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February 15, 2013

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Anthropology / Palaeontology



Ordovician of the world / Gutierrez-Marco, Juan Carlos
Madrid: Instituto Geológico y Minero de Espana, 2011
P 15K o GUT


The Trilobite Affair / McBirney, Alexander R.
Eugene, Or.: Bostok Press, 2005
P 73L o MCB


Venezuela paleontológica : evolución de la biodiversidad en el pasado geológico / Sánchez-Villagra, Marcelo R.
[Zürich]: M. R. Sánchez-Villagra, 2012
P 76C o VEN


Geology at the University of Kansas: the first century (1866-1966) and a bit beyond / Merriam, Daniel Francis
[Lawrence, Kan.]: University of Kansas, Dept. of Geology and Paleontological Institute ; Distributed by the Paleonotological Institute, University of Kansas, 2009
P 85 o KAN


Paläontologie: 100 Jahre Paläontologische Gesellschaft / Martin, Thomas
München: Pfeil, 2012
P 3 q PAL





Conservation of plant diversity, international scientific symposium, 16-19 May 2012, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova = Conservarea diversității plantelor, simpozion științific international, 16-19 mai 2012, Chișinau, Republica Moldova.
Chișinău : Academia de Științe a Moldovei, Grădina Botanică (Institut) ; Iași, România : Universitatea,,Al. I. Cuza" Gradina Botanica, A. Fatu", 2012.
B 502.7 CON


The Cape orchids : a regional monograph of the orchids of the Cape Floristic Region / William R. Liltved, Steven D. Johnson.
Cape Town : Sandstone Editions, 2012.
B 582.4P169 LIL F


Rare, relict and endangered plants and fungi in Poland / edited by Zbigniew Mirek & Agnieszka Nikel [eds.].
Kraków : W. Szafer Institute of Botany, Polish Academy of Sciences, 2009.


The evolution of plant form / edited by Barbara A. Ambrose, Michael D. Purugganan.
Oxford : Wiley-Blackwell, 2013.
B 576.1 AMB


A glance at the wild flowers of Iranian Mountains / Jalil Noroozi.
[S. l.] : Karim Khan Zand Publication, 2010.
B 581.9(55) NOR


Ausbrietung klimasensitiver ergasiophygophytischer Gehölzsippen in urbanen Wäldern im Ruhrgebiet / Ingo Hetzel
[Climate-sensitive woody plant propagation in urban forests in the Ruhr]
Berlin : J. Cramer, 2012.
B 634.9 HET


A manual of aquatic fungi (Chytridiomycetes & Oomycetes) / R.D. Khulbe.
Delhi : Daya Pub. House, 2001.
FUNGI 582.281 KHU



Advances in Hymenoptera research: Formicidae
China Scientific Book Services, 2012


Saturniidae mundi = Saturniid moths of the world : based on the collections of the Natural History Museum in London / D'Abrera, Bernard.
Melbourne: Hill House, 2012




In the light of evolution : essays from the laboratory and field / Losos, Jonathan B.
Greenwood Village, Colo.: Roberts and Co., 2011
L 9D q LOS


Conference abstracts : Second International Barcode of Life Conference, Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan, 18-20 September 2007 / International Barcode of Life Conference (2nd : 2007 : Taipei, Taiwan)
L 15 q BAR


Amazonian floodplain forests : ecophysiology, biodiversity and sustainable management / Junk, Wolfgang J.
Dordrecht [Netherlands]; New York: Springer, 2010
L 76D o AMA


Mangroves of the South China Sea : ecology and human impacts on Indonesia's forests / Alongi, Daniel M.
Hauppauge, N.Y.: Nova Science, 2012
L 77A o ALO


Galápagos : guía de los animales y las plantas en español = a guide to the animals and plants in English = ein Tier-und Pflanzenführer auf Deutsch / Sitwell, Nigel
Chichester: Wilmot Books, 2011
L 77G o SIT


Origins and evolution of life : an astrobiological perspective / Gargaud, Muriel.
Cambridge, UK; New York: Cambridge University Press, 2011
L 88 o ORI


The Indian and Pacific Correspondence of Sir Joseph Banks, 1768-1820. Vol. 5, Letters 1798-1801 / Chambers, Neil
London: Pickering & Chatto, 2012
L 96A o BAN


Rossetti's wombat : Pre-Raphaelites and Australian animals in Victorian London / Simons, John
[London]: Middlesex University Press, 2008
L 96A o ROS




The Earth : its birth and growth / Ojima, Minoru
Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2012
M 523.31 OZI


Biogeokhimiia uranovykh mestorozhdeniĭ i metodicheskie osnovy ikh poiskov = Biogeochemistry of uranium deposits and methodological fundamentals of their prospecting / Kovalevsky, A. L.
Novosibirsk: Academic Publishing House "Geo", 2010
M 553.495 KOV




Coastal Marine Biodiversity and Bioresources of Vietnam and Adjacent Areas to the South China Sea / Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research
Vladivostok, Nha Trang, Vietnam: Dalnauka, 2011
Z 73G o COA


Botniarki Europy : (Gastropoda : Pulmonata : Lymnaeidae) / Maria Jackiewicz.
Poznań : Kontekst, 2000


Monsters in the Library


by Lisa Di Tommaso (Special Collections Librarian)



Ulisse Aldrovandi (1522-1605) was a true Renaissance man who studied law, philosophy, logic and mathematics at the universities of Bologna and Padua. He was one of the great innovators of the study of nature during this period.


Ulyssis Aldrvandi- Monstrorum Historia-002-050213 - edit.jpgAldrovandi image 2.jpg


Aldrovandi established one of the most acclaimed curiosity cabinets in European history, containing more than 18,000 specimens, according to his written description from 1595. He was a believer in observing the species of study and he was an advocate for accurate illustrations in natural history books. His aim was to accurately identify and describe as large an amount of animals, plants and minerals that was possible and with the advancement of travel, new plant species and animals were being discovered all the time.



He travelled as much as he could in order that he could observe species for himself. He had his own museum which was a centre of study and research for him and his students. His watercolour and tempera collection totalled 8,000. He would commission artists and hire painters, and he also received many drawings as gifts.



Aldrovandi image 3.jpg

Aldrovandi image 4.jpg




Aldrovandi wrote roughly 400 volumes on natural history. Getting the work published was tougher though, and only a handful of his books were printed during his lifetime. One of the few was Monstrorum Historia: cum paralipomenis historiae omnium animalium, 1642 ("A history of monsters with the addition of the history of all animals"), a compendium of reported human and animal abnormalities.



The book includes accounts not only of malformed natural births but also of entirely imaginary monsters. Despite his dedication to scientific accuracy, this sort of juxtaposition was common at the time, since there was not as yet a distinction between the literary and the scientific. If a given monster had been described by previous authors it was considered proper and erudite to mention it, whether or not it was actually real.


Upon his death Aldrovandi’s museum was bequeathed to the city of Bologna and became the city’s first public museum.


Aldrovandi image 5.jpg