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Anthropology / Palaeontology

Cultural behaviour or natural processes?: a review of southern Britain Iron Age skeletal remains / Justine Tracey

Oxford : Archaeopress, 2013

A 6B q TRA



A Burgess Shale primer : history, geology, and research highlights : field trip companion volume, ICCE 2009 : Burgess Shale 1909-2009 / edited by Jean-Bernard Caron and Dave Rudkin.

Toronto, ON : Burgess Shale Consortium, 2009.

P 15K q CAR


My beloved Brontosaurus : on the road with old bones, new science, and our favorite dinosaurs / Brian Switek.

New York : Scientific American/Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2013.

P 20e o SWI


Fourth international conference, Nanjing 1990 : abstracts and excursion / edited by Ni Yu-Nan and Fang Yi-Ting

[S.l.] : Palaeontological Society of China, 1990.

P 45 q INT


Trilobity i konodonty razreza batyrbaĭ (Verkhi Kembria - Nizhniĭ Ordovik) v Malom Karatau (atlas paleontologicheskikh tablits) / M.K. Apollonov, M.N. Chugaeva, S.V. Dubinina

Nauka Kazakh SSR Publishing House 1984

P 73A o APO


Wet deposition on Lake Kinneret, Israel, 1992-1994 : sampling, distribution and chemical composition / H.A. Foner, E. Ganor and G. Gravenhorst

Jerusalem : Geological Survey of Israel, 2012

P 73Ce q FON


The mollusca in the marine Pliocene and Pleistocene sediments of the South-eastern Mediterranean Basin (Cyprus - Israel) / Shimon Moshkovitz

Jerusalem : Geological Survey of Israel, 2012.

P 73Ce q MOS


The geology and mineral potential of the Puerto Suarez, Murcielago, and Lake La Gaiba district, South East Bolivia : Institute of Geological Sciences, Overseas Geology, Eastern Bolivia Mineral Exploration Project, Report 25 / E.A. O'Connor, A.J. Shaw.


P 76I q OCO


Glacial geomorphology of the central South Island, New Zealand / D.J.A. Barrell, B.G. Andersen, G.H. Denton.

Lower Hutt, N.Z. : GNS Science, 2011.

P 77B q BAR


Carta Gravimetrica d'Italia 1:1 250 000 = Gravity Map of Italy / Agenzia per la Protezione dell'Ambiente e per i Servizi Tecnici

Firenze : S.E.L.C.A., 2005

P MAP ROOM 72I APA (folded)




Beijing zhi wu yuan = Beijing Botanical Garden / compiled by Beijing Botanical Garden ; [editors, Diao Xiuyun, Liu Donghuan ; photography, Huang Yigong].

[Beijing] : Beijing Pub. House, 2004.

B 58.006 BEI DIA Q


Palms of Karnataka / K. Gopalakrishna Bhat

Karnataka, India : K. Gopalakrishna Bhat, 2011.

B 582.4P187 BHA


Flora medicinal mendocina : las plantas medicinales y aromáticas de la provincia de Mendoza (Argentina) : aborígenes, exóticas espontáneas o naturalizadas y cultivadas / Fidel Antonio Roig.

Mendoza : EDIUNC, 2001.
B 615.10(82) ROI


Pomologia / Johann Hermann Knoop.

Galatina : Congedo ; Woodbridge : ACC Distribution [distributor], 2012.

B 634.1 KNO F




An annotated checklist of the Irish hemiptera and small orders / compiled by Janes P. O'Connor and Brian Nelson.

Dublin : Irish Biogeographical Society, 2012.

E 72A q OCO


The diversity of butterflies in Xishuangbanna / Chen Mingyong and Liu Zhengqin

[Beijing : China Scientific Book Services], 2012.





Filosofiia sistematiki. Kniga piataia, Teoreticheskaia sistematika. Chast' vtoraia, Nomoteticheskaia sistematika : k dvukhsotletiiuso dniia rozhdeniia Charlza Darvina / V.M. Epshteĭn

Gelsenkirchen : dita Gelsen , 2009

L 15 o EPS


Filosofiia sistematiki. Kniga shestaia, Obshchaia teoriia razvivaiushchikhsia sistem (progress v zhivoĭ prirode i v obshchestve) / V.M. Epshteĭn

Gelsenkirchen : Edita Gelsen, 2009

L 15 o EPS


Environmental studies : the Aramco Program

Dammam, Saudi Arabia : Al-Wafa Press, [1985?].

L 73D q SAU


Under the banyan tree : relocating the picturesque in British India / Romita Ray.

L 83 q RAY


Franco Rasetti, Polymath (1901-2001) : physicist and naturalist, he rejected the atomic bomb / D. Oullet, R. Bureau ; translated with additions, by Hubert Lechevalier

[Morrisville, Vermont] : Hubert Lechevalier, 2002

L 96A q RAS



Commercially important sea cucumbers of the world / by Steven W. Purcell, Yves Samyn and Chantal Conand.

Rome : Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, 2012.

Z 43A o PUR


Marine plankton : a practical guide / G. E. Newell and R. C. Newell.

London : Hutchinson Educational, 1967.

Z 49 o NEW


Guia ilustrado de animais do cerrado de Minas Gerais / [editor, Fábio Ávila ; coordenação, Heloisa Whately].

São Paulo, SP, Brasil : Empresa das Artes, 2003.

Z 76D o GUI


Shells of Antarctica / Winfried Engl

Hackenheim, Germany : ConchBooks, 2012.


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