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Author Subject Views Replies Last Post
Andrius Andrius Snorkling in Adriatic sea 62 1 2 days ago by Dr T
Jnobel Jnobel Scotland sea shell ID 99 3 3 weeks ago by Jnobel
Hilary Hilary Could someone please identify 109 1 1 month ago by Garret
Steve_nic Steve_nic Can any one identify this northumberland beach find ?? 177 6 1 month ago by Dr T
rudhacharya rudhacharya Help identifying shells 132 0 2 months ago by rudhacharya
tushkanchik tushkanchik Shell or bone or? 285 3 2 months ago by Allison
markbullimore markbullimore What’s this 197 3 2 months ago by Dr T
Chryssa Chryssa Help identify these stones found in Turkey please 207 4 2 months ago by Chryssa
Sue Condon Sue Condon Weird shell formations 165 2 2 months ago by Dr T
Eli Eli please can you id this bone 145 1 2 months ago by Dr T
l.smith558 l.smith558 Creature id please 168 1 2 months ago by Garret
Hilary Hilary Found on Beadnell Beach Northumberland UK 179 2 2 months ago by Hilary
Shetland beachcomber Shetland beachcomber Goose or buoy barnacle? 202 4 3 months ago by Shetland beachcomber
Gee Gee Shore Green Weed ID 239 4 3 months ago by rhossilian
Gee Gee Can you identify? 234 2 3 months ago by Gee
Stripey pyjama horse Stripey pyjama horse An identification please. 152 1 3 months ago by triops
Gee Gee Any idea what this might be? 179 2 4 months ago by triops
Miranda Miranda Interesting rock found on East Wittering Beach 230 2 4 months ago by Dr T
Oufti Oufti Cranium or something else? 289 3 4 months ago by Oufti
Elvintott Elvintott Small jelly like creatures clinging to tidal rock NW Scotland 409 4 4 months ago by Elvintott
Pralinsky Pralinsky Green Striped Anemone? 204 1 4 months ago by rhossilian
placidmanc placidmanc Organic resin-like object with what look like gills from Brean Sands 455 2 6 months ago by placidmanc
Shivanazikiller Shivanazikiller Found interesting thing on the beach in West Wales 453 1 6 months ago by Dr T
weedgrower weedgrower Found this on Wembury Beach,possible sponge or eggs? 478 3 6 months ago by weedgrower
Timgoss Timgoss What is this from West wales - lots of shells attached by jelly stems 308 1 7 months ago by John
Carl Carl Unusual Coloration on a Grey Seal 240 0 7 months ago by Carl
Alastair Alastair Bone on the beach - any idea what it is? 507 2 7 months ago by Alastair
Gemma Gemma Unusual red object found on beach 613 6 7 months ago by MikeHardman
Remora Fish Remora Fish Strange crab? How did it get there? 293 2 7 months ago by Steve Jelf
trineE trineE Can you please ID these black grape-like things? 253 1 7 months ago by John