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Pete Pete Any idea what this strange bug (poss larvae) is? 153 2 3 weeks ago by Pete
Les Gradwell Les Gradwell ID please 139 2 1 month ago by Les Gradwell
Robf Robf Can anyone help me to identify these. 137 1 1 month ago by Florin - Museum ID team
Bryan Bryan Does anyone know what this is 208 2 2 months ago by Florin - Museum ID team
Charley Charley Found these cocoons and grubs amongst Cedar Shingles (for roofing; originally from Canada) today 19.06.15. They have been stacked in our garden near Basingstoke since we took delivery of them last year. What are they please ? 112 0 2 months ago by Charley
Eraia Eraia Strange Larve in Office? 156 1 3 months ago by Florin - Museum ID team
twilight.amoeba twilight.amoeba Is this a beetle larvae? 257 2 3 months ago by twilight.amoeba
EmilyI EmilyI Saw these larvae in my chicken coop- help please! 169 0 3 months ago by EmilyI
Paul Paul about 8 prickly larvae found on bedroom floor 533 2 9 months ago by Paul
Steve B Steve B Can anyone tell me what these are? 588 2 9 months ago by Florin - Museum ID team
Tomski Tomski Larvae identification help needed! 519 2 9 months ago by Florin - Museum ID team
asinweekend asinweekend Any Idea what this is? 495 2 10 months ago by asinweekend
simon simon could you help with identification of this ugly bug please? 749 5 10 months ago by simon
Ratatoskr Ratatoskr Sawfly larvae? which species? 352 0 10 months ago by Ratatoskr
chrisnchris chrisnchris Black bugs in runner beans...not blackfly!! 1,124 3 10 months ago by Clive Washington
kws kws Unusual Larvae - not a handsome chap 512 1 1 year ago by MikeHardman
mickyas mickyas elephant hawkmoth larvae or not? 724 5 1 year ago by Steve Jelf
LatestDinosaur LatestDinosaur massive larvae of some sort. 663 4 1 year ago by MikeHardman
stevenet150 stevenet150 UK garden monster 516 2 1 year ago by stevenet150
Pete Pete Is this some type of lavae? 506 0 1 year ago by Pete
Pete Pete White Alderfly Lavae? 433 0 1 year ago by Pete
Yorkiej Yorkiej Phygelis bush pest 419 0 1 year ago by Yorkiej Huge larvae needs ID 561 1 1 year ago by
Gargoyle Gargoyle Truly Weird . What is it? 582 0 1 year ago by Gargoyle
JasonEdinburgh JasonEdinburgh Is this some kind of lady bug ? 1,711 3 1 year ago by Clive Washington
Sarah Sarah larvae ? 715 2 1 year ago by Sarah
jonathan jonathan Leafhopper nymph? 675 1 1 year ago by Florin - Museum ID team
Jensleydale Jensleydale Is this a cranefly? or horsefly? Or something else 565 0 1 year ago by Jensleydale
Salla Salla Dug up in an orchard - what is it?! 802 2 1 year ago by Salla
Yvonne Gorman Yvonne Gorman Slimy 'something' on a leaf! 14,233 8 1 year ago by Beesting