2008.


Biology  of lichens : symbiosis, ecology, environmental monitoring, systematics and cyber  applications : selected papers related in part to the IAL 6 Symposium,  Asilomar, California 2008 / editors Thomas H. Nash ...  [et al.].

Stuttgart : Cramer in der  Gebr.-Borntraeger-Verl.-Buchh, 2010.

The  family Eriocaulaceae in India / R. Ansari,  N.P. Balakrishnan.

Rev.  ed.

Dehra  Dun : Bishen  Singh Mahendra Pal Singh, 2009.

Seasearch  Guide to seaweeds of Britain and Ireland / Francis StP. D. Bunker,  Juliet A. Brodie, Christine A. Maggs and Anne R.  Bunker

Ross-on-Wye :  Marine Conservation Society, 2010.

Art  forms in the plant world : 120 full-page photographs / Karl Blossfeldt ; with an  introduction by Karl Nierendorf.

New  York : Dover Publications,  1985.

Natural  art forms : 120 classic photographs / Karl  Blossfeldt.

Mineola, N.Y. : Dover Publications,  1998.



Minimorum  animalium theatrum / Carotti, Giovanni

Trento : Temi,  2010

Spiders  of New  Zealand : annotated family key & species  list / Paquin,  Pierre

Lincoln, N.Z. :  Manaaki Whenua Press , 2010

A review  of Culicoides subgenus <Avaritia> species (Insecta, Diptera,  Ceratopogonidae), vectors of viruses of sheep, cattle and horses, with  particular reference to <Culicoides imicola> in Europe and the Mediterranean  region / Boorman, John

London : Natural History Museum

Parasitic  ichneumonids on woodborers in China (Hymenoptera: Ichneumonidae) / Sheng,  Maoling

Beijing : Science Press,  2010

Lepidoptera  of Nepal / Colin  Smith

Kathmandu : Himalayan Nature,  2010

Handbook  on butterflies of Himachal Pradesh / G.S. Arora, H.S.  Mehta, V.K. Walia


Kolkata :  Zoological Survey of India,  2009


Evolution  in action : case studies in adaptive radiation, speciation and the origin of  biodiversity / Matthias Glaubrecht, editor ; in  cooperation with Harald Schneider.

Heidelberg ; New York : Springer,  c2010.

The book  of nature : the natural heritage according to UNESCO.

München, Germany : Monaco  Books, c2009.

Science  exhibitions : communication and evaluation / [edited by]  Anastasia Filippoupoliti.

Edinburgh : MuseumsEtc.,  2010.

Natural  selection and beyond : the intellectual legacy of Alfred Russel  Wallace / edited by Charles H. Smith and  George  Beccaloni.

Oxford ; New York: Oxford University Press,  2010.

Doctor by  nature : JonathanCouch, surgeon of Polperro / Jeremy Rowett  Johns.

Clifton-upon-Teme, Worcestershire :  Polperro Heritage Press, 2010.



Sistema  "Planeta Zemlia" : 300 [trista] let so dnia rozhdeniia M. V. Lomonosova, 1711 –  2011

Moskva : URSS ;  [LENAND], 2010


Ornithology  (Tring)

Birds of  Ceredigion / Hywel Roderick, Peter Davis ; photographic editor: Michael  Hayward.

[Bridgend] :  Olga Roderick and Peter Davis, 2010.

Ecology  of the birds of Hong Kong / contributors, John A. Allcock ... [et al.] ;  editors, Captain, L.C. Wong, Vicky, W.Y. Lam, Gary, W.J.  Ades.

Hong  Kong : Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden,  [2009]

Field  guide to the birds of Ghana / by Nik Borrow, Ron  Demey.

London : Christopher Helm,  2010.

Handbook  of the birds of the world. Volume 15, Weavers to New  World Warblers / [edited by] Josep del Hoyo, Andrew Elliott,  David Christie ; [writers]: Vladimir Arkhipov ... [et al.] ; colour plates by  Norman Arlott [et al.].

Barcelona : Lynx Edicions,  c2010.

The  Oxford dodo: the sad story of the ungainly bird  that became an Oxford icon / text by Jane  Pickering, with additions by Keith Thomson and Georgina  Ferry

Oxford: Oxford University Museum of Natural History,  2010.

Reed and  bush warblers / by Peter Kennerley and David Pearson.  illustrated by Brian Small

London : Christopher Helm,  2010.

Safari  sketchbook : a bird painter's African odyssey / Martin  Woodcock.

Wiveton : Esker  Press,  2010.




Manual of  diagnostic tests and vaccines for terrestrial animals : mammals, birds and  bees / World Organisation for Animal  Health.

Paris : Office  international des épizooties, 2004.

Local  mammals / Marion L. M.  Bryce

Long Eaton :  Long Eaton Natural History Society, 2010.

The book  of shells / by Jerry Harasewych, Fabio  Moretzsohn.

London : A. & C. Black,  2010.

Structures  and organelles in pathogenic protists / editor: Wanderley  de Souza

Heidelberg : Springer,  2010

Sand  Lizard and Natterjack Toad Recovery Project 2007-2009 / Herpetological  Conservation Trust ; nominated officer : E.A. Howe

Bangor : Countryside Council  for Wales,  2009.


New additions

Posted by Rita Dockery Dec 8, 2010

New books added to the Library collection


These books are now on display in the Main Reading Room and the Botany Reading Room (for all Botany titles).  Please let us know if you would like to make an appointment to see these or any other items.  We might also be able to help you plan your natural history research.


