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CScullion CScullion ID request on bugs found in kitchen 65 4 6 hours ago by CScullion
Gr33nGecko Gr33nGecko Need help with Beetle Nymph / Larva Identification. 25 1 12 hours ago by AlteredEgo
moofies moofies Blue-horn slug identification! 509 3 3 days ago by rhossilian
chriffer chriffer Further to recent post. 61 1 5 days ago by jaguarondi
chriffer chriffer Id help please. 41 0 1 week ago by chriffer
LeanneB LeanneB Spider identification.. 168 2 1 week ago by LeanneB
mrcardigan mrcardigan Hi. can anyone help us identify this little critter please. 92 1 2 weeks ago by Florin - Museum ID team
moey2k2001 moey2k2001 what is this creature? and how to get rid of them please? 258 3 2 weeks ago by flecc
PAN PAN Tiny Window Sill Bug ! 329 3 2 weeks ago by corfie
47Boza47 47Boza47 Rhigognostis senilella ? 501 16 3 weeks ago by 47Boza47
Copticbugs Copticbugs Is this a Cockroach?! -PLEASE say no. 2,544 7 3 weeks ago by jamesnorton
BecL BecL False widow spiders? North wales 220 5 3 weeks ago by AlteredEgo
debclements59 debclements59 What is this caterpillar? 132 1 3 weeks ago by AlteredEgo
Ian Ian For the sake of a quiet life from the other half! 223 3 3 weeks ago by AlteredEgo
Bristol Biospace Bristol Biospace Help ID strange larvae? 231 2 1 month ago by Bristol Biospace
crisp crisp help with identification 117 1 1 month ago by AmandaB
hk hk Please help ID this bug 106 0 1 month ago by hk
nomad nomad ID Dutch Dragonfly two please. 313 5 1 month ago by Steve Jelf
Trentrobert Trentrobert Bug ID please 177 1 1 month ago by AlteredEgo
bolection bolection insect identification - help please 283 1 2 months ago by AlteredEgo
Kman86 Kman86 Household bug identity?? 153 1 2 months ago by AlteredEgo
Rich Rich Help identifying a bug 187 2 2 months ago by Rich
Shekkendo Shekkendo Help identify this bug 176 2 2 months ago by AlteredEgo
mellojo mellojo Ichneumon wasp ID please?! 2,092 6 2 months ago by Peter
LucyC LucyC Can you identify this small black insect? 295 2 2 months ago by LucyC
blacklight124 blacklight124 Long tailed bug found in home 18,472 8 2 months ago by flecc
Bugphobic Bugphobic Id insect in bathroom please 243 3 2 months ago by Bugphobic
dingdong dingdong Yuck!  Found this in my supermarket salad.  What is it? 194 1 2 months ago by AlteredEgo
John John Fly id 245 4 2 months ago by John
John John Bee id 272 6 2 months ago by John