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DE&i DE&i synrhabdosomes ? from Abereiddy Bay , Wales. 177 4 9 hours ago by DE&i
LouiseF LouiseF Please help with ID. 21 0 10 hours ago by LouiseF
BJaminUK BJaminUK Can anyone ID this Fossil please? 80 0 4 days ago by BJaminUK
Pete Sadler Pete Sadler I Found this on a beach in the north east a few years ago 14 0 16 hours ago by Pete Sadler
Dolfe_Steele Dolfe_Steele Found at Clacton-on-sea 27 years ago - What type of fossil and age estimate? 86 4 22 hours ago by Dr T
TorontoFossil TorontoFossil Fossil ID please 75 1 22 hours ago by Dr T
Nicki Alvey Nicki Alvey Fossil identification needed plesae 69 1 22 hours ago by Dr T
Superjoff Superjoff Dinosaur Egg 57 1 23 hours ago by Dr T
expostie expostie Are these fossils? Strange, symmetrical pattern. 83 1 23 hours ago by Dr T
Doug Doug Stone Ball 1,098 25 23 hours ago by Dr T
BJaminUK BJaminUK Fossil Identification please 228 5 1 day ago by BJaminUK
pete pete What kind of fossil is this thay are all about 15cm across? 384 13 2 days ago by Colin
Adey Adey Fossil? 238 7 3 days ago by Dr T
Nath Nath Meteorite? 306 8 3 days ago by Nath
jenza88 jenza88 Fossil from Filey. Strange Belemnite? 86 2 3 days ago by TqB
Kilkmilk Kilkmilk Found on the river Orwell in split rock. 81 2 3 days ago by Colin
Pete Pete Can someone help me ID this plz 130 2 4 days ago by Dr T
Pete Pete Fossil ID plz 98 1 5 days ago by TqB
gilkcar314 gilkcar314 Found rock and pretty sure it is a fossil need ID 234 8 6 days ago by gilkcar314
K.Koziol K.Koziol Determining age and bone 77 1 6 days ago by Dr T
Adey Adey Rock formation 131 3 6 days ago by Dr T
JudeG JudeG Cocklawburn beach; what is this? 179 5 1 week ago by JudeG
Donna B Donna B Crinoid fossil? 469 11 1 week ago by dinogary
Hairy Walt Hairy Walt Fossil found by River Wharfe in Ilkley 182 4 1 week ago by Hairy Walt
mappman mappman Hi could you help me identify this ? found on Mappleton Beach today 138 1 1 week ago by Dr T
Rocktapper Rocktapper Stranger in the Gault 126 2 1 week ago by Dr T
Chris Hughes Chris Hughes Geological Formation 190 5 1 week ago by Dr T
amarsh amarsh Lower chalk ammonite ID please 89 1 1 week ago by Dr T
philhjobim philhjobim Rhaetian fossil Garden Cliff Westbury Gloucestershire ID? 121 1 1 week ago by Dr T
Jess l Jess l Is this a fossil? 360 15 1 week ago by Dr T