Anthropology / Palaeontology

Catalogue of the type fossils in the Woodwardian Museum Cambridge / Henry Woods.
Cambridge : University Press, 2010.


Evolution of earth and its climate : birth, life and death or earth / O. G. Sorokhtin. G. V. Chilingarian, and  N. O. Sorokhtin
Elsevier, 2010.


Geoscience data and collections : national resources in peril / Committee on the Preservation of Geoscience Data and Collections, Committee on Earth Resources, Board on Earth Sciences and Resources, Division on Earth and Life Studies, National Research Council of the National Academies.
Washington, D.C. : National Academies Press, 2002.


The human evolution coloring book / by Adrienne L. Zihlman ; principal illustrations by Carla J. Simmons.
New York : HarperResource, 2000.


Smithsonian intimate guide to human origins / Carl Zimmer.
[Washington, D.C.] : Smithsonian Books ; New York, NY : Collins, 2005.


The 10,000 year explosion : how civilizatin accelerated human evolution / Gregory Cochran and  Henry Harpending.
New York : BasicBooks ; London : Perseus Running [distributor], 2010.




Flora of tropical East Africa. Cyperaceae / edited by H.J. Beentje and S.A. Ghazanfar.
Richmond : Published on behalf of the East African governments by Royal Botanic Gardens, 2010.


Flore du Gabon. Vol. 41, Anthericaceae, Burmanniaceae, Colchiceae, Crassulaceae, Dipterocarpaceae, Lemnaceae, Pittosporaceae, Rosaceae, Ternstroemiaceae, Thismiaceae, Triuridaceae / comité de réd.: Marc S. M. Sosef ... [et al.].
Weikersheim : Margraf Publishers, 2010.


Stereum s.l. / Arthur L. Welden.
Bronx, NY : Published for the Organization for Flora Neotropica by the New York Botanical Garden Press, 2010.


The flora of Loton Deer Park : an annotated checklist of the vascular plants of Loton Deer Park, based on fieldwork conducted by the Biodiversity Training Project, with the Shropshire Botanical Society in 2010 / by Mark Duffell
[Shropshire] : Shropshire Botanical Society, 2010.


Analyzing lichen indicator data in the Forest Inventory and Analysis Program / Susan Will-Wolf.
Portland, OR : U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Forest Service, Pacific Northwest Research Station, [2010]




Fire ecology in Rocky Mountain landscapes / William L. Baker.
Washington, DC : Island Press, c2009.


All flesh is grass : plant-animal interrelationships / edited by Joseph Seckbach and Zvy Dubinsky
Dordrecht ; London : Springer, 2011 [i.e. 2010]


Aspectos conceptuales, análisis numérico, monitoreo y publicación de datos sobre biodiversidad / Antonio Mijail Pérez.
Managua : Gobierno de la República de Nicaragua, Ministerio del Ambiente y los Recursos Naturales, 2004.


An audit of alien species in Scotland / D. Welch ... [et al.]
Battleby, Perth : Scottish Natural Heritage, 2001.


Atlas of the deep-water seabed : Ireland / Boris Dorschel ... [et al.].
Dordrecht [etc.] : Springer, cop. 2010.


Darwin in Galápagos : footsteps to a new world / K. Thalia Grant and Gregory B. Estes.
Princeton, N.J. : Princeton University Press, c2009.




Amber: tears of the gods / Neil D. L. Clark
Dunedin Academic Press Ltd, 2010.


Mineral Observer : mineral news from Russia and beyond / edited by Boris Z. Kantor ....[et al.]
Moscow : Ocean Pictures Ltd, 2010.




Le tegnùe dell'Alto Adriatico : valorizzazione della risorsa marina attraverso lo studio di aree di pregio ambientale / Elisa Andreoli ... [et al.]
Venezia : Fondazione Musei Civici Venezia ; Padova : ARPAV, 2010.


Encyclopedia of flora and fauna of Bangladesh, Vol. 27. Mammals / Zia Uddin Ahmed (Ed)
Nimtali : Asiatic Society of Bangladesh, 2009


Protecting marine mammals / Marielle de Vries, editor.
New York : Nova Science, 2010.


Compendium of bivalves / Markus Huber
Hackenheim : ConchBooks, 2010.


Australian land snails. Volume 1, A field guide to eastern Australian species / John Stanisic ... [et al.]
Mauritius : Bioculture Press for the Australian Museum, 2010.


Pictorial guide to the amphibians of North East India / Rosamma Mathew and Nibedita Sen ; edited by the Director, Zoological Survey of India.
Kolkata : Zoological Survey of India, 2010.


New additions

Posted by Rita Dockery Nov 29, 2010

It's that time of the week again!  Here are the latest additions to the Library collection. These books are now on display in the Main Reading Room, Botany Reading Room (for all Botany titles) and Tring (for all Ornithology titles).  Please let us know if you'd like to visit to see these or other titles.


Anthropology / Palaeontology


Approche taphonomique des restes humains : le cas des Mésolithiques de la grotte des Perrats et le problème du cannibalisme en préhistoire récente européenne / Bruno Boulestin.
Oxford : Archaeopress, 1999.


Comparative dental morphology : selected papers of the 14th International Symposium on Dental Morphology, August 27-30, 2008, Greifswald, Germany / volume editors, T. Koppe, G. Meyer, K.W. Alt ; co-editors, A. Brook ... [et al.].
Basel [Switzerland] ; New York : Karger, 2009.


The anatomy and biology of the human skeleton / D. Gentry Steele and Claud A. Bramblett
Texas A & M University Press, 2007.


