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Francis Francis Is this a german cockroach? 68 1 3 days ago by jaguarondi
Jam Jam Help identifying this tiny flying insect in my flat 182 1 1 month ago by jaguarondi
Valentina Valentina Tiny Bugs in the kitchen 322 2 2 months ago by Valentina
jawilba jawilba Identification help. 288 1 2 months ago by jaguarondi
Diane Diane Small flies/ gnats can anyone identify please 193 0 2 months ago by Diane
Diane Diane Smallflies/gnats please can anyone identify them 307 2 2 months ago by flecc
Georgina1993 Georgina1993 Need help identifying this biting household bug 419 2 3 months ago by triops
Sam124 Sam124 What is this bug I found on couch? 463 2 4 months ago by Sam124
DM2701 DM2701 Can anyone tell me what this little bug is? 523 2 4 months ago by DM2701
TJ2016 TJ2016 Any idea what this is?! 375 1 5 months ago by Happy Days
noobcakes noobcakes What are these small flies please? 403 2 5 months ago by noobcakes
ck123 ck123 Please help me ID, larvae under pet bowl??? 360 1 5 months ago by flecc
Correohs Correohs Can you help me to ID this bug? 416 1 5 months ago by flecc
Jen Jen Bugs in bathroom and kitchen widow sills updated pictures 692 3 5 months ago by flecc
Dackad Dackad WHAT ARE THESE THINGS?!? 735 3 6 months ago by flecc
G4123 G4123 Black beetle-like bugs, what are they? 673 3 6 months ago by G4123
Beccaba45 Beccaba45 Please help - little black bugs - what are they 437 1 6 months ago by triops
kat kat Help identify them 413 1 6 months ago by flecc
stickgal stickgal Very quiet regular buzz/ vibrate in kitchen 458 3 7 months ago by jaguarondi
SHB SHB Bitten only in late summer 613 4 7 months ago by SHB
Animalid Animalid Please can someone help identify this bug in my flat in London? 525 1 8 months ago by flecc
Animalid Animalid Anyone know what is this bug that appeared from July? 460 1 8 months ago by flecc
Jonny77 Jonny77 insects in my new home 792 3 10 months ago by habdab
PesteredInBrum PesteredInBrum Can anyone identify these juvenile pests? 573 1 11 months ago by Laverock
Wonderwoman Wonderwoman Tiny creamy white mites in my kitchen 7,806 5 11 months ago by Florin - Museum ID team
Marie Marie Identification of red beetle needed, please 772 5 12 months ago by MikeHardman
Lyn Lyn Please help ID this bug 654 1 1 year ago by jaguarondi
cyclingnut cyclingnut Household bug ID please 989 4 1 year ago by cyclingnut
janegilbert janegilbert Can anyone identify this beetle please? 1,095 3 1 year ago by flecc
Nicky99 Nicky99 Could you help ID this bug please? 799 1 1 year ago by flecc