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taylor taylor Unidentified fossils 3L and 3R 69 3 9 hours ago by taylor
taylor taylor Partly identified fossil 2 97 3 9 hours ago by taylor
vaclavko2 vaclavko2 Two teeth perhaps from upper pleistocene 70 2 14 hours ago by vaclavko2
Paul Paul Possible Fossil found near Much Hadham 157 8 17 hours ago by Paul
AliT AliT What are these fossil footprints from? 177 10 1 day ago by Dr T
Marts Marts Fossil help please! 119 6 2 days ago by Dan
Caroline Caroline Lyme Regis rocks 86 3 2 days ago by Dr T
mac57 mac57 Grateful please for identification - 60mm long and 8mm dia. Mid Wales mudstone. 499 22 2 days ago by Fiona - Museum ID team
taylor taylor Unidentified fossils 1L and 1R 115 5 2 days ago by taylor
Dan Dan Lyme Regis finds 542 9 3 days ago by Dan
Paul Willis Paul Willis Fossil found on farmland in South Devon 244 12 3 days ago by MikeHardman
Freddie Freddie Help identifying possible fossil 92 3 3 days ago by Dr T
Guybrush Guybrush Fossil Shell? 123 6 3 days ago by Dr T
Colin Colin Help with identifying please. 480 23 4 days ago by Colin
Rachel Rachel Please help identify this fossil 274 11 5 days ago by MikeHardman
Richard Richard Fossilised nuts? 121 3 5 days ago by Tabfish
SarahC SarahC Identification and information please 149 5 5 days ago by Tabfish
W.W W.W Filey Fossil Identification 139 6 5 days ago by W.W
Gregnewton87 Gregnewton87 Dinosaur egg 199 5 6 days ago by Tabfish
Dairymaid Dairymaid Fossil in slate 301 18 6 days ago by Dr T
Kcoupe Kcoupe Help with florenscent minerals. 258 10 1 week ago by MikeHardman
Dan Dan Fossil burrow? 273 15 1 week ago by Tabfish
Richard W Richard W Is this a large fossilised coral specimen? 311 11 1 week ago by Tabfish
Ifindstuff Ifindstuff Help identifying my latest rock find. 177 7 1 week ago by Tabfish
Hutch Hutch ID Please 117 7 1 week ago by Tabfish
Welshindiana Welshindiana Any ideas what this material is? 169 7 1 week ago by Dr T
Richard Insall Richard Insall Another fossil for ID please. 132 6 1 week ago by Richard Insall
stoodley stoodley Mammoth Teeth: Position and Age 273 9 1 week ago by stoodley
Dan Dan coal measures plants for ID 170 8 1 week ago by Dan
SmallMum SmallMum Is this a meteorite 175 7 1 week ago by MikeHardman