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David31337 David31337 Rock identification - Aberdeenshire Scotland 2 0 52 minutes ago by David31337
Michael Michael Sussex ~ Cretaceous beach Jaw bone ? 117 4 3 hours ago by Michael
Pmcdeee Pmcdeee Fossil found in river 79 2 4 hours ago by Colin
Flowerlady2009 Flowerlady2009 Cretaceous Rock with skin fossil ?. 50 0 4 hours ago by Flowerlady2009
Emma020884 Emma020884 Fossil identification 113 5 4 hours ago by Colin
Michael Michael Cretaceous scute ? 111 1 1 day ago by Dr T
Martin Martin Could this be coprolite? 67 1 1 day ago by Dr T
Pat Pat Pebble identification 185 6 1 day ago by Pat
Stephanie Stephanie Garden fossil find 78 2 1 day ago by Colin
Goldland Goldland can anyone tell  me what this is? 161 3 2 days ago by Dr T
Macusi Macusi Found in the Dordogne. Rather like a crinoid what could it be? 91 1 3 days ago by Dr T
Edgell Edgell fossil id please 99 1 4 days ago by Dr T
cosmum cosmum Can you ID these marine fossils please? 180 5 4 days ago by Dr T
SuziQ SuziQ Rock with dark cylinder, fossil or rock formation? 355 8 5 days ago by Dr T
tonyc tonyc Bouldnor Cliff, Isle of Wight 'fossil' ID? 126 2 5 days ago by tonyc
HM Murdoch HM Murdoch Could anybody explain the pattern in this rock please? 138 2 5 days ago by HM Murdoch
Jacqui Jacqui Please can someone help Id this fossil? 114 1 6 days ago by Dr T
Katie Katie Can you give possible information on this Ammonite? 153 4 1 week ago by Katie
fergie148 fergie148 Meteorite? 277 9 1 week ago by Florin - Museum ID team
EmselBug EmselBug Can anyone help with identifying these rocks please 164 4 1 week ago by Dr T
AceRockMan AceRockMan Anyone ever seen anything like this? (Small Humanoid On the Back Of Fossil?) 464 6 1 week ago by MikeHardman
SChant SChant Can anyone identify this rock? 222 5 1 week ago by SChant
lizzie lizzie help please! strange stone from Isle of wight 145 5 1 week ago by Dr T
Garret Garret Very Small Ammonite? 88 2 1 week ago by Garret
EmselBug EmselBug Can anyone identify these rocks please 169 5 1 week ago by Dr T
Garret Garret Rock and Fossil id help please 188 7 1 week ago by Dr T Pls help 140 6 1 week ago by
Garret Garret Possible Fossil/Geology help please 104 2 1 week ago by Garret
Lewis Grimes Lewis Grimes Fossils I think. 162 7 1 week ago by TqB
Judy P Judy P Can anyone tell me what this fossil is. It was found near Whitby in slate and is 1 cm across 73 1 1 week ago by Dr T