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January 18, 2011
Work for the new gallery is really gathering pace now and most recently Library staff along with one of our paper conservators have been condition reporting every piece that is to feature in the first rotation and undertaking any necessary preparatory work to ensure that the artwork can be displayed without causing any long term damage.
hinge removal small.jpg
Hinge removal
rehinging small.jpg
Re-hinging in progress
The main task that needed to be performed, particularly on the larger pieces, was the re-hinging of the artwork to their museum board mounts. For many of the drawings a “V”hinge had been used and whilst this type of hinge has the benefit of being an invisible hinge (i.e. you cannot see it from the front), in the longer term and particularly if the artwork is being displayed upright, it does have the potential to become loose because of the weight and size of the object and cause the original V-hinge to pull away from the board.
new hinges small.jpg
Completed new hinges
We therefore removed all such hinges and replaced them with “T” hinges of Japanese paper and adhered with wheat starch paste (as it is extremely important that any repairs or adjustments can be reversed without causing any damage in the future). Whilst a time consuming task, our efforts will certainly benefit the drawings and their preservation in the future.
Andrea Hart - Assistant Librarian
completed small.jpg
Completed artwork