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vaclavko2 vaclavko2 Seashell or something else? 153 8 15 hours ago by Dr T
Phil Phil Unusual symmetrical rock / fossil - ID please 309 20 17 hours ago by Hullman
Phil Phil Are these fossilised worm trails? 195 8 20 hours ago by Phil
Phil Phil Ammonite imprint? 183 9 20 hours ago by Phil
Rich Sinclair Rich Sinclair Help identifying potential fossil from Fife 102 4 1 day ago by Dr T
Mapleton2 Mapleton2 Could you identify these please? 191 3 1 day ago by Dr T
blinejack blinejack I found this in a park, can you tell me what it is? 108 5 1 day ago by Dr T
Phyl Phyl Help identify my rock 336 10 1 day ago by Dr T
vaclavko2 vaclavko2 Possible parasite on shell? 87 3 1 day ago by vaclavko2
amarsh amarsh London Clay bone nodule - what is it? 67 1 2 days ago by Dr T
bioscans bioscans Possible lunar and martian meteorites. 186 4 2 days ago by bioscans
Gaz Gaz Please help identify 263 3 3 days ago by Gaz
GrahamB GrahamB The Black Isle 257 9 4 days ago by Dr T
BognorBeachcomber BognorBeachcomber Can anyone identify this spectacular rock for me? 255 10 4 days ago by Dr T
brad brad can any one help me find out what type of rock ths is please ? 148 3 4 days ago by Dr T
cservonyec cservonyec I have collected a few fossils but I am not sure what they are... 195 5 4 days ago by Dr T
Mike O Mike O Shark tooth (?) from Bracklesham Bay? 100 2 5 days ago by Mike O
jr157 jr157 Is this a fossil or mineral infill? 163 6 5 days ago by Dr T
LondonMudlark LondonMudlark Fossilized Shark Tooth 90 1 6 days ago by Colin
Sheck Sheck muddy wedge shape in rock 382 22 6 days ago by Dr T
Brendan Brendan Please can you help identify this fossil 98 2 6 days ago by Brendan
Dan_Brown27 Dan_Brown27 Help needed to identify what I think is a fossil 225 6 1 week ago by Dr T
JJ JJ Please help identify  ANSWERED 258 4 1 week ago by Colin
StanFred StanFred Is this a fossil footprint? 183 3 1 week ago by Colin
adamlevine adamlevine What is it? Opal? 136 1 1 week ago by MikeHardman
Bumblebee3788 Bumblebee3788 Could anyone tell me what dinosaur this belongs to? 211 5 1 week ago by Bumblebee3788
Kpow Kpow Strange fossil!! 120 1 1 week ago by Colin
stephanie.r stephanie.r Please can you tell me what rock this is ? 105 1 1 week ago by Dr T
Lucympn Lucympn Fossils or stones? 223 6 1 week ago by Dr T
GrahamB GrahamB No Fixed Abode 236 7 1 week ago by GrahamB