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JPAMCR JPAMCR Is anyone able to help ID this tree? 52 1 6 hours ago by MikeHardman
elizabethe83 elizabethe83 Identity of bone found on Hastings beach??Any help please. 75 2 1 day ago by Dr T
SB SB Anyone can help identify this insect? 59 1 1 day ago by Florin - Museum ID team
Lcritchlowx Lcritchlowx Identify this bug 138 5 1 day ago by MikeHardman
JonnyG JonnyG Spider ID help 77 1 2 days ago by AlteredEgo
firestar firestar Belemnite and bird bone id 371 12 5 days ago by Fiona - Museum ID team
Fi Fi Is this a fossil? 82 1 5 days ago by Dr T
Phil Phil Dragonfly ID please 175 4 6 days ago by Phil
Rumple Rumple No idea what it is, Egg sac or Fungus? 130 3 6 days ago by flecc
Madz Madz Identify this... claw? 100 1 1 week ago by John
NatureNW3 NatureNW3 Likely Euro Hornet? Queen? 119 2 1 week ago by NatureNW3
Meryl B Meryl B Please can you resolve an argument about a fossil? 254 7 1 week ago by Miranda
Rebecca bw Rebecca bw Two unusual rocks or fossils found. Identification needed. 214 8 1 week ago by Miranda
uksweetheart uksweetheart Is this a common fly? 108 1 1 week ago by AlteredEgo
markhatt markhatt Spider - False Widow? 153 4 1 week ago by jaguarondi
Golkonda Golkonda Trying to identify the stone used to carve this mango 257 6 1 week ago by Golkonda
harryspotter harryspotter What the heck is this? 211 3 1 week ago by triops
razza razza is this a rock or an eye? 146 2 1 week ago by Dr T
Davecogz Davecogz Anybody know what bug this is by any chance? 140 1 1 week ago by flecc
tanah mera tanah mera geological ID needed 209 5 1 week ago by Dr T
razza razza is this an eye or a rock? 107 1 2 weeks ago by Dr T
Sarahw1000 Sarahw1000 Fossil find ? 135 3 2 weeks ago by Dr T
sjb110869 sjb110869 Help what's this? 196 2 2 weeks ago by sjb110869
FWTIPTON FWTIPTON Hypsilophodon  jaw? 627 7 2 weeks ago by Fiona - Museum ID team
embsidney20 embsidney20 IS THIS A BONE? FOUND IN GARDEN 120 1 2 weeks ago by Dr T
timonize timonize Can someone help me identify this bug 120 1 2 weeks ago by AlteredEgo
Leigh B Leigh B Can you identify these spiders? 125 2 2 weeks ago by AlteredEgo
Maxwell7728 Maxwell7728 Can anyone identify this larva? 204 5 2 weeks ago by Maxwell7728
Tomoelfc Tomoelfc ID Please 112 1 2 weeks ago by AlteredEgo
eils eils Tiny bug in frame of divan bed? 161 1 2 weeks ago by Florin - Museum ID team