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Photograph of the brightly coloured and patterned Jersey tiger moth, Euplagia quadripunctaria, found in the museum Wildlife Garden.

Found a strange insect in your garden, an unusual plant in the park or a fossil on the beach? Get help identifying it.

Whether you are an amateur naturalist, an expert or just curious, you can ask - or answer - all sorts of questions about the UK's biodiversity and our team of Museum scientists are online to help.

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Re: Is this a dolphin jaw? 1 hour ago in Bones, teeth and skulls by MB2002 MB2002
Re: spiders on car door-handle 3 hours ago in Identification by B B
Re: Is this a fossil or just mineral layer? 3 hours ago in Fossils and rocks by TqB TqB
Re: Found in Regent's Park, London 6 hours ago in All animal life by jaguarondi jaguarondi
Re: Weevil id please? 7 hours ago in Beetles by Clive Washington Clive Washington
Re: insect identification 9 hours ago in Identification by Catherine Catherine
Re: Vertebrae Identification 10 hours ago in Bones, teeth and skulls by JimmyD JimmyD
Re: An Ichneumon Wasp ID? 19 hours ago in Identification by Tom Tom
Re: Can anyone help identitfy chalk fossil 21 hours ago in Fossils and rocks by SteveM SteveM
Please could someone confirm my ID of this longhorn moth? 22 hours ago in Identification by Barry Soames Barry Soames
Re: Is this a bone? 23 hours ago in Bones, teeth and skulls by Claire553 Claire553
Re: False widow or something else? 23 hours ago in Spiders by Claire553 Claire553
Identification of this evergreen tree 23 hours ago in Trees by Nighthawk Nighthawk
Beach find 23 hours ago in Bones, teeth and skulls by Toby Toby
Re: Can anyone help with this wasp like insect my garden in Lancashire 1 day ago in Identification by Garret Garret
Re: Is this Hover Fly a Syrphus species? 1 day ago in Identification by GWMOTHS GWMOTHS
Re: Garden Tree Identification 1 day ago in Trees by Charles Charles
Re: Please id this small spider ... 1 day ago in Identification by jaguarondi jaguarondi
Re: Finding flint 1 day ago in Fossils and rocks by Dr T Dr T
Re: Caterpillar ID. Can anyone identify this please? 1 day ago in Bug forum by Hawkmoth Hawkmoth
Re: Help Identifying Ammonite 1 day ago in Fossils and rocks by Meso Meso
Re: Baby spider identification 1 day ago in Identification by Florin - Museum ID team Florin - Museum ID team
Re: Animal tooth 1 day ago in Bones, teeth and skulls by Dr T Dr T
Re: Fossil or rock? 2 days ago in Fossils and rocks by Colin Colin
Re: Fossils or not? 2 days ago in Identification by Colin Colin

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