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Iara Iara Does anyone know what plant this is? 17 1 3 minutes ago by AmandaB
jason.a jason.a Can you help me I.D. this tree? 12 0 1 hour ago by jason.a
Sally H Sally H Help to ID this plant please 42 1 1 hour ago by lucy
Lint Lint Please identify this pest (vermiform larvae I believe) 146 8 5 hours ago by Lint
TRW TRW Decapod head 42 2 5 hours ago by TRW
Birdles Birdles Beetle ID - Spotted In House (UK) 50 2 6 hours ago by Birdles
krish387 krish387 Help with some plant identification 46 2 6 hours ago by krish387
peterc peterc Can anyone identify insect please? 100 4 7 hours ago by peterc
anthonyjackson5 anthonyjackson5 Dryococelus australis 64 2 12 hours ago by anthonyjackson5
Hibee Hibee Fossil Found in New South Wales 89 2 22 hours ago by Hibee
TRW TRW Little Stint? 17 0 23 hours ago by TRW
CJ CJ Brown hairy caterpillar - new forest id help 129 5 1 day ago by AmandaB
Fozzie Fozzie What type of fungus is this? 138 5 1 day ago by Ivan
eowynk eowynk few more plants for id 42 1 1 day ago by lucy
peterc peterc Can anyone identify animal please? 61 3 1 day ago by triops
peterc peterc Can anyone identify insect please? 48 3 1 day ago by AmandaB
peekaboolindy peekaboolindy what is this bug? 109 4 1 day ago by Florin - Museum ID team
uberjock uberjock Couple of insects to id 90 3 1 day ago by jaguarondi
Bobbles Bobbles Help to identify this plant please? 129 3 1 day ago by JrF
Flamintist Flamintist What creeper is this? It's in Singapore. 47 1 2 days ago by AmandaB
nurul nurul Can anyone ID this flower? 53 1 2 days ago by lucy
eowynk eowynk plants for id 38 1 2 days ago by lucy
BobbiDollPDX BobbiDollPDX ID Polished bone piece found on Beverly Beach, Oregon 34 1 2 days ago by Richard
awillkey awillkey Why is NaturePlus now hidden? 156 6 2 days ago by Florin - Museum ID team
Appleblossom Appleblossom caterpillar/grub identification question 77 2 2 days ago by Appleblossom
Janneke Janneke help to identify this small moth which flies during the day 19 0 2 days ago by Janneke
uberjock uberjock Two bugs to ID please 7 0 2 days ago by uberjock
Jporter Jporter Bug identity? 28 0 2 days ago by Jporter
Peter Robin Peter Robin Can anyone identify this sub millimetre size spider infesting our garden shed 168 6 3 days ago by Fozzie
Steve G Steve G Insect Identification please 15 0 3 days ago by Steve G