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gilbert gilbert Fossil in Greater Oolitic Limestone (North Cotswolds) 80 4 8 hours ago by Paul K
gilbert gilbert Another fossil from Greater Oolite Limestone (North Cotswolds) 83 3 9 hours ago by Paul K
MaryG MaryG Found 20/5/16 at Reighton Gap.  Is it crinoid? 160 6 10 hours ago by MaryG
Kate Kate fossil? 140 5 11 hours ago by Kate
Lizzie Lizzie Fossil fish from Stonebarrow, Charmouth, Jurassic Coast 52 0 13 hours ago by Lizzie
Purikapil Purikapil identification of these meteorites 175 12 17 hours ago by Purikapil
Philip Philip Lucky Stone 50 0 21 hours ago by Philip
Ravenrose Ravenrose Fossil Shell? 93 3 1 day ago by Ravenrose
Dan Dan Pennine Middle Coal Measures formation Shark spine? 225 8 1 day ago by Dan
Lisa Lisa Can anyone identify whether this is a fossil & if so, what might it be 130 2 1 day ago by Lisa
JamesN JamesN Mysterious little bug fossil? 86 1 2 days ago by Dr T
Dollydebs Dollydebs Bracklesham, Sx - poss Sea Snake? 283 4 2 days ago by Dollydebs
Kate Kate Is this a fossil? 149 6 2 days ago by MikeHardman
BirdFromButser BirdFromButser ID please: Lower end of tibia (?) from Hamstead 85 2 2 days ago by BirdFromButser
Dollydebs Dollydebs Bracklesham Bay Vertabrae no2 ID help 274 5 2 days ago by Dollydebs
Rooky Rooky Fossil bone? 250 10 2 days ago by Rooky
JamesN JamesN Tooth or coral or stone? 371 12 3 days ago by JamesN
BirdFromButser BirdFromButser ID Please: Lower end of tibia (?) from Hamstead 27 0 3 days ago by BirdFromButser
Gill 73 Gill 73 Can anyone help me identify this large (90 mm) vertebra please? 117 3 3 days ago by Gill 73
Brus Brus pls help id 127 4 3 days ago by Brus
vaclavko2 vaclavko2 Confusing fossil 239 8 3 days ago by vaclavko2
JoshPickett JoshPickett Help identifying Leaf Print Fossil 135 7 3 days ago by JoshPickett
Tony Child Tony Child three fossild from Andalucia 35 0 3 days ago by Tony Child
Seaside15 Seaside15 Can someone help us identify if this is a fossil? 88 1 4 days ago by Dr T
Hawkeye Hawkeye Is this rock cluster natural or man-made. 56 1 4 days ago by Dr T
Bailey Bailey Any ideas what this is? 199 5 4 days ago by Bailey
Sue Sue What is this please? 86 1 4 days ago by Paul K
Rooky Rooky Fossil Bone? 45 0 5 days ago by Rooky
Brus Brus agate 138 5 5 days ago by Dr T
Brus Brus fossil 35 0 5 days ago by Brus