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awillkey awillkey Why is NaturePlus now hidden? 101 5 2 hours ago by awillkey
gardengirl gardengirl Tree Identification and how to manage 9 0 3 hours ago by gardengirl
Peter Robin Peter Robin Can anyone identify this sub millimetre size spider infesting our garden shed 109 5 16 hours ago by Peter Robin
peterc peterc Stonefly id please? 44 1 17 hours ago by Prostomis
Lynneh Lynneh Any idea what plant this is? 98 2 17 hours ago by bombuslucorum - Museum ID team
Bobbles Bobbles Help to identify this plant please? 41 1 17 hours ago by JrF
cyatheac cyatheac Plant ID Required 81 2 21 hours ago by cyatheac
wolf wolf Is this a bed big? 32 0 22 hours ago by wolf
Stefano Stefano Please can you identify this flower/plant? 56 2 23 hours ago by AmandaB
LeeBurrows01 LeeBurrows01 Any idea what this tree is? 90 7 1 day ago by lucy
LeeBurrows01 LeeBurrows01 Anyone know this strange mint like plant? 79 4 1 day ago by LeeBurrows01
peekaboolindy peekaboolindy what is this bug? 60 2 1 day ago by peekaboolindy
Ben Cole Ben Cole Can you identify these moths please? 57 3 1 day ago by Ben Cole
furry furry early human hand axe and two stone spear heads 58 0 1 day ago by furry
Vorticella Vorticella I D please 78 1 1 day ago by rhossilian
AmandaB AmandaB Spider found on orchid plant 77 1 1 day ago by AmandaB
whatisthistree whatisthistree Any idea what this tree is? 85 3 1 day ago by lucy
eowynk eowynk wild flower ids 46 1 1 day ago by lucy
Stillers Stillers What is this wild plant? 97 2 2 days ago by JrF
CaptainKirk CaptainKirk Can anyone identify this insect please? 44 1 2 days ago by Florin - Museum ID team
pippo pippo Mystery Plant 96 3 2 days ago by AmandaB
antrimexile antrimexile Can someone identify this damselfly please? 106 4 2 days ago by antrimexile
LeeBurrows01 LeeBurrows01 Anyone have any idea what this cabbage look alike is? 81 2 2 days ago by LeeBurrows01
super super Can anyone identify this spider found in the garden yesterday please? 61 2 2 days ago by super
CJ CJ Brown hairy caterpillar - new forest id help 65 2 2 days ago by CJ
isobel isobel Blue speckled egg 119 4 2 days ago by isobel
Will23 Will23 Can anyone identify these little insects? 35 0 2 days ago by Will23
HappySnapper HappySnapper Can someone be so kind to identify this insect? 75 2 2 days ago by HappySnapper
MichaelLomotey MichaelLomotey Bee identification. 45 1 2 days ago by Jonathan - NaturePlus host
AmandaB AmandaB Possible Diver - but which one 245 8 2 days ago by antrimexile