Juvenile osteology : a laboratory and field manual / Maureen C. Schaefer, Sue Black, Louise Scheuer ; illustrations by Angela Christie.
London : Academic, 2009.


Der Keuper im Westteil des Zentraleuropäischen Beckens (Deutschland, Niederlande, England, Dänemark) : diskontinuierliche Sedimentation, Litho-, Zyklo- und Sequenzstratigraphie (Dissertation) / von Jens Barnasch
Halle (Saale) : SDGG, 2010.


Geotop 2009 : Geotope und internationale Zusammenarbeit = Geotopy i wspólpraca miedzynarodowa / Manfred Kupetz & Thomas Kockert (Hrsg.)
Halle (Saale) : SDGG, 2010.


GeoDarmstadt2010 : Geowissenschaften sichern Zukunft = Geosciences secure the future / Andreas Hoppe, Heinz-Gerd Röhling & Christoph Schüth (eds.)
Hannover : Deutsche Gesellschaft für Geowissenschaften, 2010




Guide des espèces ligneuses de la Casamance (Sénégal) / Joris De Wolf & Patrick Van Damm ; Hans Beeckman, éd.
Tervuren : Musée royal de l'Afrique centrale, cop. 2010.


Lishainiki v ekologicheskom monitoringe / L. G. Biazrov
Lichens in ecological monitoring
Moskva : Nauchnyi Mir, 2002.


Indian lichens : an annotated checklist / K.P. Singh and G.P. Sinha.
Kolkata : Botanical Survey of India, 2010.


Flora of Peninsular Malaysia. Series 1 : ferns and lycophytes, Volume 1 / edited by B.S. Parris ... [et al.].
Kuala Lumpur : Forest Research Institute Malaysia, 2010.




Phylogenetic systematics and historical biogeography of Malesian Calicnemiine damselflies (Odonata, Platycnemididae) / Dirk Gassman
Leiden : [s.n.], [2005]


Damselfly genera of the New World : an illustrated and annotated key to the Zygoptera / Rosser W. Garrison, Natalia von Ellenrieder and Jerry A Louton
Baltimore : John Hopkins University Press, 2010


Mantids of the Euro-Mediterranean area / Roberto Battiston ...[et al.]
Verona : World Biodiversity Association, 2010


The butterflies of Altai, Sayans and Tuva (South Siberia) / Vadim V. Tshikolovets, Roman V. Yakovlev, Oleg E. Kosterin
Kyiv ; Pardubice : V.V. Tshikolovets, 2009


The butterflies of Mongolia / Vadim V. Tshikolovets, Roman V. Yakovlev, Zsolt Bálint
Kyiv : Pardubice, 2009




Materials and medicine : trade, conquest and therapeutics in the eighteenth century / Pratik Chakrabarti.
Manchester : Manchester University Press, 2010.


Evolutionary naturalism in Victorian Britain : the 'Darwinians' and their critics / Bernard Lightman.
Farnham, England ; Burlington, VT : Ashgate/Variorum, c2009.


Woodcock Bog Research Natural Area : guidebook supplement 40 / Reid Schuller, Susan J. Fritts, Mark Mousseaux.
Portland, OR : U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Forest Service, Pacific Northwest Research Station, [2010]


Life in the Mid Atlantic : an exploration of marine life and environment in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean from the sea surface to the sea bed / Peter Boyle.
[Bergen] : Bergen Museum, University of Bergen, 2009.


L'archivio di Odoardo Beccari : indagini naturalistiche tra fine '800 e inizio '900 / a cura di Beatrice Biagioli.
Firenze, Italy : Firenze University Press, 2008.


Up to the Sky : an exhibition of Hu Yun / text, Karen Smith
Beijing : Magician Space, 2010




Cosmochemistry / Harry Y. McSween, Jr., Gary R. Huss.
Cambridge ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 2010.


Magmatic sulfide deposits : geology, geochemistry and exploration / Anthony J. Naldrett.
Berlin : Springer, 2004.


Ornithology (Tring)


Bird feathers : a guide to North American species / S. David Scott and Casey McFarland.
Mechanicsburg, PA : Stackpole Books, 2010.


Breeding birds of the United Arab Emirates / Simon Aspinall
Abu Dhabi: Environmental Agency, 2010.


In defence of Andries Hoogerwerf (1906-1977) / by G. F. Mees
Busselton, W. A. : G. F. Mees, 2010


Systematic notes on Asian Birds 2010: exploring the taxonomy and nomenclature of the birds of a broadly defined Oriental Realm. Numbers 68-77. (A continuation of the Leiden series) / Edited by David R. Wells
Peterborough: British Ornithologists' Club


Die Vögel des Kreises Viersen / Klaus Hubatsch, unter besonderer Mitarbeit von Helmut P. Klein ... [et al.]; mit einem Beitrag. von Herbert Hubatsch;  [Red.: Hans-Eckart Joachim].
Bergheim : Gesellschaft Rheinischer Ornithologen, 1996.





Die Haselmaus <Muscardinus avellanarius>/ Rimvydas Juškaitis ; Sven Büchner.
Hohenwarsleben Westarp 2010.


Red squirrels : naturally Scottish / by Peter Lurz
Perth : Scottish Natural Heritage, 2010.


The way of the panda : the curious history of China's political animal / Henry Nicholls.
London : Profile, 2010.


Chameleons of Africa : an atlas : including the chameleons of Europe, the Middle East and Asia / Colin R. Tilbury.
Frankfurt am Main : Edition Chimaira , 2010.


