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Posted by Rita Dockery Aug 26, 2010

New books added to the Library collection


Here is a list of this week’s additions to the Library collection. These books are now on display in the Main Reading Room, Botany Reading Room (for all Botany titles) and Tring (for all Ornithology titles).  You are welcome to make an appointment to use them.


Anthropology / Palaeontology


Geotop 2010 : geosites for the public : paleontology and conservation of geosites / Vera Mügge-Bartolovi, Heinz-Gerd Röhling & Volker Wrede (eds)
Hannover : Deutsche Gesellschaft für Geowissenschaften, 2010


SEPM-CES - GV (Sektion Sedimentologie) Sediment2010 : 25th Sediment Meeting / Sara Tomás, Michael Szurlies & Maria Mutti (eds.) Hannover : Deutsche Gesellschaft für Geowissenschaften, 2010.


The dawn of animal world / edited by Junyuan Chen
Nanjing: Phoenmix Publishing Group & Jiangsu Science Press, 2004.


Proceedings of the 3rd international symposium Coleoid Cephalopods through time / Dirk Fuchs
Luxembourg : Musée national d'histoire naturelle de Luxembourg, 2010.





Jinguashi jue lei tu zhi / Guo Chengmeng ... [et al.] zhu.
[Illustrations of ferns in Jinguashi, Taiwan]
Taibei Xian : Taibei Xian li huang jin bo wu guan ; Taibei Shi : Zhonghua Minguo yong xu sheng tai lü you xie hui, Minguo 96 [2007].


Grasslands of Wales : a survey of lowland species-rich grasslands, 1987-2004 / D.P. Stevens ... [et al.].
Cardiff : University of Wales Press, 2010.


L'erbario di Carlo Allioni : catalogazione, informatizzazione e studio critico di un bene culturale storico-scientifico / Rosanna Caramiello, Chiara Minuzzo, Valeria Fossa.
Torino : Centro studi piemontesi, 2009.


Vidy kartofelia Iuzhnoi Ameriki ; ekologiia, geografiia, introduktsiia, sistematika, selektsionnaia znachimost' / L. E. Gorbatenko
St.Petersburg : Rossiiskaia akademiia sel'skokhoziaistvennykh nauk, 2006.


Enciclopedia ilustrada de los cactus y otras suculentas : (descripción de las especies, hábitat y cuidados de cultivo). Volumen III / Antonio Gómez Sánchez
Madrid [u.a.] Mundi Prensa [u.a.] 2008.


Botanic gardens : modern day arks / by Sara Oldfield.
London : New Holland, 2010.





The moths of North America Fascicle 26.9 Noctuoidea Noctuidae (Part) Xyleninae (Part) Apameini (Part) / Kauri Mikkola et al.
Washington, D.C : Wedge Entomological Research Foundation, 2009


Biology, distribution and diversity of tineid moths / Gaden S. Robinson
London : NHM, 2009


Fauna of New Zealand no.62 Trechini (Insecta : Coleoptera) / J.I. Townsend
Lincoln, N.Z. : Landcare Research, 2010


Fauna of New Zealand no.63 Auchenorrhyncha (Insecta : Hemiptera) / M.-C. Lariviere  et al.
Lincoln, N.Z. : Landcare Research, 2010


Encyclopedia of the Swedish Flora and Fauna CV Stovslandor (Psocoptera) Bo W. Svensson
Uppsala : SLU, 2010





Every living thing : man's obsessive quest to catalog life, from nanobacteria to new monkeys / Rob R. Dunn ; preface by E.O. Wilson.
New York : Collins, c2009.


Darwin's armada : four voyages and the battle for the theory of evolution / Iain McCalman.
New York : W.W. Norton & Co., 2009.


Galapagos : preserving Darwin's legacy / Tui de Roy, editor and principal photographer.
London : A&C Black, 2009.


Sea you tomorrow : [the living ocean and coast] / Kang Dongsuk
Yeosu, Korea : Kang Dong-suk, 2009.


Resurrecting Dr. Moss : the life and letters of a Royal Navy surgeon, Edward Lawton Moss MD, RN, 1843-1880 / Paul C. Appleton ; edited by William Barr.
Calgary : University of Calgary Press : Arctic Institute of North America, c2008.





Grundwasser für die Zukunft : Kurzfassungen der Vorträge und PosterTagung der Fachsektion Hydrologie in der DGG (FH-DGG) 12. - 16. Mai 2010, Tübingen / C. Levin
Hannover : Deutsche Gesellschaft für Geowissenschaften, 2010.


