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JohnR JohnR Can anyone identify this black hairy caterpillar please? 33 1 22 hours ago by triops
KF Camudgeon KF Camudgeon Please can anybody identify this caterpilla 36 2 22 hours ago by KF Camudgeon
Dot Dot Unknown larva 67 0 5 days ago by Dot
Garret Garret Can anyone help with this caterpillar found in marshy area, Isle of Arran? 165 2 1 week ago by Garret
Lindzhills Lindzhills Identify hairy caterpillar on honeysuckle help 71 1 1 week ago by Happy Days
jedds jedds need confirmation if this a sphinx moth catepillar 58 1 2 weeks ago by AmandaB
AmandaB AmandaB Caterpillar & Possible Sawfly Larvae 80 1 2 weeks ago by AmandaB
Carysstokes Carysstokes Can anybody identify this caterpillar? 122 2 3 weeks ago by triops
totem totem Caterpillar 67 1 1 month ago by AmandaB
Elham Elham Caterpillar 245 4 1 month ago by MikeHardman
Jules Jules Green caterpillar 172 1 1 month ago by Darwin\'s Bulldog
Moose007 Moose007 Help with identifying caterpillars 155 1 2 months ago by flecc
AmandaB AmandaB Hairy Caterpillar on Sycamore Tree Trunk 204 2 2 months ago by AmandaB
Pj99 Pj99 Yellow caterpillar 535 0 4 months ago by Pj99
sue_marie sue_marie Caterpillar? Friend or foe? 215 1 4 months ago by jaguarondi
JDB JDB Another hairy caterpillar 213 1 5 months ago by Florin - Museum ID team
JDB JDB Black caterpillar 358 2 5 months ago by JDB
TORCROSS TORCROSS Costa Rican caterpillar for ID please. 487 2 8 months ago by TORCROSS
AmandaB AmandaB Caterpillar ID 403 1 10 months ago by AmandaB
sarahrigby sarahrigby Can anyone identify this hairy caterpillar found in a Wiltshire garden 347 1 10 months ago by AmandaB
Paul Paul ID very long 72mm green caterpillar pretending to be a twig, Somerset 638 3 10 months ago by jaguarondi
weedgrower weedgrower please help id-ing catterpillars and chrysalis 523 3 10 months ago by weedgrower
godfather99 godfather99 What species is this hairy yellow caterpillar from Devon? 510 2 10 months ago by MikeHardman
JDB JDB Caterpillar with blue horn 1,544 2 11 months ago by JDB
Mmaycar Mmaycar Can I move chrysalis? 495 2 11 months ago by Mmaycar
WingedFish WingedFish Caterpillar ID 426 1 1 year ago by AmandaB
WingedFish WingedFish Caterpillar ID Glen Esk 539 3 1 year ago by AmandaB
AmandaB AmandaB Caterpillar id 607 2 1 year ago by AmandaB
Dan Dan Can anyone tell me what type of caterpillar this is? 510 1 1 year ago by Happy Days
Ladybug84 Ladybug84 Caterpillar ID 777 4 1 year ago by Ladybug84