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MG MG Fossils in decorative stone 55 1 11 hours ago by Dr T
Anna Anna A tooth? 130 4 22 hours ago by Anna
Nic Nic What caused pattern in stone found on beach 109 2 2 days ago by Nic
Cheesemouse Cheesemouse Is this a fossil or just mineral layer? 245 8 3 days ago by Cheesemouse
SteveM SteveM Can anyone help identitfy chalk fossil 271 6 5 days ago by SteveM
Asimv Asimv Finding flint 93 1 6 days ago by Dr T
Meso Meso Help Identifying Ammonite 332 6 6 days ago by Meso
Sturge Sturge Fossil or rock? 147 2 6 days ago by Colin
Mike O Mike O Question re: gastropods found at Barton on Sea 191 9 1 week ago by Colin
David McCreadie David McCreadie Kinghorn finds. 174 3 1 week ago by Dr T
Tom Tom Not sure what this fossil is?? ANSWERED 105 3 1 week ago by Tom
BeccyandOliver BeccyandOliver Mystery copralite or egg fossil? 152 3 1 week ago by Dr T
BeccyandOliver BeccyandOliver More finds from Walton on the naze beach 111 2 1 week ago by BeccyandOliver
BeccyandOliver BeccyandOliver Please identify what I believe to be fossilised teeth? 153 5 1 week ago by Dr T
Rick Rick Fossil, Great Gable Lake District 109 2 1 week ago by Dr T
61b02b50f4a85ae9771076eaa9f7c3cee1b98bee 61b02b50f4a85ae9771076eaa9f7c3cee1b98bee Could you please help to identify this find? 87 1 1 week ago by Colin
61b02b50f4a85ae9771076eaa9f7c3cee1b98bee 61b02b50f4a85ae9771076eaa9f7c3cee1b98bee Tooth identification?? 55 1 1 week ago by Colin
David McCreadie David McCreadie Devonian fossil? Found in Caithness 182 7 1 week ago by Dr T
lw lw Please can anyone identify this? 75 2 1 week ago by lw
ruey ruey Thoughts please :? is this a shell over a sort of ammonite :?  Humber estuary find deep clays fresh exposed and recently covered . 153 4 1 week ago by ruey
T.Redman T.Redman Please can anyone identify this millipede like fossil? 241 4 2 weeks ago by Colin
Ben E Ben E Ventnor Isle Of Wight fossils 194 4 2 weeks ago by Ben E
ruey ruey I can see bone on top of what looks to be a stone toooth its petrified Bone estuary find deep clay deposit .. 113 3 2 weeks ago by Dr T
Garret Garret Unusual piece of flint? 112 2 2 weeks ago by Garret
Denis Denis Theropod footprint 332 6 2 weeks ago by
MG MG Fossil ID 527 14 2 weeks ago by MG
Daniel Daniel Can anyone help with this rock I found in Charmouth, I was wondering if it was a fossil?? 118 4 2 weeks ago by Colin
Johnzz9 Johnzz9 Large Dinosaur Bone Identification Help 125 1 2 weeks ago by Dr T
4aa8f65cecf4459ad121638cf6c31598fd5557c4 4aa8f65cecf4459ad121638cf6c31598fd5557c4 Fossil Rock found in Ocean 68 1 2 weeks ago by Colin
Sjames Sjames Can someone help to identify 162 5 2 weeks ago by Sjames