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Peewit Peewit Possible ab Small Heath Coenonympha pamphilus 37 1 1 day ago by AmandaB
Ahmed Ahmed green butterfly 137 4 3 days ago by Ahmed
Adeline Adeline Tiny blue butterfly 895 7 2 months ago by Julie
Hairstreak Hairstreak Aberrant Common Blue 210 0 4 months ago by Hairstreak
Ken Elsom Ken Elsom Aberrant Meadow Brown 560 5 7 months ago by MikeHardman
Marta Marta Painted lady butterfly? 392 2 9 months ago by Marta
John John Any ideas ? 410 2 9 months ago by John
John John Which Moth 263 2 9 months ago by John
Marta Marta Butterfly: help with identification 322 2 11 months ago by Marta
Lexi5004 Lexi5004 Butterfly ID please 744 5 1 year ago by Lexi5004
Microbe Microbe The first butterfly of 2016? 2,245 13 1 year ago by Steve Jelf
Ajuydog Ajuydog Butterly ID please 665 3 1 year ago by MikeHardman
Liz Liz Butterflies 1,096 6 1 year ago by Liz
391589cd7f538926e7becd4ad44ba4ebaf5d0aab 391589cd7f538926e7becd4ad44ba4ebaf5d0aab Is this a Dark Green Fritillary? 643 2 1 year ago by 391589cd7f538926e7becd4ad44ba4ebaf5d0aab
awillkey awillkey Puzzled by this copper. Can anyone ID? 617 2 1 year ago by awillkey
Chapel Leigh Chapel Leigh Moth identification 677 2 1 year ago by Chapel Leigh
alastair_k alastair_k Is this Adonis or Common Blue? 3,377 16 1 year ago by AmandaB
Microbe Microbe Small Yellow Butterfly/Moth 1,346 5 1 year ago by Microbe
Microbe Microbe Blueish Butterfly 653 1 2 years ago by AmandaB
Jason m Jason m Can anyone tell me what this butterfly is? 676 1 2 years ago by Florin - Museum ID team
Nox_Rhiannon Nox_Rhiannon Painted lady( Vanessa Cardui) Host plants 2,916 14 2 years ago by Nox_Rhiannon
awillkey awillkey Puzzled by this fritillary 1,768 4 2 years ago by awillkey
Microbe Microbe SCARY BUTTERFLY SEEN ON HALLOEEN? 1,616 3 2 years ago by MikeHardman
Gargoyle Gargoyle Can anyone please identify this gold spotted chrysalis. 2,344 2 2 years ago by Gargoyle
Polventon Polventon Can someone identify this small butterfly I spotted today please? Thank you. 1,096 3 2 years ago by MikeHardman
Sarah Sarah Is this a Yellow Shell Moth? 1,504 2 2 years ago by Sarah
AmandaB AmandaB Blue butterfly - confirmation of species 1,869 5 2 years ago by basquesteve
bottley bottley Can anyone identify this butterfly? 1,028 1 2 years ago by MikeHardman
whitebutterfly whitebutterfly Postman butterfly question... 1,473 3 2 years ago by MikeHardman
Sarah Sarah Dark Green or High Brown Fritillary? Or both? ID help please 1,698 3 2 years ago by Sarah