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White Wizzard White Wizzard Can someone please identify this spider? 383 11 1 day ago by White Wizzard
hannerz hannerz HELP! Do you know this tooth? 63 0 1 day ago by hannerz
Shelleychap Shelleychap Hello can you help? 112 4 1 day ago by Shelleychap
hannerz hannerz Tooth Identification 64 1 1 day ago by quagga
julie julie Hi there. I was trying to identify my new shed monster. Can anyone help? 104 1 1 day ago by Jonathan - NaturePlus host
Wolfie138 Wolfie138 Wasp ID please 55 0 1 day ago by Wolfie138
aaminadar aaminadar please help, can anyone identify these remains, are they animal or human? 116 1 2 days ago by Heather
tsintsin tsintsin Identification of Spider - Is it a False Widow? 54 1 2 days ago by Jonathan - NaturePlus host
ClaireB ClaireB Small black spider - any ideas?? 82 1 2 days ago by bombuslucorum - Museum ID team
Pat Butcher Pat Butcher Spike nosed beastie - what could it be? 135 2 2 days ago by Pat Butcher
Iknuman Iknuman Cimbicid Sawfly Confirmation? 46 0 2 days ago by Iknuman
mikeC mikeC unfortunately not a tiny ladybird 113 4 2 days ago by mikeC
mouseinateacup mouseinateacup spine 65 0 3 days ago by mouseinateacup
Jackstables Jackstables Is this a false widow? 108 1 4 days ago by ChrisE
hello hello what is this slug caterpillar thing? 75 0 4 days ago by hello
iank2009 iank2009 Is this a cockroach?  Please help! 121 3 5 days ago by iank2009
Scaredofspiders Scaredofspiders Is this a dangerous spider , please ... 183 3 5 days ago by hello
hello hello what are these insect eggs? 147 4 5 days ago by hello
Mason movers Mason movers Can anyone identify this spider please? 88 1 5 days ago by MWJB
ricechrisb ricechrisb Can anyone identify this caterpillar? 83 1 6 days ago by MikeHardman
ScaredofSpiders ScaredofSpiders Is this a false widow? 85 1 6 days ago by MWJB
Janineg Janineg What is this Marshmallow type thing !!? 109 4 1 week ago by Janineg
fruitbodies fruitbodies MINERALS AND CRYSTALS NEED IDENTIFICATION FOR PROJECT 151 3 1 week ago by MikeHardman
marshmucker marshmucker Bee identification 85 0 1 week ago by marshmucker
cardiacade cardiacade Plant idents please 244 3 1 week ago by cardiacade
katie86 katie86 What type of spider is this? 125 1 1 week ago by ChrisE
iPterodroma iPterodroma Identification of Kent fossils 339 8 1 week ago by MikeHardman
SP2 SP2 Dinosaur fossil identification? 95 1 1 week ago by MikeHardman
Rubyrock Rubyrock fossil in vale of belvoir 195 6 1 week ago by Tabfish
Dysfunctional_Dorris Dysfunctional_Dorris What sort of spider could this be? 164 2 1 week ago by Dysfunctional_Dorris