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1ac7263b5368434a547aa5284cec5dfcfc2e1108 1ac7263b5368434a547aa5284cec5dfcfc2e1108 Identity Sought on Flock of Migratory Birds 101 5 5 hours ago by 1ac7263b5368434a547aa5284cec5dfcfc2e1108
NanC NanC Is this a tooth? 175 5 8 hours ago by Dan
Vanessa Vanessa I needhelp to identify this rock. It weighs about 190kg, it is 130cm long and 40cm high 364 17 13 hours ago by Dr T
Maddie Maddie Fossil? 135 1 13 hours ago by Dr T
Archie Kyle Archie Kyle Spherical stones 36 1 18 hours ago by Dr T
Random Random What is this bug on my mat? 31 0 1 day ago by Random
al18sgc al18sgc Strange Bug 71 1 1 day ago by al18sgc
Sid Sid Indetification needed please 142 1 1 day ago by Florin - Museum ID team
neilmcg neilmcg possible fossils id 31 1 1 day ago by Dr T
bobc bobc Help please to ID this large raptor in Cyprus 302 12 1 day ago by bobc
Brian Brian ?lichen 155 6 1 day ago by MikeHardman
AlanS AlanS tiny, tiny insect from a Gorse flower 137 2 2 days ago by AlanS
stacy stacy strange glowing specs 74 2 2 days ago by Steve Jelf
BTurner BTurner Purple petal moth 133 3 2 days ago by Steve Jelf
RussJ RussJ Please help ID this noisy beastie in my house! 1,161 14 2 days ago by Healzo
stacy stacy please help me identify 97 2 3 days ago by stacy
Louise Louise Please help me identify what this grub found on the carpet at home is 101 3 3 days ago by flecc
pamela pamela unusual plant 79 2 5 days ago by pamela
Dave Dave Bright green Cricket - Is it a foreigner? 70 1 6 days ago by flecc
yiguil yiguil The other Loch Ness Monster? 164 8 6 days ago by Fiona - Museum ID team
LuC LuC Is this a fossil of incisor teeth? 177 9 6 days ago by Dr T
salimah salimah What is this and how to get rid of them? 55 1 6 days ago by AmandaB
craigH craigH Hairy black looking larvae? 107 4 1 week ago by AlteredEgo
madgie madgie found on the local beach,any idea what this is?? 761 24 1 week ago by Tabfish
Hawkeye Hawkeye Is this a Spider Crab? 94 2 1 week ago by Hawkeye
Mike Mike Can anyone help me with this please ?? 158 7 1 week ago by Fiona - Museum ID team
Fleur Fleur Is this a false widow spider? 72 1 1 week ago by jaguarondi
jp1994 jp1994 Plant ids? (2) 70 1 1 week ago by lucy
Bumble30 Bumble30 Can you identify this spider ? 189 6 1 week ago by Bumble30
Jessica84 Jessica84 Ambergris??? 802 3 1 week ago by AlteredEgo