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Peter1960 Peter1960 Can you help me recognize these bones and teeth found on a beach in Gdansk, Poland 2 0 15 hours ago by Peter1960
Yorkie Yorkie Bird ID please 105 5 16 hours ago by AmandaB
Lol Lol Old coins 1 0 16 hours ago by Lol
h0ff h0ff Larvae in lawn and driveway - identification please 1 0 22 hours ago by h0ff
Colin Colin Beach Find 39 1 22 hours ago by Dr T
PeteWilson PeteWilson Fossil Identification + How to remove from mudstone 151 6 3 days ago by PeteWilson
David David What are these very tiny white 'bugs' on the rhubbard and composit? 84 2 3 days ago by David
PaulR PaulR Cranefly larva? 69 1 3 days ago by AlteredEgo
Alan Alan help with age please 64 0 4 days ago by Alan
M M Shell fossil 670 21 4 days ago by M
HughD HughD Please help me. Infestation for days now in bathroom.  What are these? 212 8 4 days ago by HughD
Helena Helena Can someone identify this? 130 2 6 days ago by Helena How long has this chap been in the field?? 104 2 1 week ago by Dr T
JOShea JOShea Unusual catfish on shore of River Severn 134 4 1 week ago by AlteredEgo
CassieKemp CassieKemp Fossil collection in need of identification 216 4 1 week ago by Dave Baldwin
Grenage Grenage Bees coming out of hibernation? 191 4 1 week ago by Grenage
Angela Angela Mineral or fossil?? 108 2 1 week ago by Dr T
Chris Chris Is this a False Widow? 86 1 1 week ago by AlteredEgo
Gariline Gariline Cocoon keeps appearing in my lounge 322 8 2 weeks ago by Rosea
Elle Bee Elle Bee SBBs Can anyone identify these 181 1 2 weeks ago by jaguarondi
Guy Guy Can anyone identify this ammonite? 151 2 2 weeks ago by Dr T
Rab Rab Could you please assist in identifying the attached? 354 7 2 weeks ago by Dr T
Claire Claire Jawbone found in the Thames 89 0 2 weeks ago by Claire
Sfarrimond Sfarrimond Bracket fungi ident please 117 1 2 weeks ago by flecc
Ben Smith Ben Smith Help identifying tree type please 55 0 2 weeks ago by Ben Smith
Ben Smith Ben Smith Help identifying tree type please 47 0 2 weeks ago by Ben Smith
isabellew isabellew Indentification of worm type creature found 115 2 2 weeks ago by AlteredEgo
Christian Christian Fossil identification 163 4 3 weeks ago by Christian
B B Mushroom ID. 172 2 3 weeks ago by B
Danny Danny Please help me 131 1 3 weeks ago by AlteredEgo