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Sturge Sturge Fossils or not? 63 2 4 hours ago by Colin
Tom Tom An Ichneumon Wasp ID? 49 2 16 hours ago by jaguarondi
gasdocscott gasdocscott Bed bug or bird mite? 44 1 16 hours ago by jaguarondi
HollyD HollyD What species is this jumping spider? 81 2 1 day ago by HollyD
LisaP LisaP Tooth or very interesting erosion? 54 1 2 days ago by Dr T
Sturge Sturge Lyme Regis fossil? 100 3 2 days ago by Sturge
Paul Paul Is this a shark crushing tooth? 144 9 3 days ago by Paul
Happy Days Happy Days Is this a fir tree gall or a fir tree cone developing please ? 119 4 3 days ago by Happy Days
David David Caddis fly? 71 2 4 days ago by David
Keram Keram Help with bug identification 124 3 4 days ago by David
Kerry Kerry Fly ID 40 1 4 days ago by flecc
Sophie087 Sophie087 Is this a bed bug? 74 2 4 days ago by Sophie087
alan alan Help with tree identification please 34 1 4 days ago by lucy
Kerry Kerry Identification of a fly 28 0 4 days ago by Kerry
gay gay What is this creature? 117 3 4 days ago by AmandaB
Brian Brian Is this a bagworm and can it go to genus or species 44 1 5 days ago by Garret
Eabha Hughes Eabha Hughes Unable to ID these Irish Birds from Cork! 106 7 5 days ago by AmandaB
David David What kind of insect is this? 123 4 6 days ago by David
Happy Days Happy Days Please id this small (Moth ?) ... 100 6 6 days ago by Happy Days
alan alan Tree ID 31 0 1 week ago by alan
Alan Alan Found in my bed!!!!! 32 0 1 week ago by Alan
GWMOTHS GWMOTHS Is this Hover Fly a Syrphus species? 43 1 1 week ago by flecc
GWMOTHS GWMOTHS Can anyone help with this wasp like insect my garden in Lancashire 55 1 1 week ago by Garret
flecc flecc Worm for identification 127 4 1 week ago by flecc
Renuvin Renuvin Myrmosa melanocephala 55 1 1 week ago by flecc
pedro pedro maybe this is a dinossaur egg? 145 5 1 week ago by Dr T
DazCop DazCop Dead animal identification if possible. 129 2 1 week ago by DazCop
En Ki En Ki What’s this bug? 64 1 1 week ago by AmandaB
nemo nemo caterpillar please 50 1 1 week ago by AmandaB
shinobi shinobi What is this spider please? 59 1 1 week ago by jaguarondi