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Curious Annie Curious Annie Rosebud eating bug in Crete 152 9 7 hours ago by lucy
JohnC JohnC Possible Eusarca moth from Costa Rica - can anyone confirm this? 94 4 2 days ago by JohnC
MO60 MO60 What is this beetle from Botswana? 54 1 3 days ago by flecc
francis francis hawkmoth from Saudi Arabia 175 6 1 week ago by lucy
JohnT JohnT Furry insect 439 4 1 month ago by JohnT
anniepaul anniepaul Strange object. Any idea? 473 4 2 months ago by lucy
Berniebear Berniebear Plastic or something else ? 245 1 2 months ago by MikeHardman
calculus calculus Mating Grasshoppers, please identify? 246 0 2 months ago by calculus
c174b9b26f3534591e773a77030de673f6d84c2c c174b9b26f3534591e773a77030de673f6d84c2c Cnidaria off Gran Canaria 221 0 3 months ago by c174b9b26f3534591e773a77030de673f6d84c2c
c174b9b26f3534591e773a77030de673f6d84c2c c174b9b26f3534591e773a77030de673f6d84c2c Hi I have attached 2 photos of grasshoppers taken in Gran Canaria in September! Any suggestions as to the species? 243 0 3 months ago by c174b9b26f3534591e773a77030de673f6d84c2c
Chris Chris Kenyan Butterfly 541 3 3 months ago by MikeHardman
Michael Barker Michael Barker Australian Mini Octopus - 'Octopus Sofiaris'? 338 0 3 months ago by Michael Barker
Barrybloke Barrybloke Australian moth. 704 6 3 months ago by lucy
Phil Batty Phil Batty Caterpillars Muscat Oman 282 0 3 months ago by Phil Batty
Tripod Dundee Tripod Dundee A Bee Hummingbird where a Beehummingbird shouldn't Be (Antigua) 407 2 3 months ago by Tripod Dundee
tom tom Amazing Bornean seed pod 367 0 4 months ago by tom
SteveD SteveD Crete, Greece: Mesobuthus gibbosus? 321 0 4 months ago by SteveD
Kojle Kojle Little white things 392 1 5 months ago by lucy
JohnC JohnC Fwers in the Andes - can anyone help with identifications 484 2 5 months ago by lucy
Runard Runard Italian Wolf/Fox 350 1 5 months ago by Florin - Museum ID team
Kojle Kojle Wasp 393 1 5 months ago by Prostomis
FJG60 FJG60 More black & white birds - Nigeria 1,783 5 5 months ago by 391589cd7f538926e7becd4ad44ba4ebaf5d0aab
JohnC JohnC Ecuador flower identification help 329 0 5 months ago by JohnC
Laurel Laurel Unusual larvae - moth ? 526 3 5 months ago by Laurel
Saltrams Saltrams Are These Berries (in Italy) Poisonous? 503 3 5 months ago by Tony Child
Eliya Eliya Can you help identify this Spanish grasshopper / bug please 764 3 5 months ago by Tony Child
godfather99 godfather99 What species is this large green leaf from Cyprus? 485 3 6 months ago by lucy
kittski kittski Help with this lovely vertebrae 373 1 6 months ago by Tabfish
Nelson9 Nelson9 Seed bracelet from Cuba 594 1 6 months ago by rhossilian
CarolineJp CarolineJp Can anyone identify these strange fruits/seedcases? 493 1 6 months ago by rhossilian