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Something bugging you?

Syrphida (family), hoverfly.

Found a bug in your back garden, ants at the allotment or a spider on the stairs? Upload photographs of your find, tell us where you found it, the time of year and any notable behaviour, and our scientists and helpful volunteers will try and identify it for you.

Put a name to bugs that are commonly found in the UK. The term 'bug' is used widely for insects but our experts can also identify non-insect arthropods, such as spiders, centipedes, millipedes and woodlice.

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Re: ID request on bugs found in kitchen 9 hours ago in Bug forum by CScullion CScullion
Re: Possible False Widow - but what species? 5 hours ago in Spiders by Gargoyle Gargoyle
Re: Spider keeps returning , id help please! 14 hours ago in Spiders by jaguarondi jaguarondi
Re: What kind of beetle is this please? 15 hours ago in Beetles by Clive Washington Clive Washington
Re: Need help with Beetle Nymph / Larva Identification. 15 hours ago in Bug forum by AlteredEgo AlteredEgo
Black and red spider id help please 2 days ago in Spiders by Nicolas Nicolas
Re: Blue-horn slug identification! 3 days ago in Bug forum by rhossilian rhossilian
Re: Blue-tailed Damselfy  Ischnura elegans f infuscans-obsoleta? 3 days ago in Dragonflies and damselflies by DerekP DerekP
Re: Calosoma inquisitor? 5 days ago in Beetles by Marta Marta
Re: Spider i.d help 5 days ago in Spiders by lincolnlatic lincolnlatic
Jordanian spider 5 days ago in Spiders by lincolnlatic lincolnlatic
Re: Longhorn Beetle ID? 5 days ago in Beetles by emg emg
Re: Further to recent post. 5 days ago in Bug forum by jaguarondi jaguarondi
Stored Product Mite Pest Problem 1 week ago in Household pests by 55bef82d7cb23b4f60e54262e58b623fb2391d50 55bef82d7cb23b4f60e54262e58b623fb2391d50
Id help please. 1 week ago in Bug forum by chriffer chriffer
Re: Spider identification.. 1 week ago in Bug forum by LeanneB LeanneB
Re: Identification Req'd please - Winter Gnats? 1 week ago in True flies by flecc flecc
Re: Found a larvae in clothes - ID request please 1 week ago in Larvae (immature bugs) by Les Gradwell Les Gradwell
Re: Hi. can anyone help us identify this little critter please. 2 weeks ago in Bug forum by Florin - Museum ID team Florin - Museum ID team
Re: what is this creature? and how to get rid of them please? 2 weeks ago in Bug forum by flecc flecc

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