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Dikran Marsupial Dikran Marsupial What is this? 59 3 1 hour ago by Dikran Marsupial
Dikran Marsupial Dikran Marsupial Striped pebble - how was it formed 63 4 1 hour ago by Dikran Marsupial
alexdoughty alexdoughty Is this a fossil? 167 8 1 hour ago by Colin
Big Bear Big Bear Fossil from Happisburgh Beach - Bird Skull? 46 1 2 hours ago by Colin
Benevans34 Benevans34 Are these ores? 46 1 2 hours ago by Colin
HeidiB HeidiB Fossil? 48 1 3 hours ago by Colin
SuziQ SuziQ Rock with dark cylinder, fossil or rock formation? 222 6 3 hours ago by SuziQ
Yeshallseek Yeshallseek Can sulphur dioxide gasses cause honeycomb chemical weathering? 227 10 18 hours ago by MikeHardman
Jon Jon Belemnites from Ardnamurchan 94 2 19 hours ago by Jon
dannhtr dannhtr Fossil identification from the Isle Of Wight 79 1 1 day ago by Dr T
Betty Boop Betty Boop Iron nodule on Jurassic Coast? 190 8 1 day ago by Betty Boop
GillyB GillyB Fossil ID please. 99 4 1 day ago by GillyB
Debs Debs Fossil ? Rock ? 162 8 2 days ago by Debs
tollkirk tollkirk Unidentified Spherical Rock 63 1 2 days ago by Dr T
Alexander Amin` Alexander Amin` Pett-level fossils. 371 14 4 days ago by Alexander Amin`
roobyna roobyna Fossil sponges? 108 2 4 days ago by Colin
DrLong DrLong Mineral/rough gemstone identification 187 6 4 days ago by Dr T
Beached Beached Found on beach at Arbroath Scotland 122 2 4 days ago by Beached
HM Murdoch HM Murdoch Is this a stigmaria? 147 4 4 days ago by Dr T
Rexhigh Rexhigh Help identifying fish fossil 356 6 5 days ago by
rhossilian rhossilian There's Been No Climate Change for Millions of Years, OK? 443 18 5 days ago by Florin - Museum ID team
KaZz KaZz I found this weird shaped 'stone', could it be a fossil? 214 5 5 days ago by KaZz
Maria Maria What is this Fossil? 109 3 6 days ago by Dr T
Mike O Mike O More from Harmondsworth - small bivalve ? 283 6 6 days ago by Dr T
Garret Garret Can someone please explain the notable characteristics of this rock? 82 2 6 days ago by Garret
CMP CMP Bell shaped flint stone 62 3 6 days ago by Dr T
ESF2 ESF2 Are these fossils? 69 3 6 days ago by Dr T
Donna B Donna B More ID help needed please 84 1 6 days ago by Dr T
SophieMills SophieMills Stone Age tool? 68 1 6 days ago by Dr T
Nrourke Nrourke is this a meteorite? 111 3 5 days ago by Nrourke