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by Konstantina Konstantinidou

Paper Conservator




Check it, pack it, wrap it, seal it. Relax at business lounge. Ensure it's in the same plane with you, and then relax. 20 + hours later... Unwrap it, unpack it, check it, and see it safely put in place.



The Art Gallery of Ballarat (Victoria, Australia) has installed a new exhibition For Auld Lang Syne: Images of Scottish Australia from First Fleet to Federation celebrating the influence of Scotland in Australia, by uniting items from across Australia and beyond. The exhibition explores the way Scottish people and culture have influenced the development of the Australian nation.


The Gallery have done a great job bringing together a varied international collection to tell this part of the country's cultural history, many of which have never been seen alongside each other. The Natural History Museum Library & Archives were very happy to contribute 8 watercolours by Thomas Watling (c1767-1797), from Dumfries.  Watling arrived in Australia with the First Fleet, not as an artist however, but as a convicted forger.






So, finally, the Watling drawings are back in Australia, and on the opening night find themselves displayed in front of viewers dressed in tartan and all things Scottish, and suddenly they fall into place. Mission accomplished, and now the long journey home.


More information about the First Fleet Collection and specifically The Watling Collection.



The exhibition runs until 27th July 2014.

For more information follow The Art Gallery of Ballarat via Twitter @artgalbal


(Many thanks to The Art Gallery of Ballarat for the use of their images from Twitter.)

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To coincide with the new theme of Australian 18th century artwork in the Images of Nature Gallery, our Special Collections Librarian Lisa Di Tommaso and Aboriginal Australian artist Daniel Boyd will be taking part in a Nature Live event on Tuesday 7th February.





The Museum holds in its collections fascinating drawings of the Australian landscape and the people of the Eora Nation, seen through the eyes of British settlers. It gives a rare insight into the establishment of the first British penal colony in Port Jackson, from 1788 onwards, and the flora, fauna and people they encountered.










Portrait of an aboriginal man named Balloderree, from the Watling Collection
by Port Jackson painter

Image No.  012058






Come and join them both discussing their work, learn about this part of Australian history and a chance to see some of these fascinating paintings.



This event is free and suitable for adults.


The talk begins at 14.30 in the Attenborough Studio in the Darwin Centre.














Macropus giganteus, eastern gray kangaroo and Xanthorrhoea sp., grasstree

by George Raper

Image No.  015156




The brand new glossy Winter 2012 edition of the Museum's magazine Evolve is now available to buy.


The Library & Archives collections and staff feature in at least three articles!



The Birds of America - In October 2011 the NHM published a reproduction of John James Audubon's huge work The Birds of America. Learn more about this record breaking book and its author.



Hoping great things.... the search for early humans - With the 100th anniversary approaching, Karolyn Shindler has been researching the collections relating to the Piltdown Man and Sir Arthur Smith Woodward. This is the first of four forthcoming articles.







Images of Nature: The First Fleet collection - To coincide with the February 2012 change of theme for the Images of Nature art gallery, 18th century Australian artwork, this article is all about the theme, the artists and the artwork.


Our Special Collections Librarian, Lisa Di Tommaso has written a publication The Art of the First Fleet all about the unqiue First Fleet artwork collections held in the NHM Library & Archives. Available now from the NHM bookshop.