African flapshell turtles : the genera <Cyclanorbis> and <Cycloderma> / Dieter Gramentz.
Frankfurt am Main : Edition Chimaira, 2008.


The natural history of amphibians and reptiles in Sabah / Robert F. Inger, Tan Fui Lian
Kota Kinabalu : Natural History Publications (Borneo), 2010.


New additions

Posted by Rita Dockery Nov 22, 2010

New books added to the Library collection


Here are the recently arrived additions to the Library collection. These books are now on display in the Main Reading Room, Botany Reading Room (for all Botany titles) and Tring (for all Ornithology titles).  Let us know if you would like to make an appointment to see any of these items.



Anthropology / Palaeontology


Paleobase [CD ROM] : macrofossils part 3.0, Cnidarians, Echinoderms, Sponges and Problematica (including early Metazoa) / edited by Norman MacLeod
West Sussex: Pulished for the Natural History Museum by Wiley-Blackwell, 2010


Pleistocene geology, palaeontology and archaeology of the Soa Basin, Central Flores, Indonesia / edited by F. Aziz, M.J. Morwood and G.D. van den Bergh.
[Bandung, Indonesia] : Pusat Survei Geologi, Badan Geologi, Departemen Energi dan Sumber Daya Mineral, 2008.


Geology of Peninsular Malaysia / edited by Charles S. Hutchison and Denis N.K. Tan.
Kuala Lumpur : University of Malaya : Geological Society of Malaysia, 2009.


Bangor : Cyngor Cefn Gwlad Cymru, 2010.




The lichen flora of Svalbard / D.O. Øvstedal, T. Tønsberg & A. Elvebakk.
Oslo : Natural History Museums, University of Oslo, 2009.


Flora of Ecuador. 225(3), Orchidaceae : Genera Cyrtochiloides - Epibator / by Calaway H. Dodson and Carlyle A. Luer
Göteborg : Göteborg University. Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences, 2010.


Lichen biomonitors : factors affecting response behaviour / Rita Pinto Eliseu Mendes Godinho Velsoso.
Amsterdam : IOS Press, 2010.


Gradient analyses of forests ground vegetation and its relationships to environmental variables in five subtropical forest areas, S and SW China / H.Y. Liu ... [et al.].
Oslo : Natural History Museums, University of Oslo, 2008.


The Arabic plant names of Peter Forsskål's Flora Aegyptiaco-Arabica / by Philippe Provençal.
Copenhagen : Det Kongelige Danske Videnskabernes Selskab, 2010.


Flora of Baramati / R.B. Bhagat, V.B. Shimpale, R.B. Deshmukh.
Tal.-Baramati, Dist.-Pune : Rani B. Bhagat, 2008.




Catalogue of Palaearctic Coleoptera. Volume 6, Chrysomeloidea / edited by I. Löbl and A. Smetana
Stenstrup : Apollo Books, 2010


Longhorn beetles of the Amazon. Vol.2 / Hisayasu Arai000040506
[s.l.] : [s.n.], 2008


The Chrysomelidae of Taiwan. 1, 001-100 / Chi-Feng Lee, Hsing-Tzung Cheng
Taiwan : [s.n.], [2010]


The Chrysomelidae of Taiwan. 2, 101-200 / edited by Chi-Feng Lee, Hsing-Tzung Cheng ; co-written with Su Fang Yu ... [et al.]
Taiwan : [s.n.], 2010


A revision of the genus <Arbelodes Karsch> (Lepidoptera: Cossoidea: Metarbelidae) from southeast-central and southern Africa with the description of 13 new species / Ingo Lehmann
[Hamburg] : Ingo Lehmann, 2010


Ecology of butterflies in Europe / edited by Josef Settele ... [et al.]
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2009




Evolution since Darwin : the first 150 years / edited by Michael A. Bell ... [et al.].
Sunderland, Mass. : Sinauer Associates, c2010.


Thermal adaptation : a theoretical and empirical synthesis / Michael J. Angilletta, Jr.
Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2009.


The symbiotic habit / Angela E. Douglas.
Princeton, N.J. : Princeton University Press, c2010.


Who cares about wildlife? : social science concepts for exploring human-wildlife relationships and conservation issues / Michael J. Manfredo.
New York : Springer, c2008.


National protected area expansion strategy for South Africa, 2008 : priorities for expanding the protected area network for ecological sustainability and climate change adaptation / prepared by the Government of South Africa.
Pretoria : Government of South Africa, 2010.


Moments of discovery : natural history narratives from Mexico and Central America / edited by Kevin Winker.
Gainesville : University Press of Florida, c2010.


Audience 2.0 : how technology influences arts participation / [prepared for the Office of Research & analysis by Sameer Bawa, Kevin Williams, and William Dong
Washington, D.C. : National Endowment for the Arts, 2010.


A mechanistic approach to plankton ecology / Thomas Kiørboe.
Princeton : Princeton University Press, c2008.



Ornithology (Tring)


Checklist of the birds of Colombia = Listado de Aves de Colombia / Paul Salaman, Thomas M. Donegan, David Caro
Bogota : Fundación ProAves, 2010.


Parrots of the world : a field guide / Joseph M. Forshaw ; illustrated by Frank Knight.
London : Christopher Helm, 2010.




The beast within : animals in the Middle Ages / Joyce E. Salisbury.
New York, NY : Routledge, 2010.


Trophic cascades : predators, prey, and the changing dynamics of nature / edited by John Terborgh and James A. Estes.
Washington : Island Press, 2010.


