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Anthropology / Palaeontology


The Neolithic demographic transition and consequences / Jean-Pierre Bocquet-Appel et al

Springer, 2008

A 5 o NEO


A study through skull morphology on the diversity of Holocene African populations in a historical perspective / Isabelle Ribot

Oxford, 2011

A 7A q RIB


The Routledge handbook of archaeological human remains and legislation / Nicholas Marquez-Grant & Linda Fibiger (eds.)

London, Routledge, 2011

A 6 q ROU


Human bioarchaeology of the transition to agriculture / Ron Pinhasi & Jay T. Stock

Oxford, Wiley-Blackwell, 2011

A 3 q HUM





In the footsteps of Augustine Henry and his Chinese plant collectors / Seamus O'Brien ; foreword by Roy Lancaster

Woodbridge, Suffolk : Garden Art Press, 2011.

92 HEN Q


Flora Bashchelakskogo khrebta / T. O. Strel'nikova

Flora of the Bashchelak mountain range

Novosibirsk : Akademicheskoe Izd-vo "Geo", 2010.

581.9(57) STR


Mkhi i pechenochniki lesov Sibiri / L. V. Bardunov and A. N. Vasil'ev

Mosses and liverworts of the forests of Siberia

vosibirsk : Akademicheskoe Izd-vo "Geo", 2010.



Seaweeds : a colour guide to common benthic green, brown and red algae of the world's oceans / Wolfram Braune, Michael D. Guiry. Translated and revised for the English language edition by Michael D. Guiry.

Koenigstein : Koeltz Scientific, 2011.

ALGAE 582.26 BRA


Biomonitoring, ecology and systematics of lichens : recognizing the lichenological legacy of Thomas H. Nash III on his 65th Birthday / editors : Scott T. Bates ... [et al.]

Stuttgart : Borntraeger, 2011.



The restless plant / Dov Koller ; edited by Elizabeth Van Volkenburgh.

Cambridge, Mass. ; London, England : Harvard University Press, 2011.

581.18 KOL





Chinese terms in entomology: 2000 supplement

Beijing : Ke xue chu ban she, 2001



Catalogue of the insect type specimens deposited in China, Vol 1/ Cui jun zhi

Bei jing : Zhong guo lin ye chu ban she, 2007

73H o CAT


Lepidoptera of Guisandao Islet / Wang, H. Y.

Ilan : Ilan County Museum of Natural History ; 1999

73H o WAN


The insects of Kinmen / Xu, Yufeng

Nei zheng bu ying jian shu Jin men guo jia gong yuan guan li chu, min 93

73H o XU


Prof K. T. Park with insects/ Park, Kyu-Tek


96 o PAR

Cicadas of Taiwan / Chen, Zhen xiang

Tai bei shi : Da shu wen hua, 2004




General Natural History


A country diary for North Wales / Jan Miller.

Leicester : Matador, 2005.

L 72Aa o MIL


Measuring the new world : enlightenment science and South America / Neil Safier.

Chicago : University of Chicago Press, 2008.

L 76K o SAF


The National Science Museum [Japan]

[Tokyo : National Science Museum, 2005]

L 85 o NAT


Frogs and toads / Chris Mattison

London: Natural History Museum, 2011



Age of the dinosaur / Steve Parker

London: Natural History Museum, 2011.



In from the cold : an assessment of the scope of 'Orphan Works' and its impact on the delivery of services to the public / Naomi Korn

[Cambridge : Collections Trust], 2009

L LIB 347.78 KOR





Incoming! Or, why we should stop worrying and learn to love the meteorite / Ted Nield

London: Granta Publications, 2011

M 523.68 NIE





Bird watch : a survey of planet Earth's changing ecosystems / Martin Walters ; consultant: BirdLife International, Jonathan Elphick.

Chicago ; London : University of Chicago Press, 2011.

ORNITHOLOGY 10 WAL                     


The birds of Panama : a field guide / George R. Angehr, Robert Dean.

Ithaca : Comstock Pub. Associates, 2010.

ORNITHOLOGY 75E ANG                    


The Crossley ID guide / by Richard Crossley.

[West Cape May, NJ] : Crossley Books ; Princeton, N.J. ; Oxford, UK : Princeton University Press, c2011.

ORNITHOLOGY 75 CRO                     


Life with birds: a story of mutual exploitation / Malcolm Smith

Dunbeath : Whittles, 2011.

ORNITHOLOGY 3A SMI                     


Oiseaux de Mauritanie = Birds of Mauritania / Paul Isenmann ... [et al.]

Paris : Société d'études ornithologiques de France, 2010.

ORNITHOLOGY 74K ISE                    


Raptor survey and monitoring : a field guide for African birds of prey / Gerard Malan, editor/author.

Arcadia, Pretoria : Briza Publications, 2009.