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roobyna roobyna Fossil sponges? 35 1 4 hours ago by Dr T
Beached Beached Found on beach at Arbroath Scotland 56 2 5 hours ago by Beached
HM Murdoch HM Murdoch Is this a stigmaria? 99 4 6 hours ago by Dr T
Alexander Amin` Alexander Amin` Pett-level fossils. 246 11 9 hours ago by Colin
Rexhigh Rexhigh Help identifying fish fossil 314 6 14 hours ago by
rhossilian rhossilian There's Been No Climate Change for Millions of Years, OK? 395 18 16 hours ago by Florin - Museum ID team
DrLong DrLong Mineral/rough gemstone identification 116 5 17 hours ago by DrLong
KaZz KaZz I found this weird shaped 'stone', could it be a fossil? 176 5 1 day ago by KaZz
Maria Maria What is this Fossil? 78 3 1 day ago by Dr T
Mike O Mike O More from Harmondsworth - small bivalve ? 251 6 1 day ago by Dr T
Garret Garret Can someone please explain the notable characteristics of this rock? 65 2 1 day ago by Garret
CMP CMP Bell shaped flint stone 57 3 1 day ago by Dr T
ESF2 ESF2 Are these fossils? 61 3 1 day ago by Dr T
Donna B Donna B More ID help needed please 67 1 1 day ago by Dr T
SophieMills SophieMills Stone Age tool? 59 1 1 day ago by Dr T
Magga Magga Re: identify possible meteorite! 166 6 2 days ago by Florin - Museum ID team
Georgia Georgia Are these fossils 111 4 2 days ago by Colin
Mike O Mike O Find from Ealing in West London 82 3 3 days ago by Mike O
cc0850c25324ae0ddb61e976276371145b9f108d cc0850c25324ae0ddb61e976276371145b9f108d Found in Wicklow Mountains 126 5 3 days ago by TqB
Eleanor Harrison Eleanor Harrison Meteorite 46 1 3 days ago by Dr T
KaZz KaZz My question for an identification has disappeared??? 41 1 3 days ago by Florin - Museum ID team
Simon Simon Fossil found at Kettleness - any ideas? 249 5 6 days ago by Colin
mick mick Could this be a small mammel foot print? 190 6 6 days ago by mick
Saz Saz Help identifying if this is a fossil 123 1 6 days ago by Dr T
Angus Clark Angus Clark Help with fish fossil identification 113 1 6 days ago by Dr T
Sarah Sarah Please help identify this 138 4 6 days ago by Dr T
Sarah Sarah Help to identify this object 178 8 6 days ago by Sarah
Donna B Donna B Fossil identification needed for Son 151 3 6 days ago by Dr T
Janine Janine Help needed to identify possible Dino foot cast in Lyme regis 140 2 6 days ago by Dr T
jammy jammy Is it a fossil egg? 176 6 1 week ago by Colin