The Raffles Bulletin of Zoology : Crustacean Supplement. I / S.H. Tan and Peter K.L. Ng (Eds)
Singapore : Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research, 2007


The Raffles Bulletin of Zoology : Crustacean supplement. II / S.H. Tan and Martyn E.Y. Low (Eds.)
Singapore : Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research, 2009.


Sexuality in fishes / T.J. Pandian.
Boca Raton : CRC Press, 2010.


Whaling and the Hebrides : the history of island whalers in the South Atlantic and whaling in and around the Hebrides.
Kershader : Islands Book Trust, 2008.


Moluscos de Nicaragua. I, Bivalvos / Adolfo López
Managua : Ministerio del Ambiente y los Recursos Naturales, 2008.


Moluscos de Nicaragua. II, Gastrópodos / Adolfo López, Janina Urcuyo
Managua : Ministerio del Ambiente y los Recursos Naturales, 2009.


Checklist of the nematodes in birds in the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic / Jiljí Sitko and Anna Okulewicz
Prerov : Comenius Museum, 2010.


The amphibians and reptiles of Ethiopia and Eritrea / Malcolm Largen, Stephen Spawls.
Frankfurt am Main : Edition Chimaira, 2010.


New additions

Posted by Rita Dockery Nov 15, 2010

New books added to the Library collection


Please find below a list of this week’s recently arrived additions to the Library collection. These books are now on display in the Main Reading Room, Botany Reading Room (for all Botany titles) and Tring (for all Ornithology titles). Please let us know if you would like to make an appointment to see any of these items.



Anthropology / Palaeontology


Fossilien an Nord- und Ostsee : Finden und Bestimmen / Frank Rudolph, Wolfgang Bilz, Dirk Pittermann.
Wiebelsheim : Quelle & Meyer, 2010.


Geology of the Sierra Nevada / Mary Hill.
Berkeley : University of California Press, 2006.


Europe's lost world : the rediscovery of Doggerland / Vincent Gaffney, Simon Fitch and David Smith ; [with a foreword by Tony Robinson].
York : Council for British Archeology, 2009.


Geology and geomorphology of Holocene coastal barriers of Brazil / Sérgio F. Dillenburg, Patrick A. Hesp.
Berlin : Springer, 2009.


Aquatic insects in Baltic Amber = Wasserinsekten im Baltischen Bernstein / Wilfried Wichard, Carsten Gröhn & Fabian Seredszus.
Remagen-Oberwinter : Kessel, 2009.




Atlas of the potential vegetation of Ethiopia / by Ib Friis, Sebsebe Demissew and Paulo van Breugel.
[Copenhagen] : Det Kongelige Danske Videnskabernes Selskab, 2010.


Atlas de la flora de Veracruz : un patrimonio natural en peligro / [coordinación: Arturo Gómez-Pompa, Thorsten Krömer, Roberto Castro-Cortés].
[Veracruz, Mexico] : Veracruz, Gobierno del Estado : Universidad Veracruzana, 2010.


Ferns of central Himalayas. I, Chamoli & Rudraprayag) / P. Joshi, H.C. Pande, P.C. Pande.
Dehra Dun : Bishen Singh Mahendra Pal Singh, 2009.


Plantes du Bhoutan : un guide de poche / Françoise Brenckmann.
Bussigny : Rossolis ; Lausanne : Musée botanique cantonal, 2010.


13th International Exhibition of Botanical Art & Illustration : 24 September to 17 December, 2010 / Lugene B. Bruno.
Pittsburgh, Pa. : Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation, 2010.





Fauna Sinica : Insecta. Vol. 51, Megaloptera / Yang Ding, Liu Xingyue
Beijing : Science Press, 2010


Insect fauna of Henan : Lepidoptera: Limacodidae, Lasiocampidae, Notodontidae, Arctiidae, Lymantriidae, Amatidae / Wu Chunsheng, Fang Chenglai
Beijing : Science Press, 2010


Pests of stored grains and their management / M.C. Bhargava and K.C. Kumawat
New Delhi : New India Publishing Agency, 2010


Melolonthinae afrotropicaux (Scarabaeoidea, Melolonthidae) : Genera et catalogue commenté / Marc Lacroix
Paris : Editions Marc Lacroix, 2010


Verbreitungsatlas der Zikaden des Großherzogtums Luxemburg. Atlasband / Rolf Niedringhaus, Robert Biedermann, Herbert Nickel
Luxembourg : Musée national d'histoire naturelle de Luxembourg, 2010


Verbreitungsatlas der Zikaden des Großherzogtums Luxemburg. Textband / Rolf Niedringhaus, Robert Biedermann, Herbert Nickel
Luxembourg : Musée national d'histoire naturelle Luxembourg, 2010




Contemporary debates in philosophy of biology / edited by Francisco J. Ayala and Robert Arp.
Chichester, U.K. ; Malden, MA : Wiley-Blackwell Pub., 2010.


Tropical rain forest ecology, diversity, and conservation / Jaboury Ghazoul, Douglas Sheil.
Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2010.


Science into practice : solving conservation problems / Wildlife Conservation Research Unit
Tubney, Oxfordshire : Wildcru, [2010?]


A warden's work : time spent in Britain's wild places / Robert Mortley.
[S.l. : Oakdene Press, 2008]


Actas de las VII Jornadas de flora, fauna y ecología del campo de Gibraltar / Mancomunidad de Municipios del Campo de Gibraltar.
Gibraltar : Mancomunidad de Muncipios del Campo de Gibraltar, 2007.


