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Mehdi Mehdi Possible quartz petrified wood in Iran 145 2 5 hours ago by Dr T
Fletch Fletch Is this a fossil? 59 1 5 hours ago by Colin Eggs in sandstone cobble? 83 1 1 day ago by keith little
Cliffhanger Cliffhanger ID help for Pleistocene (?) bone 26 0 1 day ago by Cliffhanger
Elliot Elliot Please help to identify these 178 7 1 day ago by Dr T
Max Max Can you help my son ID this fossil? 147 4 1 day ago by Max
clarejax clarejax Is this a lycopod cone from a clubmoss tree? 92 1 2 days ago by Dr T
allan horton allan horton found at Southerdown, South Wales 114 3 2 days ago by Dr T
historykid historykid Hi, Please can you help my son and I identify if the following are fossils? Found on the beach in Worthing. Thank you! 118 4 2 days ago by Dr T
michelle michelle Meteor rock 74 1 2 days ago by Dr T
Marianne Marianne Are these rocks or fossils or what? Seen at the Sand dunes of Corallejo in Fuerteventura 159 2 3 days ago by rhossilian
Oldfossil Oldfossil Possible Dinosaur Footprint 293 8 3 days ago by Oldfossil
AndrewC AndrewC Fossil plant material found in Herault region of southern France? Any suggestions? 497 24 3 days ago by Dr T
Fossil Beginner Fossil Beginner Please can you help me identify this rock? 46 0 3 days ago by Fossil Beginner
clarejax clarejax 3 dimensional plant fossil. Is this a lycopod cone from clubmoss (lepidostrobus variabilis)??? 27 0 3 days ago by clarejax
iantcd iantcd found on Isle of Wight 249 8 4 days ago by Dr T
Edgell Edgell can you id this please 103 1 4 days ago by Dr T
Ingo Ingo Hello, I am new to the forum. Can anybody please tell me what I might be seeing on the bottom left of this picture and in the middle - above the ruler which looks like an arrow head in a shell? 317 9 5 days ago by Dr T
traceym traceym Fossil ID - shell or creature ? 190 6 6 days ago by Dr T
alisdair12 alisdair12 RE: Please help me identify if this is a fossil or not! 187 5 6 days ago by Colin
Neecy2017 Neecy2017 Oval shaped 'rock' found near Staffin, Isle of Skye 244 3 1 week ago by Dr T
Peter Peter Can you help me identify this? 131 3 6 days ago by Peter
Fossi Fossi Flint stone fossil? 163 4 1 week ago by Fossi
EYE1DER EYE1DER Identification of this possible fossil 202 5 1 week ago by EYE1DER
iantcd iantcd Is it amber? are those teeth marks? 165 6 1 week ago by iantcd
Olivia Graeme Olivia Graeme Is this a fossil of a horse? 116 4 1 week ago by Colin
MrsP MrsP Can anyone identify this fossil? 126 2 1 week ago by keith little
AceRockMan AceRockMan Anyone ever seen anything like this? (Small Humanoid On the Back Of Fossil?) 721 11 2 weeks ago by Mulberoo
Stephanie Stephanie Fossil Identification 230 5 2 weeks ago by Dr T
Bazandmaz Bazandmaz Can you identify the footprint? 258 4 2 weeks ago by Dr T