Acrothoracica, sverliashchie rakoobraznye / G.A. Kolbasov.
Moskva : T-vo nauch. izd. KMK, 2009.


Maternal effects in mammals / edited by Dario Maestripieri and Jill M. Mateo.
Chicago : University of Chicago Press, 2009.


A VII. Magyar Denevervedelmi Konferencia (Felsotarkany, 2009. oktober 16-18) kiadvanya = Proceedings of the VIIth Conference on Bat Conservation in Hungary (Felsotarkany, 16th to 18th October 2009)
Eger : Bukki Emlostani Kutatoczoport Egyesulet ; Magyar Deneverkutatok Barati Kore, 2009


Shells: a comprehensive guide to the treasures of the beach
Rochester ; Grange Books, 2008


Schelpen aan de Belgische kust : weet wat je vindt op het strand / Koen Fraussen & Stefaan Wera.
Tielt : Lannoo Campus, 2010.


An illustrated key to Chinese amphibians / Fei Liang ... [et al.]
Sichuan : Sichuan Publishing Group, 2005.


William Smith (1769-1839), a National Treasure!

Our Library blog will give us the opportunity to highlight some of the gems in our collections, particularly those which are large or delicate and therefore difficult for us to bring out for visitors to the Library.

One of the largest items in our collections is the William Smith geological map.


Aug 10 Smith 1.JPG

First published in 1815 under the title: A delineation of the strata of England and Wales with part of Scotland: exhibiting the collieries and mines, the marshes and fen lands originally overflowed by the sea, and the varieties of soil according to the variations in the substrata, illustrated by the most descriptive names.

Smith revolutionised the study of geological time as the first person to use fossils as a tool for determining the strata of rocks, rather than their composition. As a result he earned the nickname William 'Strata' Smith and the 'Father of English Geology'. His work as a land, mine and canal surveyor enabled him to see below the surface and study to structure of the ground.

The map was produced in a number of formats: in sheets, mounted on canvas and rollers or spring rollers (with or without varnish), or on canvas in a travelling case. Our edition of the latter has kept the best, due to light and dirt being kept away. Many of those who bought the full sized copy and mounted it onto the wall, over time the colour faded, making the geological map pretty useless! The image below shows a section of our best copy put alongside the same section of our faded edition. This section includes the Bristol area which Smith knew very well.


Aug 10 Smith 3.JPG

Smith oversaw the hand colouring of each of the maps, signing and numbering each one (see image below). It is believed that around 400 may have been produced and that only 100 may still exist. The map was the first of its kind for this country and a ground breaker internationally. Today’s modern geological maps still owe a lot to William Smith.


Aug 10 Smith 2.JPG

Due to its size and fragility we only get Smith’s map out in all it's glory a few times a year, but keep your eyes on the Nature Live events page, the Library regularly teams up with the Palaeontology Department to do a William Smith talk. This also includes a chance to see some of the specimens collected by William Smith himself.


Winchester, Simon (2001) The map that changed the world: the tale of William Smith and the birth of a science. London : Viking.


Morton, John L (2004) Strata: the remarkable life story of William Smith, the father of English geology. Horsham : Brocken Spectre.

There are more images of the map available via the Picture Library.




Further suggested reading:


We've just had the pleasure of showing 41 teenagers (16-19yrs old) behind the scenes in the Library. Each year the Museum takes part in the Young Graduate for Museums and Galleries (YGMG) programme and we are always really impressed by their reaction when they see some of the special material we get out for them in the Library. The project gives high-achieving young people from different backgrounds the chance to see behind the scenes in Museums and Galleries across the country. They go to seminars, workshops and open days and are given the chance to complete a two week internship in the institution of their choice.

This year we displayed a mix of gems from our collections including Charles Darwin's manuscript pages of Origin of Species, the Library's oldest book (dated 1469) and designs for terracotta figures drawn by the architect of the NHM, Alfred Waterhouse.



It is always really interesting to see how the group react when they are presented with our treasures and what kinds of questions they ask, and this year was no exception. They were fascinated with the cover of the old book rather than what it contained, particularly the vellum covering and metal hinges, and took pictures with their mobiles! When we showed them the designs by Waterhouse of the Museum building, they promised to make sure they’d have a good look at the animals in the architecture as many of them hadn’t noticed them when they arrived. With the Darwin material, there were many comments on the state of his handwriting.

At one point we had a discussion about how many of them kept personal diaries and how today's 'Darwin' was probably tweeting, blogging and emailing, and therefore in the future there could be less handwritten notes and sketches as they saw in front of them.