Challenges and perspectives: new roles of the National History Museum in reponse to global changes : proceedings of the international symposium for the 100th anniversary of National Taiwan Museum / [chief ed.: Su-Fang Huang ; ed.:  Su-Fang Huang  ... et al.].
Taipei : National Taiwan Museum, [ca. 2008]


Darwin / edited by William Brown and Andrew C. Fabian.
Cambridge ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 2010.


Père David : nature explorer in China : Jean Pierre Armand David: 1826-1900 / by David Sox.
York, England : Sessions Book Trust, The Ebor Press, c2009.


Vydaiushchiesia uchenye-biogeografy : biobibliograficheskii spravochnik / A. I. Kafanov, V. A. Kudriashov ; otv. redaktor, I.A. Chereshnev.
Moskva : Nauka, 2007.




Meteorites of Alberta / Anthony J. Whyte.
Edmonton, Alta. : University of Alberta Press, 2009.


Ornithology (Tring)


Birds of Tiree and Coll / John Bowler & Janet Hunter.
Isle of Tiree : Paircwood, 2007.


Natural History Museum animal records / Mark Carwardine
London : Natural History Museum, 2010.


A photographic guide to the birds of Hawai'i : the main islands and offshore waters / Jim Denny.
Honolulu : University of Hawa'ii Press, c2010.


The private lives of birds : a scientist reveals the intricacies of avian social life / Bridget Stutchbury.
New York : Walker & Co., 2010.


Safeguarding species: a strategy for species recovery / RSPB
[S.l.] : RSPB, 2010.


Voyages of discovery : [a visual celebration of ten of the greatest natural history expeditions] / written by Tony Rice ; with an introduction by David Bellamy.
London : Natural History Museum, 2008.




Otter / Daniel Allen.
London : Reaktion Books, 2010.


Lion / Deirdre Jackson.
London : Reaktion Books, 2010.


Marine benthic fauna of Chilean Patagonia: illustrated identification guide / Vreni Haussermann & Günter Försterra
Puerto Montt : Patagonia Marina, 2010.


The European Bison pedigree book in history and today / Jan Raczynski
Bialowieza: Bialowieza Park Narodowy, 2009.


Into oblivion? : the disappearing native mammals of northern Australia / compiled by James Fitzsimons ...[et al.]
Carlton : Nature Conservancy, 2010.


Encyclopedia of Texas seashells : identification, ecology, distribution, and history / by John W. Tunnell, Jr. ... [et al.] ; in collaboration with Roe Davenport ; with contributions by David W. Hicks and Kim Withers.
College Station : Texas A&M University Press, 2010.


The reptile fauna of India : [a source book] / T.S.N. Murthy.
New Delhi : B.R. Pub. Corp., 2010.


Guía ilustrada de la herpetofauna de Nicaragua / Gustavo Adolfo Ruiz, Fabio Buitrago V.
[Managua : MARENA, 2003?] Impresiones Helios)


Geckos of Australia = Geckos Australiens / Friedrich Wilhelm Henkel.
Frankfurt am Main : Chimaira, 2010.


New additions

Posted by Rita Dockery Nov 8, 2010

New books added to the Library collection


Please find below a list of this week’s recently arrived additions to the Library collection. These books are now on display in the Main Reading Room, Botany Reading Room (for all Botany titles) and Tring (for all Ornithology titles).  Please let us know if you'd like to make an appointment to read any of them.



Anthropology / Palaeontology


The second jurassic dinosaur rush : museums and paleontology in America at the turn of the twentieth century / Paul D. Brinkman.
Chicago ; London : The University of Chicago Press, 2010.


Geoecology in the Tropics : with a database on micromorphology and geomorphology / Hanna Bremer.
Stuttgart : Gebrüder Borntraeger, 2010.





Brazilian flora : Arecaceae (Palms) / Harri Lorenzi ... [et al.].
Nova Odessa, Brazil : Instituto Plantarum, 2010.


Guia de samambaias e licófitas da REBIO Uatumã, Amazônia Central = Guide to the ferns and lycophytes of REBIO Uatumã, Central Amazonia / Gabriela Zuquim ... [et al.].
Manaus : Áttema Design Editorial, 2008.


Inventarios botánicos del área de Bella Vista, Departamento de Santa Cruz, Bolivia : una base para la conservación / Luzmila Arroyo P. y Steven P. Churchill, editores.
Santa Cruz, Bolivia : Museo de Historia Natural Noel Kempff Mercado ; St. Louis, Mo. : Missouri Botanical Garden, 2009.


Mousses et hépatiques de Païolive (Ardèche et Gard, France) / Vincent Hugonnot ; avec la collaboration de: Jeannette Chavoutier, Luc Olivier, Thierry Vergne.
Jarnac : Siège social de la SBCO, 2010.


Libro rojo de plantas de Colombia 6. Orquídeas, primera parte / Eduardo Calderón Sáenz
Bogotá Inst. de Investigaciones de Recursos Biológicos Alexander von Humboldt [u.a.] 2007.


A monograph on some British Desmids : Order Zygnematales, Suborder Zygnemoidiineae, Family Zygnemataceae, Subfamily Mesotaenioideae (Saccoderm Desmids) and Suborder Closteriineae, Family Peniaceae and Family Closteriaceae / by Alan J. Brook and David B. Williamson ; edited by James H. Price and Nicholas J. Evans.
London : Ray Society, 2010.





