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AllanA AllanA Found this beauty in the house today. Can you identify it? 75 1 3 days ago by Garret
Curious Curious Help with identification. 38 0 2 weeks ago by Curious
wiseowl wiseowl ID Please 52 1 2 weeks ago by jaguarondi
Garret Garret Assassin Bug? 123 2 1 month ago by Garret
Garret Garret Can someone please help me identify these Bugs? 125 1 1 month ago by flecc
Birdy Birdy Pure white insect in back garden 143 0 3 months ago by Birdy
Wildman Wildman True Bug ID help 104 1 3 months ago by jaguarondi
clrajlc clrajlc What bug is this? Please help! 125 1 4 months ago by AmandaB
TORCROSS TORCROSS Another bug from Costa Rica for ID. 248 0 10 months ago by TORCROSS
TORCROSS TORCROSS A couple of Assassin bugs for ID. 283 0 10 months ago by TORCROSS
TORCROSS TORCROSS 3 Shield bugs from Costa Rica for ID 345 0 10 months ago by TORCROSS
Buttercup_L Buttercup_L Whitish-grey large aphid on willow? 442 1 11 months ago by jaguarondi Identification of Costa Rican Licen Mimic Hemopteran 575 1 1 year ago by
Ann Ann ID for Green Hemipteran please please 637 3 1 year ago by Ann
Tiggywinks Tiggywinks Help with froghopper id. please 662 2 1 year ago by Tiggywinks
GeoDave GeoDave A shieldbug? 1,168 4 1 year ago by GeoDave
Lucanus123 Lucanus123 Capsid bug? 690 2 1 year ago by Lucanus123
Lucanus123 Lucanus123 Unknown true bug/nymph? 773 2 1 year ago by Lucanus123
lolakola lolakola possible Leiodes calcarata? 672 0 1 year ago by lolakola
3328ab9f8ae4179a382063ff27e52ceff54139da 3328ab9f8ae4179a382063ff27e52ceff54139da 3 beetles for i/d please 1,544 8 1 year ago by flecc
Jane276 Jane276 What is this biting bug? 3,224 2 2 years ago by triops
Ratatoskr Ratatoskr Is this an Ichneumon wasp? 2,478 5 2 years ago by mikeeward
gardeniasommar gardeniasommar Black-and-white bug found on Crete - what can it be ? 1,172 2 2 years ago by rhossilian
Tony Tony Strange bug over Rainham Marshes RSPB site's garden. 750 1 2 years ago by Florin - Museum ID team
TORCROSS TORCROSS Mirid bug from Crete for ID 763 1 2 years ago by TORCROSS
TORCROSS TORCROSS Two bugs for ID from Tobago 924 1 2 years ago by TORCROSS
Mike Mike shieldbug? 700 1 2 years ago by emg
shadowarts shadowarts I found this bug in my garden don't know-how it is 1,017 1 2 years ago by AmandaB
Fiona Fiona Identification of shield bug 4,281 2 2 years ago by Fiona
Cyprus Man Cyprus Man Help to ID this earwig please 869 0 2 years ago by Cyprus Man