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Lou-D Lou-D Beetle in my Bathroom! 26 2 10 minutes ago by AlteredEgo
David David Japanese spider ID help please 47 2 3 hours ago by David
Jenny Jenny Any idea what this is? 38 1 6 hours ago by AmandaB
Alibobble Alibobble Blue bug 36 1 6 hours ago by AmandaB
Lwink Lwink Bettle identification 60 2 1 day ago by Lwink
Josieposie Josieposie Are these biscuit beetles, woodworm or something else? 58 2 1 day ago by Josieposie
Bobbie Bobbie Is this  a chiger?? Thank you 105 3 1 day ago by Bobbie
Eep1986 Eep1986 What is this 69 1 2 days ago by AlteredEgo
gigi872017 gigi872017 What kind of insect are these? 119 2 2 days ago by gigi872017
Brian Ludwig Brian Ludwig Can you identify this beetle 72 1 2 days ago by AmandaB
Piesandbeer Piesandbeer Tooth from Smokejacks Quarry 38 0 2 days ago by Piesandbeer
Bobbie Bobbie Please help id this insect 101 2 3 days ago by Dr T
Daniel Daniel Please help to identify 78 2 3 days ago by jaguarondi
jdmacjtlc jdmacjtlc Any ideas what this is please 101 2 3 days ago by jdmacjtlc
norb norb Possible meteorite 43 1 4 days ago by Dr T
Sidney Sidney It's got a stinger, is it a bee or a wasp? 50 1 4 days ago by AmandaB
David David Rove beetle 29 0 5 days ago by David
Jdbabyxx Jdbabyxx Is this a cockroach or just a rather large beetle?? 30 0 5 days ago by Jdbabyxx
sawda sawda Help with small brown beetle in home please help if you can 349 4 5 days ago by sawda
jdmacjtlc jdmacjtlc Can anyone let me know what this is please 222 6 5 days ago by jdmacjtlc
renfri renfri Can someone please help identifying these insects? 83 2 6 days ago by renfri
unlucky unlucky Please tell me this isn't a woodworm beetle   134 7 6 days ago by unlucky
TRW TRW Pill Woodlouse 94 2 6 days ago by TRW
animatedstardust animatedstardust What are these lines in the rock please? 161 6 6 days ago by animatedstardust
Brian Brian Strange insect on ash leaflet 94 2 6 days ago by Brian
sadpuss sadpuss Snail identity 103 2 1 week ago by sadpuss
David David ID for this Hemiptera from Japan 50 1 1 week ago by AmandaB
VicMil VicMil Wasp? 62 2 1 week ago by VicMil
David David What is this caterpillar 47 1 1 week ago by AmandaB
Papo Papo Help identify this pls 43 1 1 week ago by Dr T