A really bright group of teenagers and as always a pleasure to show round (especially when they gave us a round of applause!).




Yes and nothing!


We are open 10.00 to 16.30 Monday to Friday. You will need to make an appointment and let us know what you want to look at. This is because we are a reference library, so our staff collect your items and they are waiting for you on arrival.


First of all check out our catalogue to see if we’ve got what you want. Then send an email letting us know what you want to see and when you want to come. On your first visit we will ask for photo ID and proof of address, you fill in a form and that’s it.


For more information on all of this and how to find us visit our website.


New buys

Posted by Rita Dockery Aug 19, 2010
New  books added to the Library collection

16  – 20 August 2010



Please find below a list of  this week’s recently arrived additions to the Library collection. These books are now on display in  the Main Reading Room, Botany Reading Room (for all Botany titles) and Tring  (for all Ornithology titles), which you are welcome to make an appointment to come and use.

Anthropology  / Palaeontology

Geologiia  Severnogo Priaralia : materialy  doktorskoÄ­ dissertatsii,  zashchishchennoÄ­ v 1952  godu

Sankt-Peterburg  : Gumanistika, 2006


Mikrofossilii  proterozoia Saiano-BaÄ­kalskoÄ­ skladchatoÄ­ oblasti : obstanovki  obitaniia, priroda i klassifikatsiia

Novosibirsk : Akademicheskoe  Izd-vo "Geo", 2006


Atlas  de la flore sauvage du département du Val-de-Marne / F. Perriat, S. Filoche and J.  Moret

Mèze : Biotope  ; Paris :  Publications scientifiques du Muséum, impr. 2009.


Atlas  de la flore sauvage du département de la Sarthe / Gérard Hunault and Jacques  Moret

Mèze : Biotope  ; Paris :  Publications scientifiques du Muséum, 2009.


A  book of reed : (Phragmites australis (Cav.) Trin. ex Steudel, Phragmites  communis Trin.) / S. M. Haslam. Cardigan :  Forrest Text, 2010.


Flora  Nordica. 6, Thymelaeaceae to Apiaceae /  ed.-in-chief Bengt Jonsell and Thomas Karlsson

Stockholm Bergius Foundation, Royal  Swedish Acad. of Sciences 2010.


Rote  Liste und Artenverzeichnis der Flechten  Baden-Württembergs / LUBW, Landesanstalt für  Umwelt, Messungen und Naturschutz Baden-Württemberg. [Autor: Volkmar Wirth].  Karlsruhe :  Landesanstalt für Umwelt, Messungen und Naturschutz,  2008.


Le  iris : tra botanica e storia / [catalogo a  cura di Rosa Camoletto, Patrizia Verza Ballesio, Liliana  Quaranta].

Torino : Museo regionale di scienze  naturali, 2009.


Flora  of Ecuador. 36,  Nyctaginaceae / by Gunnar  Harling

Göteborg :  Göteborg  University. Department of  Plant and Environmental Sciences, 2010.


A  key to Pacific grasses / W.D.  Clayton and Neil Snow

Richmond : Royal Botanic  Gardens, Kew,  2010.


Gli alberi e  gli arbusti monumentali del comune di  Lucca / Massimo  Giabastiani, Francesca Occhipinti

[Trees and shrubs of the monumental town of Lucca]

Lucca,  2010.


Whitebeams,  Rowans and Service Trees of Britain and Ireland : a monograph of British and  Irish 'Sorbus' L. / T.C.G. Rich ... [et al.].

London : Botanical Society of the  British Isles ; Cardiff : National Museum Wales,  2010.




A  catalogue of plant bugs (Heteroptera: Miridae) of Poland  / Jacek Gorczyca

Warszawa :  Fundacja Natura Optima Dux, 2007


Insecta  Coleoptera Tenebrionidae : Pedinini Platynotina / Dariusz  Iwan

Montpellier : CIRAD; Paris : IRD; Paris : MNHN. Muséum national d'histoire  naturelle, 2010


Butterflies  of the world:  Part 28, Nymphalidae XIV, Charaxes 3/ Bernard Turlin

Keltern, Germany ; Canterbury, Kent : Goecke & Evers ; Hillside Books, 2007


Butterflies  of the world:  Part 29, Hesperiidae 1, Hesperiidae of the Philippine  Islands (Plates) / Rienk de Jong &  Colin. G.  Treadaway                                         Keltern ; Haywards Heath, West Sussex : Goecke & Evers ; Hillside Books, 2009


Butterflies  of the world: Part 30, Nymphalidae XV, Morpho 1/ Oliver Schäffler  & Thomas Frankenbach

Haywards  Heath, West  Sussex : Hillside Books, 2009


Butterflies  of the world Part 32, Nymphalidae XVII Charaxes/ Bernard Turlin                  

Keltern ;  Haywards Heath : Goecke & Evers ; Hillside  Books, 2009





Biogeography  : an ecological and evolutionary approach / C. Barry Cox, Peter  D. Moore.8th ed.