Phylogeny and generic classification of Tachyusini (Coleoptera, Staphylinidae: Aleocharinae) / Grzegorz Pasnik
Kraków : Institute of Systematics and Evolution of Animalsof the Polish Academy of Science, 2010


Aphodiinae of Australia (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae) : iconography / Zdzislawa T. Stebnicka
Kraków : Institute of Systematics and Evolution of Animals of the Polish Academy of Sciences, 2009


A world catalogue of Chironomidae (Diptera). Part 1, Buchonomyiinae, Chilenomyiinae, Podonominae, Aphroteniinae, Tanypodinae, Usambaromyiinae, Diamesinae, Prodiamesinae and Telmatogetoninae / Compiled by Patrick Ashe and James P. O'Connor
Dublin : Irish Biogeographical Society ; National Museum of Ireland, 2009


Hoverflies of Northwest Europe : identification keys to the Syrphidae / M. P. van Veen
Utrecht : KNNV Publishing, 2010


The moths of the Bristol region / Ray Barnett ... [et al.]
[Bristol] : Bristol Regional Environment Record Centre, 2008


Gelechiid moths of the subfamily Dichomeridinae (Lepidoptera : Gelechiidae) of the world / M. G. Ponomarenko
Vladivostok : Dalnauka, 2009




Klimaendringer i norsk arktis : konsekvenser for livet i nord / [forfatter: Ellen Øseth].
Tromsø : Norsk polarinstitutt, 2010.


Climate and weather / John Kington.
London : Collins, 2010.


The natural history of Sherkin Island, West Cork : an introduction / John Akeroyd ; [photography by Robbie Murphy].
Sherkin Island : Sherkin Island Marine Station, 2009.


Aleppo observed : Ottoman Syria through the eyes of two Scottish doctors, Alexander and Patrick Russell / by Maurits H. van den Boogert.
Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2010.


The ecology of tropical East Asia / Richard T. Corlett.
Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2009.


William Bartram, the search for nature's design : selected art, letters, & unpublished writings / edited by Thomas Hallock & Nancy E. Hoffmann ; Joel T. Fry, associate editor.
Athens, Ga. : University of Georgia Press, c2010.


Darwin's disciple : George John Romanes : a life in letters / [edited] by Joel S. Schwartz
Philadelphia, PA : American Philosophical Society, 2010.



Ornithology (Tring)


Auftreten und Herkunft der Wasservögel am Sempachersee : Überblick über fast 70 000 Beringungen am Sempachersee und 6000 Rückmeldungen aus Eurasien und Afrika / Josef Hofer, Pius Korner-Nievergelt und Fränzi Korner-Nievergelt.
[Rüschlikon, Switzerland] : Ala, 2010.


Bird migration and global change / George W. Cox.
Washington, DC : Island Press, c2010.


Birds of Himalaya & Kashmir / by Douglas Dewar.
Delhi, India : Asiatic Pub. House, 2006.


Kingfisher / David Chandler, Ian Llewellyn.
London : New Holland, 2010.


The nesting season : cuckoos, cuckolds, and the invention of monogamy / Bernd Heinrich.
Cambridge, Mass. ; London, England: Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, 2010.




A critical companion to zoosemiotics : people, paths, ideas / Dario Martinelli.
Dordrecht : Springer, 2010.


Estudio de la biología y ecología del camarón de río en Río San Juan (<Macrobrachium carcinus>) / Jordi Pascual Sala.
Managua : Gobierno de Nicaragua, Ministerio del Ambiente y los Recursos Naturales, 2005.


Estudio técnico científico del róbalo en Río San Juan y el Gran Lago de Nicaragua / Juan José Camacho, Velkiss Gadea E.
[Managua] : Gobierno de Nicaragua, Ministerio del Ambiente y los Recursos Naturales, 2005.


Abundancia relativa de los peces en la costa oriental del Lago de Nicaragua / Aldo Hernández Portocarrero ; Francisco Saborido Rey, consultor.
Managua : Ministerio del Ambiente y los Recursos Naturales : Instituto Nicaragüense de Pesca, 2008.


New Zealand freshwater fishes : an historical and ecological biogeography / R. M. McDowall.
Dordrecht : Springer, 2010.


The mind of the chimpanzee : ecological and experimental perspectives / [edited by] Elizabeth V. Lonsdorf, Stephen R. Ross, & Tetsuro Matsuzawa.
Chicago : University of Chicago Press, 2010.


Los manatíes del Río San Juan y los canales de Tortuguero : ecología y conservación / Ignacio Jiménez Pérez ; [ilustraciones, Carlos Espinoza].
[Managua] : Gobierno de la República de Nicaragua, Ministerio del Ambiente y los Recursos Naturales, 2003.


Handbook on Indian freshwater molluscs / Ramakrishna, Anirudha Dey.
Kolkata : AICOPTAX--Mollusca, Zoological Survey of India, 2007.


Natural History Museum animal records / Mark Carwardine
London : Natural History Museum, 2010.


New additions

Posted by Rita Dockery Nov 2, 2010

New books added to the Library collection


These books are now on display in the Main Reading Room, Botany Reading Room (for all Botany titles) and Tring (for all Ornithology titles). Please let us know if you'd like to use any of them. 


