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porubcan porubcan Oak gall ID 193 3 2 weeks ago by lucy
Dai Dai Borneo (Kuching) reptile - what is it? 208 5 1 month ago by Dai
Jane Jane Is this a type of fungus or eggs? Found on grass in France 188 2 1 month ago by Jane
Tony Child Tony Child spain fossils 404 4 1 month ago by Tony Child
Ann Ann Crickets in Sardinia 298 1 2 months ago by John
maundy maundy Identifying Indonesian Insects 442 4 2 months ago by maundy
kidja kidja Insect found in Basel Switzerland 409 3 3 months ago by Prostomis
TSven TSven Need help identifying a Mexican succulent 232 2 3 months ago by MikeHardman
Duke Duke Can anyone identify this shrub or herb from Spain 393 5 3 months ago by lucy
reg vernon reg vernon What is this caterpillar 195 1 3 months ago by reg vernon
godfather99 godfather99 What species is this moth with delicate colours from France? 223 1 3 months ago by MikeHardman
godfather99 godfather99 What species is this moth from France? 783 9 3 months ago by MikeHardman
JohnC JohnC Flower in the Grand Luberon, Provence, France 258 2 3 months ago by JohnC
JohnC JohnC Fwers in the Andes - can anyone help with identifications 898 4 3 months ago by lucy
econrat econrat Hi, dear friends... 343 2 4 months ago by MikeHardman
Apprehend Apprehend I'm worried for my bed and body... Help me identify this bug if you can. 378 2 4 months ago by Apprehend
wills wills Huge caterpillar 307 1 4 months ago by MikeHardman
Neil Fielding Neil Fielding Malaysian Caterpillar 249 0 5 months ago by Neil Fielding
Tony Child Tony Child spider indoors Andalucia Spain 432 2 5 months ago by Tony Child
disruptive disruptive stuffed mammal 50cm long ... rodent? 511 2 6 months ago by disruptive
1a33f008f7c4f811a02ee18e2fd59ac973d658d9 1a33f008f7c4f811a02ee18e2fd59ac973d658d9 Strange tooth in Northern B.C. Canada? 340 1 6 months ago by John
ObsidianMist ObsidianMist strange little growth in BC, Canada 549 5 7 months ago by lucy
Liz Liz Iberian Snake 457 2 7 months ago by Liz
Curious Annie Curious Annie Rosebud eating bug in Crete 933 9 7 months ago by lucy
JohnC JohnC Possible Eusarca moth from Costa Rica - can anyone confirm this? 551 4 7 months ago by JohnC
MO60 MO60 What is this beetle from Botswana? 352 1 7 months ago by flecc
francis francis hawkmoth from Saudi Arabia 674 6 7 months ago by lucy
JohnT JohnT Furry insect 900 4 9 months ago by JohnT
anniepaul anniepaul Strange object. Any idea? 945 4 9 months ago by lucy
Berniebear Berniebear Plastic or something else ? 559 1 9 months ago by MikeHardman