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Jeffski Jeffski What is this fly? 51 1 21 hours ago by Garret
Rockchick Rockchick Fossil help please? 174 8 22 hours ago by Rockchick
VicW VicW Another interesting rock 68 3 1 day ago by Dr T
Littlemamaxi Littlemamaxi Tiny tiny bug biting?! 18 0 1 day ago by Littlemamaxi
David David What are these millepede species? 52 1 1 day ago by Garret
David David These are a puzzle 49 1 1 day ago by jaguarondi
VicW VicW Interesting rock. Possible fossil? 88 5 2 days ago by Dr T
black swan black swan I found this on a path of gravel in the New Forest, it looks like a Clam shell, it is stone 50 1 2 days ago by Dr T
David David Are these spring tails? 25 0 2 days ago by David
winnielaura winnielaura Vertebrae? Identification? 2,909 5 3 days ago by Dr T
LancsFamily LancsFamily Found on Anglesey - is this a fossil? 85 3 4 days ago by Dr T
Stu Stu I d thisthis please 57 1 4 days ago by Dr T
emmalou emmalou Found yesterday, Morecambe bay - what type of fossils ? 231 7 5 days ago by Dr T
Monterys Monterys Found this floating in my cup 107 2 6 days ago by Monterys
Phil Phil Bird ID - Greenshank? 127 3 6 days ago by Phil
Phil Phil Bird ID please 111 2 6 days ago by Phil
annabelle5992 annabelle5992 Butterfly 124 2 1 week ago by annabelle5992
Katiecon86 Katiecon86 Strange bug! 95 1 1 week ago by Florin - Museum ID team
Molly M Molly M Please help identify 115 3 1 week ago by Dr T
Rosco Rosco Vertebra identification 195 6 1 week ago by
jonflemming jonflemming Fossil identification help 82 1 1 week ago by Dr T
Steffy Steffy Does anyone know what this tiny beastie is? 173 4 1 week ago by Steffy
KentDigger2018 KentDigger2018 Is this a dinosaur egg fossil? 350 7 1 week ago by
SamL24 SamL24 An you identify these brown insect pupae 77 0 2 weeks ago by SamL24
FossilCrazy FossilCrazy Icthyosaur/Plesiosaur Rib cage partial? 236 7 2 weeks ago by Colin
Sarah Sarah Is this a fossilised pelvis ?? 94 1 2 weeks ago by Dr T
Phil Phil Bird ID - Redwing or Song Thrush? 110 2 2 weeks ago by Phil
Jay Jay Please help in identifying which animal's faeces this is 166 7 2 weeks ago by AmandaB
EML91 EML91 Help! Is this a bed bug? [Update: How to get rid of these beetles?] 130 3 2 weeks ago by triops
Steffy Steffy Desperately need help!! Cannot identify this bug! 278 4 2 weeks ago by Steffy