Anthropology / Palaeontology


Monograph of fossil Trichoceridae (Diptera): over 180 million years of evolution / Ewa Krzeminska,  Wieslaw Krzeminski and Christine Dahl
Kraków : Institute of Systematics and Evolution of Animals. Polish Academy of Sciences, 2009


Biodiversity of Polish fossil insectivores (Erinaceomorpha, Soricomorpha, Insectivora, Mammalia) compared to the European and global faunas / Barbara Rzebik-Kowalska
Kraków : Institute of Systematics and Evolution of Animals, 2009


Prehistoric mammals of Western Australia
Welshpool : Western Australian Museum, 2010


Late Pleistocene environment of the Czestchowa Upland (Poland) reconstructed on the basis of faunistic evidence from archaeological cave sites / Adam Nadachowski
Kraków : Institute of Systematics and Evolution of Animals, 2009


Malacofauna pliocenica toscana. Vol. 7, Ptenoglossa Gray J. E., 1847 [Texte imprimé] / Carlo Chirli ; fotografia E. Ulivi, foto S. E. M. S. Caporali.
Firenze, impr. 2009.





Perspectives in pteridophytes : silver jubilee publication of Indian Fern Society (1983-2008) / edited by S.C. Verma, S.P. Khullar, H.K. Cheema.
Dehradun : Bishen Singh Mahendra Pal Singh, 2009.


Wildflowers of Fogo Island and Change Islands / Todd Boland.
Toronto : Key Porter Books, 2010.


H. Kobayasi's atlas of Japanese diatoms based on electron microscopy. Volume 1 / Hiromu Kobayasi ... [et al.].
Tokyo : Uchida Rokakuho Publishing Co., [2006].


Benthische Algen: ohne Diatomeen und Characeen ; Feldführer / Antje Gutowski, Julia Foerster.
Recklinghausen : LANUV, 2009.


Vascular flora of Ko Hong Hill, Songkla Province, Thailand / J.F. Maxwell.
Bangkok, Thailand : Biodiversity Research and Training Program (BRT), 2006.


Mrs. Delany & her circle / edited by Mark Laird & Alicia Weisberg-Roberts
New Haven : Yale Center for British Art ; London : Sir John Soane's Museum ; New Haven : In association with Yale University Press, 2009.





Festschrift zum 75. Geburtstag von Hans Malicky
Linz, Austria : Biologiezentrum des Oberosterreichischen Landesmuseums, 2010


Der Schmetterlingskoffer : Die tropischen Expeditionen von Arnold Schultze / Hanns Zischler and Arnold Schultze
Berlin : Galiani, 2010


Ant encounters : interaction networks and colony behavior / Deborah M. Gordon
Princeton ; Oxford : Princeton University Press, 2010


The butterfly Red List for Great Britain  / Richard Fox, Martin S. Warren & Tom M Brereton
[Peterborough] : Joint Nature Conservation Committee, 2010


Britain's butterflies : a field guide to the butterflies of Britain and Ireland / David Newland ... [et al.]
[Old Basing] : Wildguides, 2010


Butterflies of the Afrotropical region. Part 3, Lycaenidae, Riodinidae  / Bernard d'Abrera
Melbourne ; London : Hill House Publishers, 2009




Microbial mats : modern and ancient microorganisms in stratified systems / edited by Joseph Seckbach and Aharon Oren.
Dordrecht ; New York : Springer, c2010.


Wildlife records / [compiled by]Marion L. Maxwell Bryce
Long Eaton : Long Eaton Natural History Society, 2009.


Science and empire in the Atlantic world / edited by James Delbourgo and Nicholas Dew.
London : Routledge, 2008.


Archipelago : portraits of life in the world's most remote island sanctuary / David Liittschwager and Susan Middleton
Washington, D.C. : National Geographic Society, c2005


I musei delle Scienze Agrarie : l'evoluzione delle Wunderkammern / a cura di Stefano Mazzoleni e Sabrina Pignattelli
Napoli : Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico, 2007


Roznorodnosc biotyczna Wielkopolski : bibliografia prac Instytutu Biologii Srodowiska opublikowanych w latach 2000-2005 / Zbigniew Celka.
Poznan : Wydawn. Kontekst, 2008.




Russian alexandrites / Karl Schmetzer
Stuttgart E. Schweizerbart Science Publishers, 2010


Ornithology (Tring)


Facing extinction : the world's rarest birds and the race to save them / by Paul Donald, Nigel J. Collar, Stuart J. Marsden &  Deborah J. Pain
London : T. & A. D. Poyser, 2010.


South Pacific birds / by John E. duPont ; illustrations by George Sandstrom and Evan Barbour.
Ottawa, Ill. : Jameson Books, 2010.


Systematics and biogeography of core Corvoidea (Aves: Passeriformes) / Knud Andreas Jønsson
Copenhagen : Zoological Museum, Natural History Museum of Denmark; Faculty of Science, University of Copenhagen, 2009.




Animal homosexuality : a biosocial perspective / Aldo Poiani ; with a chapter by Alan Dixson.
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2010.


The birds & bats of Palau / by H. Douglas Pratt and Mandy T. Etpison.
Honolulu : Mutual Pub., 2008.


Re-introduction of the European beaver to Scotland : a public consultation / [Scottish Natural Heritage]
Edinburgh : Scottish Natural Heritage, 1998.


Decline and recovery of the island fox : a case study for population recovery / Timothy J. Coonan, Catherin A. Schwemm, David K. Garcelon ; with Linda Munson and Cheri Asa.
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2010.


European ungulates and their management in the 21st century / edited by Marco Apollonio, Reidar Andersen, Rory Putman.
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2010.


Amphibians and reptiles of Similipal Biosphere Reserve / S.K. Dutta ... [et al.].
Bhubaneswar : Regional Plant Resource Centre, 2009.


Amphibians and reptiles of Nebraska / Royce E. Ballinger, John D. Lynch and Geoffrey R. Smith.
Oro Valley : Rusty Lizard Press, 2010.

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