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jdmeissner jdmeissner Petrified wood - piece has 2 ring patterns - please help identify 213 8 13 hours ago by Paul K
Micro Micro Samphire Hoe chalk, what on earth is it 37 0 17 hours ago by Micro
mac57 mac57 Help please to identify this fossil. About 30mm long 148 5 1 day ago by mac57
Willberms Willberms ?Branching coral - Samphire Hoe, Kent 146 7 1 day ago by Colin
Dollydebs Dollydebs Bracklesham, Sussex - Vertabrae help 81 4 1 day ago by Dollydebs
Dollydebs Dollydebs Bracklesham Bay Vertabrae no2 ID help 50 0 1 day ago by Dollydebs
Willberms Willberms A patterned shell - Samphire Hoe 92 2 2 days ago by Colin
Jameswyatt Jameswyatt Unknown rock 70 1 2 days ago by Dr T
jdmeissner jdmeissner help identify/verify possible petrified palm leaf stem 150 3 2 days ago by jdmeissner
MIKET2016 MIKET2016 Fossil identification 85 2 2 days ago by Dr T
PhilDouetil PhilDouetil Is this a fossil skull, and if so, what? 80 1 2 days ago by Richard
Topley79 Topley79 Fossil, possibly bone?? 284 7 2 days ago by Topley79
fcb0c0c451c425d43c79c671b43441c274ba5510 fcb0c0c451c425d43c79c671b43441c274ba5510 Tooth identification 63 1 2 days ago by John
frogs frogs North Devon fossil - please identify 438 14 3 days ago by Fiona - Museum ID team
Dan Dan Carboniferous marine fossils 76 1 3 days ago by Dan
Ian Ian Is this a fossilised egg? 142 3 3 days ago by Dr T
Debs Debs Liquid coming from ammonite ? 433 15 3 days ago by TqB
Yanosaurus Yanosaurus Sharks tooth 154 3 4 days ago by Yanosaurus
Dollydebs Dollydebs Charmouth, Dorset foreshore. Is this bone? 181 5 4 days ago by Dr T
Dollydebs Dollydebs Charmouth Dorset, possible Belemnite? 80 3 5 days ago by Dollydebs
pendlebury pendlebury Lower Oxford Clay micro fossils 923 5 5 days ago by abyssunder
jdmeissner jdmeissner identify rock - possible petrified fruit? citrus fruit? concretion? 126 4 5 days ago by Dr T
Ka Ka Rock found on beach at the bottom of cliffs at The Naze, Essex 129 3 5 days ago by Dr T
Mitsui Mitsui Please enlighten me 98 2 5 days ago by Mitsui
Sharpfang Sharpfang Glittery rock! 98 1 6 days ago by Dr T
Dollydebs Dollydebs Charmouth, Dorset foreshore find. What sort of rock? 131 5 6 days ago by Dr T
Dr George Chan Dr George Chan Can anyone ID this fossil vertebrae? 164 3 6 days ago by Dr George Chan
Andree Andree Indonesia Liang bua caves Artifact - Feb 2016 98 1 1 week ago by Dr T
jdmeissner jdmeissner help identify petrified vegetative plant/seed/root 126 4 1 week ago by jdmeissner
Paul Paul Please help identify this tooth Eocene, Maylandsea 350 6 1 week ago by Paul