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AlanS AlanS Little black spider 71 4 4 hours ago by AlanS
jwilliams jwilliams ID Spider 23 1 4 hours ago by jaguarondi
nikkyuze nikkyuze Spider id 69 2 2 days ago by nikkyuze
Gargoyle Gargoyle Spider I.D. Please 159 10 4 days ago by Gargoyle
Artemis Artemis Spider identification - help very much appreciated! 94 2 4 days ago by Artemis
Giani Giani Need your help! 82 2 6 days ago by Giani
Giani Giani Identification of a spider 52 1 6 days ago by flecc
Lucanus123 Lucanus123 Small spider seen in Portishead June 2014 68 2 1 week ago by Lucanus123
Stu_Smith Stu_Smith Help identifying a spider. 71 1 1 week ago by flecc
kking kking Can spider venom be green? 35 0 1 week ago by kking
sp1der sp1der Another spider identification 84 2 1 week ago by sp1der
Allen Forster Allen Forster Another Spider Identification 203 6 1 week ago by flecc
DaleB123 DaleB123 Help identifying this spider please? 62 1 1 week ago by flecc
Ken Ken Hi, is this a Missing Orb or False Black Widow or neither? 91 3 1 week ago by flecc
summerwalker summerwalker Spider ID please, found on windowsill outside 62 1 2 weeks ago by jaguarondi
Audidoo37 Audidoo37 Any ideas what this spiders is found in our house, is it poisonous? 108 1 3 weeks ago by flecc
_Tuna_ _Tuna_ Spider Identification 125 4 3 weeks ago by _Tuna_
Hiddles Hiddles Is there a humane way to kill spiders? 134 2 3 weeks ago by Steve Jelf
mgray mgray Can anyone please identify this? 126 4 3 weeks ago by mgray
Bizzybee Bizzybee Could this be a black widow? 152 3 3 weeks ago by flecc
Gargoyle Gargoyle Unknown Spider. Can you identify it for me please. 107 3 4 weeks ago by flecc
ianmorris ianmorris Spider identification 80 1 1 month ago by flecc
Charric Charric False widow? 125 1 1 month ago by jaguarondi
Jax Jax Can anyone identify this spider? 82 1 1 month ago by flecc
laurenkr laurenkr can anyone identify this spider 71 1 1 month ago by MWJB
Charric Charric Help identifying spider 93 3 1 month ago by flecc
Katherine Katherine Spider identification 120 3 1 month ago by flecc
RoryKat RoryKat ID this spider, please 78 4 1 month ago by RoryKat
mrcow20 mrcow20 Spider in Norwich UK 81 1 1 month ago by jaguarondi
Tiggywinks Tiggywinks Can you help id. this small red spider? 228 4 1 month ago by Tiggywinks