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Colonial collecting and display : encounters with material culture from the Andaman and Nicobar islands/ Claire Wintle.

New York ; Oxford : Berghahn Books, c2013

A 1 o WIN


Hunter-gatherer behavior : human response during the Younger Dryas / edited by Metin I. Eren

Walnut Creek, Calif. : Left Coast Press, c2012.

A 3 o ERE


Reassessing paleolithic subsistence : the Neandertal and modern human foragers of Saint-Césaire / Eugène Morin.

New York : Cambridge University Press, 2012

A 3 q MOR


The bioarchaeology of violence / edited by Debra L. Martin, Ryan P. Harrod, and Ventura R. Pérez ; foreword by Clark Spencer Larsen

Gainesville : University Press of Florida, 2012

A 7A o MAR


Ancient ice mummies / James H. Dickson

Stroud, Gloucestershire : The History Press, 2011

A 7 o DIC



Hundert Meisterwerke : die schönsten Geotope Bayerns / Redaktion : Ulrich Lagally

Augsburg : Bayerisches Landesamt für Umwelt, 2012

P 72L q LAG


Paleontologicheskiĭ Myzeĭ imeni IU. A. Orlova / [otv. red. A.V. Lopatin]

Moskva : PIN RAN, 2012

GM 069.5:562(470) ORL



Atlas sosudistykh rasteniĭ Tadzhikistana = Atlas roślin naczyniowych Tadżykistanu. Czesc 1 / Arkadiusz Nowak ... [et al.] ; [tłumaczenie na j. rosysjki Elena Jagt-Yazykova]

Opole : Stowarzyszenie Ochrony Przyrody BIOS : Studio Impreso Przemysław Biliczak, 2008.

B 581.9(584.5) NOW


Atlas of Vascular Plants of Tadjikistan. Part 2 / Marcin Nobis ... []

Opole ; Kraków : Institute of Botany Jagiellonian University [etc.], 2011.

B 581.9(584.5) NOW


Atlas of Vascular Plants of Tadjikistan. Part 3 / Arkadiusza Nowak ... [et al.]

Opole ; Kraków : Institute of Botany Jagiellonian University [etc.], 2011.

B 581.9(584.5) NOW


The Three-Legged Society : the lives of the Westmorland naturalists, collectors and friends, George Stabler, James M. Barnes and Joseph A. Martindale / by Ian D. Hodkinson and Allan Steward.

[Lancaster] : Centre for North-West Regional Studies, Lancaster University, 2012.

B 92 HOD


Dionaea : the Venus's flytrap / Tim Bailey, Stewart McPherson.

Poole, Dorset, England : Redfern Natural History Productions, 2012.

B 582.4P61 BAI


The code decoded : a user's guide to the international code of nomenclature for algae, fungi, and plants / Nicholas Turland.

Königstein, Germany : Koeltz Scientific Books, 2013.



Les familles des plantes à fleurs d'Europe : Botanique systémique et utilitaire / Philippe Martin ; preface de Jacques Lambinon

Namur : Presses universitaires de Namur, 2013.




A taxonomic atlas of the Eurasian and North African Noctuoidea. Vol.6, Noctuinae I / Zoltán Varga, Péter Gyulai, László Ronkay, & Gábor Ronkay

Budapest : Heterocera Press, 2013.




Expressions : from Darwin to contemporary arts / editor Bergit Arends

London : Natural History Museum, 2009.



Food webs / Kevin S. McCann.

Princeton, N.J. : Princeton University Press, c2012.

L 10E o MCC


Energetic food webs : an analysis of real and model ecosystems / John C. Moore, Peter C. De Ruiter.

Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2012.

L 10E o MOO


The Biocidal Products and Chemicals (Appointment of Authorities and Enforcement) Regulations 2013

[London] : Stationery Office, 2013

L 72Aa q GRE


Results of a monitoring survey of bog woodland / John Cross and Deidre Lynn

Dublin : National Parks and Wildlife Service, 2013.

L 72Ac q NAT


A survey of the benthic macrophytes of three hard-water lakes : Lough Bunny, Lough Carra and Lough Owel / Cilian Roden and Paul Murphy

[Dublin] : National Parks and Wildlife Service, 2013.

L 72Ac q NAT


Results of a monitoring survey of old sessile oak woods and alluvial forests / Fionnuala H. O'Neill and Simon J. Barron

Dublin : National Parks and Wildlife Service, 2013.

L 72Ac q NAT


Rastitel'nyĭ i zhivotnyĭ Mir Ostrov Severo-Zapadnoĭ chasti Tikhogo okeana / otv. red. S. IU. Storozhenko

Vladivostok : Dal'nauka, 2012.

L 73A o RUS


The innovative museum : it's Up to You...

Edinburgh ; Cambridge, Mass. : MuseumsETC, 2013

L 84 o INN


Coded chimera : exploring relationships between sculptural form making and biological morphogenisis through computer modelling / Bruce Gernand, Alan Blackwell, Norman MacLeod

[S.l.] : Crucible Network, 2011

L 93 q GER


Atlas of benthic foraminifera / Ann Holbourn, Andrew S. Henderson, and Norman MacLeod




Meteoriten : Zeitzeugen der Entstehung des Sonnensystems = Meteorites : witnesses of the origin of the solar system / Franz Brandstätter, Ludovic Ferrière, Christian Köberl ; [transl.: Christian Köberl]

Wien : Verlag des Naturhistorisches Museums, 2013.

M 523.68 BRA


Indien : Mineralien, Fundorte, Lagerstätten / Berthold Ottens

München : Christian Weise Verlag ; 2011.

M (540) OTT



North American freshwater mussels : natural history, ecology, and conservation / Wendell R. Haag

Cambridge, England ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 2012

Z 10F q HAA


Stung! : on jellyfish blooms and the future of the ocean / Lisa-Ann Gershwin ; with a foreword by Sylvia Earle.

Chicago : The University of Chicago Press, 2013

Z 45A o GER


The Quaternary of the Monadhliath Mountains and the Great Glen : field guide / edited by Clare M. Boston, Sven Lukas and Jon W. Merritt

Coventry : Quaternary Research Association, c2013

Z 72Ab o BOS


Biota rossiĭskikh vod I͡Aponskogo mori͡a. Tom 1, Rakoobraznye (Vetvistousye, Tonkopantsirnye, Mizidy, Evfauziidy) i Morske Pauki, chast' 2 / A. V. Adrianov (ed.)

Vladivostok : Dalʹnauka, 2007

Z 73A q BIO Vol. 1, pt. 2


Brakhiopody i Foronidy = Brachiopoda and Phoronida / O. N. Zezina, E. N. Temereva, A. V. Adrianov (ed.)

Vladivostok : Dalnauka, 2005.

Z 73I q ADR


Ravnonogie Raki (Isopoda) Chast' (Isopoda). Part 1 / O.A. Golovan, M.V. Maliutina, A. V. Chernyshev

Vladivostok : Dalnauka, 2010.

Z 73I q CHE


The effects of noise on aquatic life / Arthur N. Popper, Anthony Hawkins, editors.

New York : Springer, c2012.

Z 87 o INT


Seguimiento de <Algyroides marchi> : Informe final / Miguel A. Carretero ... et al.

Adrid : Asociación Herpetologica Española Ministerio de Medio Ambiente y Medio Rural y Marino, 2010.


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