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Gaz Gaz Is this a fossil 29 1 1 hour ago by Dr T
Mr Yoddle Mr Yoddle Is this a Achondrite Meteorite? 62 4 1 hour ago by Dr T
Florin - Museum ID team Florin - Museum ID team Eudocima materna? Moth found in Oman. How did it get here? 18 0 1 hour ago by Florin - Museum ID team
TRW TRW Parrot Crossbill or Common Crossbill? 26 1 3 hours ago by Florin - Museum ID team
stone stone Cluster diamond,kimberlite or something else? 222 4 16 hours ago by stone
KentDigger2018 KentDigger2018 Is this a dinosaur egg fossil? 121 4 22 hours ago by
Woo Woo Can anyone identify the mass inside quartz crystal 111 3 1 day ago by Woo
nimnamnoo nimnamnoo fossil tooth? found on a skegness beach 91 2 1 day ago by nimnamnoo
Debsie Debsie Grass like insect 87 2 1 day ago by Debsie
caa62aa2052f2bb01c4273962f4439f81a1a4677 caa62aa2052f2bb01c4273962f4439f81a1a4677 Can anybody identify this little fella? 100 3 1 day ago by Dr T
Dan Dan bone / fossil? 109 5 3 days ago by Dan
bikerider75 bikerider75 Please can you identify this fossil? 54 1 3 days ago by Dr T
scruffty scruffty Please identify this spider? 76 1 6 days ago by flecc
Gaz Gaz possible meteorite 72 1 6 days ago by Dr T
Dirksdonuts Dirksdonuts Can anyone identify these cocoons please 88 2 6 days ago by Dirksdonuts
Gerry Gerry Is this a fossil? 121 4 1 week ago by Dr T
Gaz Gaz Possible fossil egg 77 1 1 week ago by Dr T
Vincent L Vincent L Tiny bug on wall with very fine black droppings along wall edge 77 1 1 week ago by Florin - Museum ID team
Gaz Gaz Possible fossil 95 2 1 week ago by Colin
Gaz Gaz Is this a fossil 92 2 1 week ago by Gaz
GettingFitter GettingFitter 100's of flies in my sons bedroom 114 3 1 week ago by Garret
Polly Polly Is this a fossilised footprint? 59 1 1 week ago by Dr T
ChrisE ChrisE Soldierfly larva? 54 0 1 week ago by ChrisE
Peter Smith Peter Smith Swollen branches on horse chestnut 232 4 1 week ago by flecc
chriffer chriffer First moth of the year, but what is it? 110 1 1 week ago by MikeHardman
Sheck Sheck Rock with circles on it 198 6 1 week ago by Sheck
FossilCrazy FossilCrazy Beautiful plate of fossils found 298 9 2 weeks ago by
Lucy Dibs Lucy Dibs Is this a fossil? 134 4 2 weeks ago by Lucy Dibs
HakunaMatata HakunaMatata Found on the beach any idea what bone it is 134 5 2 weeks ago by Dr T
Ryan Ryan Golf ball sized heavy rock. 194 8 2 weeks ago by Ryan