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PesteredInBrum PesteredInBrum Can anyone identify these juvenile pests? 100 1 1 week ago by Laverock
Wonderwoman Wonderwoman Tiny creamy white mites in my kitchen 3,364 5 1 week ago by Florin - Museum ID team
Marie Marie Identification of red beetle needed, please 237 5 3 weeks ago by MikeHardman
Lyn Lyn Please help ID this bug 129 1 4 weeks ago by jaguarondi
cyclingnut cyclingnut Household bug ID please 183 4 1 month ago by cyclingnut
janegilbert janegilbert Can anyone identify this beetle please? 369 3 1 month ago by flecc
Nicky99 Nicky99 Could you help ID this bug please? 258 1 1 month ago by flecc
kuepper kuepper ID this beetle please 629 7 2 months ago by flecc
55bef82d7cb23b4f60e54262e58b623fb2391d50 55bef82d7cb23b4f60e54262e58b623fb2391d50 Stored Product Mite Pest Problem 222 0 3 months ago by 55bef82d7cb23b4f60e54262e58b623fb2391d50
corfie corfie Tiny black beetles in new damp house - ID request please 716 3 4 months ago by corfie
ChrisLondon ChrisLondon Bedroom basement bug 455 1 4 months ago by triops
Ringo Ringo Pantry pest bug identification 599 3 4 months ago by Florin - Museum ID team
adamgr81 adamgr81 Help Please - Black bug Identification 613 2 5 months ago by adamgr81
Camoo Camoo Please help - We think we have bed bugs 1,844 5 1 year ago by Camoo
JJ JJ PLEASE what are these horrible bugs?!! 926 2 8 months ago by jaguarondi
NatureHelp NatureHelp Please Help Idenify This Bug 790 1 8 months ago by flecc
faz faz please help identify 834 5 8 months ago by Barrybloke
jo jo What is this? 695 3 8 months ago by flecc
Flower Flower What is this? 616 3 8 months ago by flecc
jonnyd214 jonnyd214 Bug identification - please help? 655 1 9 months ago by triops
nixy123 nixy123 Bug identify keep seeing these in the house 842 1 9 months ago by flecc
innovat0r innovat0r What keeps leaving this behind please help 503 0 10 months ago by innovat0r
Vic123 Vic123 Help! Can anyone tell me what these are? 779 1 10 months ago by Jonathan - NaturePlus host
kirstyclaire2 kirstyclaire2 Tiny white mites in bedroom. Any suggestions? 594 0 10 months ago by kirstyclaire2
Clo Clo ID needed please 521 0 10 months ago by Clo
Fiona1231 Fiona1231 Please help me identify these small black bugs in my flat 1,009 1 11 months ago by Florin - Museum ID team
bexy00 bexy00 please help identify 607 2 11 months ago by bexy00
Shaka Shaka Please help me identify this tiny bug are they ROur dog found a dead rat in our garden andat Lice? 497 0 11 months ago by Shaka
hickledee hickledee Help with beetle ID 855 1 1 year ago by Florin - Museum ID team
nikkitheo nikkitheo What is this? 688 1 1 year ago by Florin - Museum ID team