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Cerishell Cerishell Please help identify these shells 54 1 3 days ago by rhossilian
Corine Corine Does anyone know what type of bone this is/from what animal 41 0 1 week ago by Corine
Catso Catso What is this? Furry Slug like creature 110 2 1 week ago by rhossilian
Fossils Fossils Is this a sponge fossil? Three boys anxiously waiting :0) 65 0 1 week ago by Fossils
Scott Scott Mayan Riviera animal bone 103 4 1 week ago by Tabfish
Sunshine Sunshine Identification help 123 3 2 weeks ago by Sunshine
seasenor seasenor Sea cucumber? 40 0 3 weeks ago by seasenor
susan susan What is this bird? 214 10 3 weeks ago by MikeHardman
stmedxb4 stmedxb4 Need help on identifying these Persicula from Southern Oman 104 0 4 weeks ago by stmedxb4
C C Need help identifying this vertebrae 143 1 1 month ago by John
Tabfish Tabfish Squid ! 204 2 1 month ago by Tabfish
jhr jhr Unknown fish 178 1 1 month ago by lucy
Jo Spicer Jo Spicer help identifying bone/tooth? 151 1 1 month ago by rhossilian
susan susan Identify bone please? 204 2 1 month ago by susan
Hazel Hazel ID of stranded fish 282 2 2 months ago by Hazel
jeannefrancisco323 jeannefrancisco323 low tide beach find - siesta key FL 188 2 2 months ago by lucy
Delyss Delyss Does anyone know what this is ? Scooped out of the sea a few days ago in Greece. Not alive! 270 2 2 months ago by rhossilian
Tikigirl Tikigirl Can you identify this beach find? 443 1 2 months ago by John
Saunter Saunter Could anyone identify this animal bone found on a beach? 348 1 2 months ago by John
jake jake strange jellyfish 367 1 2 months ago by rhossilian
daves daves beach find 222 1 2 months ago by John
camalota camalota What is this beach find? 390 4 2 months ago by camalota
John John Angolan echinoids 223 2 3 months ago by rhossilian
Yang Yang Suspected fossil? found an odd rock which looks unnatural 372 2 3 months ago by Yang
Abond68 Abond68 Ambergris help 284 1 3 months ago by Florin - Museum ID team
Frenchie Frenchie Ambergris 479 1 3 months ago by Florin - Museum ID team
Tidelinefinds Tidelinefinds Tide line find 440 1 3 months ago by Florin - Museum ID team
Donna B Donna B Strange fossils/patterns/natural occurence on driftwood? 260 1 3 months ago by John
DavidR DavidR Lights in the seaweed? 367 2 4 months ago by DavidR
Caro Caro MAN MADE OR NATURAL FLINT SPHERE? 1,139 4 4 months ago by Andrea