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akm akm result of volcanic activity? 94 1 20 hours ago by MikeHardman
Bee Bee Fossil? 167 5 1 day ago by AB
Bee Bee Pyritised bird fossil? 92 2 1 day ago by Steve Jelf
Hugh Loney Hugh Loney Fossils in stone? 327 4 1 day ago by Fiona - Museum ID team
Julian_Korat Julian_Korat I'm wish to connect with large mammal fossil specialists 73 2 1 day ago by Julian_Korat
akm akm is this a creature? 100 2 1 day ago by akm
Bee Bee Coral or sponge? 92 3 2 days ago by Bee
Summer22 Summer22 Any ideas? 103 1 2 days ago by MikeHardman
Neil pinnock Neil pinnock Any Ideas 172 4 2 days ago by Neil pinnock
brettarcher brettarcher septarian clay nodule with wood ? Thamesbank nr  Richmond tw10 45 0 3 days ago by brettarcher
Ben.madeley Ben.madeley Hidden Fossil?? 160 3 3 days ago by Steve Jelf
Suz_ni Suz_ni Fermanagh fossil ID needed 37 0 3 days ago by Suz_ni
Bee Bee Small metallic piece? 31 0 3 days ago by Bee
Bee Bee Leaf or fish? 28 0 3 days ago by Bee
BeachFinder BeachFinder Odd Blackened metallic rock on Sheerness Beach 938 8 4 days ago by bernard
Danny C-W Danny C-W Could somebody please help identify this. 135 2 4 days ago by Danny C-W
rhass rhass can anyone tell me what stones these are 98 1 5 days ago by rhass
Marya Marya Can you identify this? 293 5 6 days ago by rhass
Si42 Si42 Is this a fossil of a footprint? 63 0 6 days ago by Si42
Watchguy Watchguy Possible big teeth and fish imprint? 57 0 6 days ago by Watchguy
Polacanthus Polacanthus Bitemarks? 168 2 6 days ago by Polacanthus
Orangepeel Orangepeel Found in Cornwall can anyone identify?? 139 2 6 days ago by John
Sumeet Sumeet Kindly help in identifying these footprints 48 0 1 week ago by Sumeet
Marie Marie please help identify..... 177 6 1 week ago by Marie
Neil pinnock Neil pinnock Could anyone please  identify this for me? 42 0 1 week ago by Neil pinnock
af0704 af0704 Charmouth fossil identification needed 107 0 1 week ago by af0704
thelib thelib Baby Jaws ID Please 214 4 1 week ago by Fiona - Museum ID team
RichardGriff RichardGriff Is this a fossil? 25 0 1 week ago by RichardGriff
Sharon Sharon What is this strange egg shaped fossil? 17 0 1 week ago by Sharon
Milo Milo Can you help me identify this please? 10 0 1 week ago by Milo