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brightbeginnings brightbeginnings Elizabeth the [Insert Species Here] 62 2 20 hours ago by brightbeginnings
Rod Rod Is this a large caterpillar? 83 1 2 weeks ago by AmandaB
Tina Tina What is this caterpillar? 252 9 3 weeks ago by AmandaB
chinditsboy chinditsboy Can I get an id for this grub/caterpillar 167 4 1 month ago by chinditsboy
Hylobates Hylobates Can anyone identify this communal caterpillar feeding on Hogweed? 365 3 1 month ago by Laverock
mike9 mike9 Hairy caterpillar identification 185 3 2 months ago by Florin - Museum ID team
Orchidapillar Orchidapillar Does anybody know what this is please? 277 3 2 months ago by Orchidapillar
Kim Kim CATERPILLARS CLIMBING UP THE WALL 97 0 2 months ago by Kim
Pralinsky Pralinsky Tiny caterpillar ID 196 1 2 months ago by AmandaB
Ian Ian Caterpillar ID 433 1 2 months ago by TORCROSS
lincolnlatic lincolnlatic what type of caterpillar is this please 202 2 2 months ago by lincolnlatic
Jaxxh Jaxxh Can anyone identify this? 129 1 3 months ago by lucy
balky balky Lime Hawk Moth hatching. 136 2 3 months ago by balky
AmandaB AmandaB Large caterpillar 183 1 3 months ago by AmandaB
susanrowe susanrowe Hi, Please can anyone identify this Caterpillar. 3,339 3 3 months ago by triops
Ellielou Ellielou My little boy found a caterpillar on a windfall cooking apple please help identify 632 3 4 months ago by AmandaB
Bugbrain Bugbrain Oak or Grass Eggar? Or other? 650 2 4 months ago by Florin - Museum ID team
jpscloud jpscloud unidentified caterpillar 429 1 4 months ago by AmandaB
Bloominrosey Bloominrosey Please can anyone identify this caterpillar 452 1 4 months ago by AmandaB
Jinks Jinks Very pretty caterpillar. Can you tell me what it is? 402 1 5 months ago by AmandaB
AllanC AllanC Red/Orange and Black Caterpillar ID 426 1 10 months ago by John
Sandymo Sandymo green caterpillar on a beach tree trunk 873 7 10 months ago by Sandymo
Weevil62 Weevil62 Caterpillar identification please 377 0 11 months ago by Weevil62
Juless Juless Can someone identify this caterpillar please, feeding on goat willow ? 600 2 1 year ago by Juless
Huntsman Huntsman Unidentified caterpillar ! 495 3 1 year ago by TORCROSS
Sarah_ellis24 Sarah_ellis24 Is this a honeysuckle sawfly larvae? 647 1 1 year ago by TORCROSS
silhill lad silhill lad Brightly coloured hairy caterpillar. 766 3 1 year ago by chronicfathead
Sbl83 Sbl83 Big eyes horny caterpillars 1,085 3 1 year ago by hannie
Mealibug Mealibug Is this a Douglas Fir Tussock Moth Caterpillar? 563 2 1 year ago by Mealibug
Kerrypeter Kerrypeter hi can anyone help to identify 539 1 1 year ago by weevil87