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Vic Vic Bright yellow moss/fungus? 107 6 4 days ago by Vic
Dougmorgan Dougmorgan Plant identification needed 50 1 4 days ago by Dr T
Vic Vic What are the bees feeding on in the Laurel tree? 76 4 5 days ago by Vic
Elaine Elaine Pond Critters 154 6 2 weeks ago by Elaine
Hilary Hilary Is this a tick? 61 3 2 weeks ago by Hilary
mvdct mvdct flat worm or leech? 126 4 4 weeks ago by Dr T
Gonzoribbons Gonzoribbons Black caviar like substance on wet lawn, any clues? 5,938 3 1 month ago by richud
47990a140b67b319fa40b7774248332b919a0c9c 47990a140b67b319fa40b7774248332b919a0c9c What is this? 94 2 1 month ago by flecc
Joanne Joanne Teeth found in garden 98 1 2 months ago by John
mvdct mvdct What is this (is this a) larva in my pond? 123 2 2 months ago by mvdct
Amanda.pope Amanda.pope Newt Identification 140 2 3 months ago by Amanda.pope
Mary Mary What animal has made these footprints? 125 1 3 months ago by Florin - Museum ID team
Cez1 Cez1 Can anyone identify this spider 217 2 5 months ago by jaguarondi
Ben Ben Orange fungus growing on a tree in back garden ID. 354 3 6 months ago by flecc
rodpd rodpd Chrysalis identification 382 4 7 months ago by rodpd
Barrabeach Barrabeach Can anyone id this plant? 207 1 7 months ago by lucy
jamesw jamesw Help identify bug in Home! 283 1 8 months ago by jaguarondi
Emma B Emma B Pupa Identification 450 3 8 months ago by Emma B
cosmum cosmum What reptile is it? 586 6 8 months ago by cosmum
Lm1 Lm1 House beetle Identity??? 207 1 8 months ago by Florin - Museum ID team
Worried Worried Something in my house 256 1 8 months ago by Dr T
gco gco Thread-like worms in basin 371 2 9 months ago by gco
ipri ipri What poo is this? 337 2 9 months ago by flecc
BobMac BobMac Can anyone identify this caterpillar 222 1 10 months ago by triops
Ulsinius Ulsinius Plant identification request 544 7 10 months ago by Ulsinius
Theroamingfenlander Theroamingfenlander Unwelcome little beetles 449 4 10 months ago by Y Treehugger Cymru
Jane Jane What is this fruit? 224 1 10 months ago by Douglas
Jane Jane What is this fruit? 156 0 10 months ago by Jane
Bluemarf Bluemarf What butterfly is this? I believe it to be one of the Fritillarys but the underside markings are very washed out. 266 1 10 months ago by Mulberoo
mvdct mvdct egg or algae? 303 2 10 months ago by mvdct