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Lucanus123 Lucanus123 Fly? Found near water at Cheddar Gorge - help with ID 39 2 2 days ago by Lucanus123
Pralinsky Pralinsky Fly ID? 105 5 1 week ago by Pralinsky
Lucanus123 Lucanus123 Unknown fly 86 2 2 weeks ago by Lucanus123
Chapel Leigh Chapel Leigh Cluster flies? 70 2 2 weeks ago by Chapel Leigh
Microbe Microbe I WISH I HADN'T LET A LITTLE MIDGE FLY BITE ME. OUCH!!! 186 1 3 weeks ago by jaguarondi
Lucanus123 Lucanus123 help identifying a fly please 76 1 1 month ago by flecc
CXD CXD Crane fly ID help needed! 194 4 1 month ago by CXD
Andy Andy Ladybird - Fly ? 165 2 3 months ago by Andy
Chapel Leigh Chapel Leigh Unidentified fly 157 2 3 months ago by Chapel Leigh
Brian Brian Sphaerophora - but which species? 115 1 3 months ago by flecc
AlanS AlanS fly with iridescent wing markings 233 2 3 months ago by AlanS
BenMaf BenMaf What species of fly is this? 199 1 4 months ago by Laverock
TRW TRW Hoverfly ID 168 1 4 months ago by Laverock
Microbe Microbe Offering a Supporting Hand to Flies? 684 9 4 months ago by Microbe
Mikdakin Mikdakin Bluebottle fly ident 220 3 4 months ago by lucy
Pralinsky Pralinsky Fly ID 133 0 4 months ago by Pralinsky
brian f brian f A couple of flies for i.d. please 126 0 5 months ago by brian f
Hairstreak Hairstreak Bee-fly ID required 128 0 5 months ago by Hairstreak
AlanS AlanS Stripey fly? 255 2 5 months ago by AlanS
Sierra_101 Sierra_101 Small fly found on plant (Germany) 264 2 6 months ago by Steve Jelf
awillkey awillkey Who are the protagonists? 275 3 6 months ago by Microbe
awillkey awillkey What type of fly? 339 4 6 months ago by awillkey
flecc flecc Fly for identification 260 2 6 months ago by flecc
GrahamPD GrahamPD Fly or other type of insect? 287 2 7 months ago by jaguarondi
lovecrawlies lovecrawlies ID for horse-fly found in Zambia? 743 3 1 year ago by Florin - Museum ID team
Abhurite Abhurite Identification please of this beastie. 597 2 1 year ago by Abhurite
GrahamPD GrahamPD Robber Fly 540 1 1 year ago by Wodwo
richard richard I spotted this huge (c. 20mm) fly in Devon. Totally black. Can anyone identify it? 706 1 1 year ago by Wodwo
Fiona Fiona Tiny fly 546 1 1 year ago by Wodwo
BW BW What is this fly please? 532 1 1 year ago by BW