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Grow your knowledge about plants

Dandelion head gone to seed.

Found an interesting looking plant in your garden, local wood or allotment? Let our scientists and keen volunteers help you to identify it. Upload your photographs and ask questions about British plants, from seaweeds to sundews and bluebells to bracken.

Although botanists know more about plants in Britain than anywhere else in the world things are always changing. New invasive species escape from gardens and exciting discoveries are often made.

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Tree bark

The tree population in the UK is changing. Species that aren't native to the UK are being introduced. Climate change and our expanding towns and cities are affecting the types of trees that are growing and their locations.

Have a question about trees? Want some help identifying a particular tree? The experts and enthusiasts in our Tree forum could help.

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Our fossil, rock, plant and insect experts are dedicated to answering your natural history questions.

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