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shadowarts shadowarts I found this bug in my garden don't know-how it is 74 1 2 weeks ago by AmandaB
Fiona Fiona Identification of shield bug 147 2 2 months ago by Fiona
Cyprus Man Cyprus Man Help to ID this earwig please 111 0 4 months ago by Cyprus Man
TORCROSS TORCROSS Two bugs for ID from Tobago 171 0 4 months ago by TORCROSS
Ratatoskr Ratatoskr Aphid? Nymph? What species? 313 2 6 months ago by Ratatoskr
TORCROSS TORCROSS Bug for ID please 422 2 8 months ago by TORCROSS
AmandaB AmandaB Instar id help needed 292 1 9 months ago by AmandaB
Mr p Mr p please can someone identify this bug 356 3 9 months ago by Mr p
camper camper Flies in bathroom and toilet - please help identify 383 0 11 months ago by camper
Sofa Sofa Help to ID this bug? 1,367 4 11 months ago by Sofa
eddie66 eddie66 Fly for i/d please 425 2 11 months ago by eddie66
Raddes Raddes Tick? from Costa Rica 315 0 1 year ago by Raddes
liz liz ? Bug or Beetle 997 5 1 year ago by liz
NatureNinja NatureNinja What's this weevil crossing the road? 723 2 1 year ago by NatureNinja
curatoret curatoret identify bug like creature 1,936 11 1 year ago by Rockwolf
nalinoodles nalinoodles Biting bug ID please 550 1 1 year ago by MikeHardman
Microbe Microbe A BUG FRIGHTENED OUT OF ITS SKIN? 726 1 1 year ago by jaguarondi
meloakes meloakes yellow/black striped abdomen, probiscus, no sting 2,083 9 1 year ago by Florin - Museum ID team
Marcello Consolo Marcello Consolo Heterotoma planicornis? 1,249 6 1 year ago by Marcello Consolo
Debwit Debwit Pondloving bug? 647 2 1 year ago by Debwit
Missnmiller Missnmiller Strange bug with pretend eyes on its head 913 3 1 year ago by MikeHardman
Jay Jay Mystery bug - can anyone identify please? 1,054 2 1 year ago by Jay
will will black and red bug 940 2 1 year ago by will
MilloandDylan MilloandDylan What is this ladybird doing? 3,330 3 1 year ago by Wacky ducky
Marcello Consolo Marcello Consolo Help with this Curculio sp. 862 1 2 years ago by Marcello Consolo
Maria Maria Can you identify this true bug? 1,435 1 2 years ago by TORCROSS
grantburleigh grantburleigh Froghoppers and their eyes 1,170 2 2 years ago by grantburleigh
tesf tesf Help me identify this bug. 1,033 1 2 years ago by habdab
Ed_P Ed_P Large Aphid - Help with ID please 1,021 1 2 years ago by jaguarondi
Allan113uk Allan113uk ? Can anyone help with this bug identification 1,072 2 2 years ago by habdab