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About household pests

Housefly, Musca domestica

Household pests include larder beetles, woodworm beetles, carpet beetles, clothes moths, flies and fleas.

Many species of invertebrates are considered to be pests or a nuisance in people.s homes. They may be damaging to wood and timbers, fabrics, woollens, natural fabrics and furnishings or food products stored in kitchen cupboards.

Pests in the wild feed on the remains of animals, plants, seeds and cereals, more or less the same as what they feed on inside houses. Many species have adapted to a lifestyle within our homes where they are always found in low numbers.

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Stored Product Mite Pest Problem 1 year ago by 55bef82d7cb23b4f60e54262e58b623fb2391d50 55bef82d7cb23b4f60e54262e58b623fb2391d50



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