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Richard (MQ) Richard (MQ) Large group of unknown plants in the garden 107 5 21 hours ago by Richard (MQ)
sally sally Yellow flower 49 3 2 days ago by AmandaB
sally sally Trying to idenify yellow flower 45 2 2 days ago by sally
Marcus Marcus Can anyone identify the attached please? 33 2 2 days ago by Marcus
Hairstreak Hairstreak Autumn Viburnum? 61 2 3 days ago by Hairstreak
Hairstreak Hairstreak Teasel like plant 62 2 3 days ago by Hairstreak
AmandaB AmandaB Flower growing wild but possible garden escapee 59 2 3 days ago by AmandaB
Steve Jelf Steve Jelf Help with French Aude  Narcissus species 66 4 6 days ago by Steve Jelf
billnbrooks billnbrooks Plants on cliffs 49 2 6 days ago by billnbrooks
AmandaB AmandaB Small Wild Flower 97 4 1 week ago by AmandaB
Too Too Too Too ID Please 1,200 29 1 week ago by lucy
Steve Jelf Steve Jelf Is this an Early Spider Orchid 88 2 2 weeks ago by Steve Jelf
Nookbox Nookbox Funghi mushroom ID please 282 1 2 weeks ago by AmandaB
LittleBlue LittleBlue Plant identification, please 83 2 2 weeks ago by LittleBlue
katos katos Can anyone identify this garden plant? 92 2 2 weeks ago by katos
Squib Squib Bog trees 86 3 3 weeks ago by lucy
lauren lauren what is this flower called? I found it in leafmould near woodland 112 1 4 weeks ago by DrFred - Museum ID team
Cupoftrees Cupoftrees basic tree id 81 1 1 month ago by lucy
maureen maureen Fungus ? 80 1 1 month ago by AmandaB
John John What is this object? 273 7 1 month ago by canarius
Planthunter Planthunter Plant ID needed please. 98 1 1 month ago by DrFred - Museum ID team
T T beach plant id 294 13 1 month ago by lucy
Hawkeye Hawkeye Can you please identify this Fungi please 156 4 1 month ago by Hawkeye
Greg Tingey Greg Tingey Unknown Plant 338 3 1 month ago by Greg Tingey
isobel isobel Does anyone know what plant this is? 301 8 2 months ago by MikeHardman
Terry Terry Requesting ID of the attached picture 97 0 2 months ago by Terry
CircuitW1zard CircuitW1zard Can anybody help identify these plants? 185 2 2 months ago by CircuitW1zard
silver-girl silver-girl Dartmoor specimens 196 4 2 months ago by lucy
Wildviews Wildviews When is a rhododendron not a rhododendron? 217 3 2 months ago by lucy
Elle19 Elle19 Help with identification of these weeds please 591 6 2 months ago by lucy