Hoboken, NJ : Wiley, c2010.


Atlas of  biodiversity risk / edited by Josef Settele ... [ et  al.]

Sofia : Pensoft ,  2010.


Science  and the changing environment in India, 1780-1920 : a guide to sources in the  India Office Records / Richard Axelby and Savithri Preetha Nair ; 

edited by Andrew Cook.

London : The British  Library, 2010.


Redkozemelnye elementy v  ultramafitovykh i mafitovykh  porodakh i ikh mineralakh, kniga 1 : Glavnye tipy porod. Porodoobrazuiushchie  mineraly

Novosibirsk : Akademicheskoe  Iizd-vo "Geo", 2007


Redkozemelnye elementy v  ultramafitovykh i mafitovykh porodakh  i ikh mineralakh, kniga 2 : vtorostepennye i aktsessornye  mineraly

Novosibirsk : Geo,  2007


Ornithology  (Tring)

Atlante  della migrazione degli uccelli in Italia / Fernando Spina & Stefano  Volponi.

Roma : Ministero  dell'ambiente e della tutela del territorio e  del mare ; Bologna : ISPRA, [2008].


The  barley bird : notes on the Suffolk nightingale / Richard Mabey ; artist,  Derrick Greaves.

Woodbridge : Full Circle,  2010.


The  breeding bird survey 2009 : the population trends of the UK's  breeding birds / Kate Risely ... [et al.]

Thetford :  British Trust for Ornithology, 2009.



Checklist  of the birds of New Zealand, Norfolk and Macquarie Islands, and the Ross  Dependency, Antarctica / by the Checklist Committee, Ornithological Society of  New Zealand : B. J. Gill (convenor) ... [et  al.].

Wellington, N.Z. : Te Papa Press  in association with the Ornithological Society of New Zealand,  2010.


Collins  bird guide / text & maps by Lars Svensson; illustrations & captions by  Killian Mullarney & Dan Zetterström; with significant contribution by Peter  J. Grant.

London : Collins,  2009.


The  international black-faced spoonbill census 2008-2009 / [coordinator, Yat-tung  Yu].

Hong Kong : The  Hong Kong Bird Watching Society,  [2009]


Ptitsy  Altaia : prostranstvenno-vremennaia differentsiatsiia, struktura i organizatsiia  naseleniia / S.N. TSybulin, otv. red. Iu. S.  Ravkin

Novosibirsk : Nauka,  2009



Sea  urchins II : worldwide irregular deep water species / Heinke  Schultz

Hemdingen : H. & P.  Schultz Partner Scientific Publications, 2009


Fauna,  atlas and keys to identification and resources of fishes of Lake Baikal / A. N. Matveev, N. M.  Pronin

Ulan-Ude : Izd-vo BNTS SO RAN,  2008.


Las  caseínas de la leche : aspectos comparativos / Francisco M.  Fernández y Marcela Hernández de Sánchez

Tucuman : Republica  Argentina, Ministerio de Cultura y  Educación, 2009.


The  biology of small mammals / Joseph F.  Merritt.

Baltimore : Johns Hopkins University Press,  2010.


The real  chimpanzee : sex strategies in the forest / Christophe  Boesch.

Cambridge : Cambridge University Press,  2009.


Atlas of  the Persian Gulf  molluscs / H. Hosseinzadeh, B. Daghoghi, H.  Rameshi.

Tehran : Iranian Fisheries  Research Organisation, 2001.


Black  python, <Morelia boeleni> / Ari R. Flagle, Erik  D. Stoops ; edited by Marc Mense.

Frankfurt am Main : Edition Chimaira ,  2009.


The latest edition of Evolve, the Museum's quarterly magazine, is now on sale!


We are very pleased to say that two of the articles have been written by regular researchers to the Library. Karolyn Shindler discusses the very public feud between Charles Darwin and Richard Owen, whilst Tracy Chevalier talks about Mary Anning.


Members of the Museum receive Evolve as part of their Membership. But Non-Members can buy the magazine in our Museum shops (£3.50) or subscribe online.