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LucyC LucyC Can you identify this small black insect? 161 2 1 day ago by LucyC
blacklight124 blacklight124 Long tailed bug found in home 17,678 8 1 day ago by flecc
Bugphobic Bugphobic Id insect in bathroom please 85 3 1 day ago by Bugphobic
dingdong dingdong Yuck!  Found this in my supermarket salad.  What is it? 64 1 1 day ago by AlteredEgo
John John Fly id 112 4 2 days ago by John
John John Bee id 117 6 2 days ago by John
bettyc bettyc Ichneumon? 206 7 3 days ago by bettyc
Duffy Duffy Anyone Know What This Is? Apart from 'A Spider' 58 1 4 days ago by jaguarondi
bolection bolection insect identification - help please 106 2 1 week ago by bolection
Barrybloke Barrybloke ID please. 91 2 1 week ago by Barrybloke
Barrybloke Barrybloke Frustration 115 1 1 week ago by flecc
Barrybloke Barrybloke Nigma walckenaeri and what? 88 2 1 week ago by Barrybloke
Bugphobic Bugphobic Please please identify 153 4 1 week ago by Bugphobic
DaleB123 DaleB123 False widow? 99 2 2 weeks ago by DaleB123
WendyEL WendyEL Suddenly noticed this wasp like thing in my kitchen 109 2 2 weeks ago by WendyEL
PAN PAN Tiny Window Sill Bug ! 90 2 2 weeks ago by PAN
Chapel Leigh Chapel Leigh Weevil or what? 88 2 2 weeks ago by Chapel Leigh
Danny Danny Hi can anyone tell me what this is please 116 4 2 weeks ago by Danny
Danny Danny Plz can any one tell me what this is 111 2 2 weeks ago by Danny
nh_sjo nh_sjo Please ID this mite/bug 112 5 2 weeks ago by AlteredEgo
Sparkysim Sparkysim What's this red spider like insect? 91 1 3 weeks ago by AlteredEgo
Philly Philly Caterpiller 97 1 3 weeks ago by flecc
Musa basjoo Musa basjoo Can anyone identify this Hover Fly 106 2 3 weeks ago by Musa basjoo
Ottawa14TC Ottawa14TC Orange insect on window? 99 1 3 weeks ago by MikeHardman
TBA95 TBA95 This beetle like bug terrified my dog 212 5 3 weeks ago by Microbe
AdamtheGardener AdamtheGardener Found this black bug crawling through our lounge.. 82 1 3 weeks ago by AmandaB
jesso1000 jesso1000 Does anyone now what this bug is? 4,739 7 3 weeks ago by jesso1000
chriffer chriffer Id confirmation please - Ichneumon sarcitorius? 76 1 3 weeks ago by flecc
Abell73 Abell73 Please can you identify this bug/beetle? 85 1 3 weeks ago by AmandaB
Scared but never alone Scared but never alone Is this a faulse widow? 96 1 3 weeks ago by flecc