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Garret Garret A selection of Dragonflies on the Isle Of Arran last summer 194 2 3 months ago by Garret
JoDee JoDee Damselfly 337 4 5 months ago by JoDee
poldens poldens Golden-ringed Dragonfly 2,710 1 11 months ago by Atanas
Mark Burgess Mark Burgess Female Sympetrum from Greek Island - Sympetrum striolatum? 1,701 1 12 months ago by Atanas
ND ND Two insects found by river - help! 436 1 1 year ago by jaguarondi
RyanJRichardson RyanJRichardson Damselfly ID's (x2) 380 1 1 year ago by lucy
DerekP DerekP Blue-tailed Damselfy  Ischnura elegans f infuscans-obsoleta? 896 2 1 year ago by DerekP
Jamesie Jamesie Dragonfly Id 745 2 2 years ago by Jamesie
Arachnophile Arachnophile ID please,  d'fly still attached to exuvia 1,231 5 2 years ago by Arachnophile
Arachnophile Arachnophile Posts 730 1 2 years ago by AmandaB
awillkey awillkey Is this a common darter (male)? 1,036 2 2 years ago by awillkey
Arachnophile Arachnophile id please. d'fly attached to exuvia 970 3 2 years ago by Arachnophile
awillkey awillkey Do damselfly colours fade? In any case, what species? 1,344 3 2 years ago by Steve Jelf
DavidT DavidT What species of Dragonfly is this? 1,194 1 2 years ago by awillkey
Warrener Warrener A Darter or something else? I.D. Help Needed Please. 1,296 2 2 years ago by Warrener
John John Damsel reassurance 806 1 2 years ago by Steve Jelf
plantain plantain Please identify 1,019 1 3 years ago by ChrisE
blackfazer blackfazer Damselfly ID please. 1,272 2 3 years ago by blackfazer
GrahamPD GrahamPD Help with dragonfly id please 1,320 2 3 years ago by beetlermurray
Warrener Warrener I.D. Help Please -  Female Banded or Beautiful? 1,426 2 3 years ago by Warrener
Mike Robinson Mike Robinson A Dragonfly ... 1,254 2 3 years ago by Mike Robinson
Sarah Sarah ID please 1,395 2 3 years ago by Sarah
Pyriforme Pyriforme hard to identify this huge dragonfly! 2,009 2 4 years ago by Michael
GrahamPD GrahamPD Dragonfly ID please 2,181 4 4 years ago by GrahamPD
Mich Mich What type of dragonfly is this? ...... 2,088 2 4 years ago by Mich
jonty jonty dragonfly id 2,202 3 4 years ago by jonty
Warrener Warrener Help needed to I.D. Dragonfly Please. 2,305 4 4 years ago by Warrener
Jack Jack Found this dragonfly in Oban, Scotland 3 weeks ago. ID, please? 2,006 2 4 years ago by Jack
Jade-Lauren Jade-Lauren Beautiful demoiselle?? 1,886 2 4 years ago by Jade-Lauren
Ash Ash Scarce Blue-tailed Damselfly? 2,050 2 4 years ago by Ash