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About woodlice

Common rough woodlouse, Porcellio scaber

Woodlice are a group of arthropods that includes woodlice, cheese-logs and pill bugs.

Woodlice are crustaceans that live on the land and are more closely related to crabs and prawns than to other land-based invertebrates. They have about 12 visible plates or segments and 7 pairs of legs.

Woodlice have not entirely escaped their aquatic ancestry. They need a damp environment and will dry out and die in most areas of a centrally-heated home. They are scavengers of decaying vegetation and are of very slight concern as garden pests. Within homes they occasionally scavenge in kitchens, feeding on spillages beneath fixtures and cupboards. They will also feed on decaying skirtings and are often an indication of dry or wet rot.

Number of UK species: 37



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