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Kabigabor Kabigabor ID help with hairy larvae 122 4 2 weeks ago by triops
Poppy75 Poppy75 Can you identify this please 103 3 3 weeks ago by triops
24ede848cbd18a912d9d825ee0678d4137239b1a 24ede848cbd18a912d9d825ee0678d4137239b1a what is this? 65 1 3 weeks ago by Mulberoo
coop coop Help Identify possible Larvae 133 2 1 month ago by coop
Hoops Hoops Bug baby on my hazel 83 0 2 months ago by Hoops
Bertsly Bertsly What is this white/translucent with brown back, larva/worm creature I found on my lettuce? 198 1 3 months ago by jaguarondi
Les Gradwell Les Gradwell Correction 112 0 3 months ago by Les Gradwell
Les Gradwell Les Gradwell Hymenoptera ID please 138 0 3 months ago by Les Gradwell
Les Gradwell Les Gradwell ID please 128 0 4 months ago by Les Gradwell
colle020601 colle020601 bug 167 1 4 months ago by triops
colle020601 colle020601 unidentifed larva 174 0 4 months ago by colle020601
colle020601 colle020601 unidentified larva 140 0 4 months ago by colle020601
geff.2007 geff.2007 Larva identification please 350 2 5 months ago by geff.2007
ToffeeFlake ToffeeFlake Berkshire moth 169 1 5 months ago by MikeHardman
DW22 DW22 Can anyone identify this grub? 176 0 5 months ago by DW22
PaulR PaulR is this a beetle larva? 246 0 6 months ago by PaulR
Atomix Atomix I.D for a Tiny Larvae 302 2 6 months ago by Atomix
Hairstreak Hairstreak Larvae for ID 578 4 7 months ago by Hairstreak
Rowan Rowan Strange Mass and Larvae 440 3 7 months ago by Rowan
Rowan Rowan Strange Mass and Larvae 291 0 7 months ago by Rowan
Northumberland Wildlife Northumberland Wildlife Bug larvae in slime on holly leaf, picture taken early november south northumberland, any ideas? 708 3 8 months ago by MikeHardman
jcwacky jcwacky ID Request: Mass of small larve found in lawn 595 3 11 months ago by jaguarondi
Snakeydan Snakeydan Moth Larvae? 405 0 11 months ago by Snakeydan
peterb peterb Larva id request 1,005 6 11 months ago by peterb
adamw969 adamw969 Can someone please help in identifying this bug?? 845 5 1 year ago by adamw969
Hairstreak Hairstreak Larva for ID 898 5 1 year ago by Hairstreak
CambridgePPF Nature CambridgePPF Nature Pupa ID please 835 7 1 year ago by CambridgePPF Nature
Les Gradwell Les Gradwell Bug ID please 570 2 1 year ago by Les Gradwell
Freaky_Beaky Freaky_Beaky Pupa case identification 524 0 1 year ago by Freaky_Beaky
Vfairs Vfairs Can anyone identify these cocoons?eggs? 525 2 1 year ago by flecc