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Cinsects Cinsects Beetles found house - help identifying please 163,487 34 1 hour ago by ce01
fourbyfourbyfar fourbyfourbyfar can anyone help identify this damage 31 1 3 days ago by flecc
Ziggy Ziggy Can anyone identify these please 61 2 4 days ago by Prostomis
Alan Alan Any clues as to what this large beetle is? 48 1 4 days ago by lucy
Ionaa123 Ionaa123 Help found this near skirting and under desk what is it please? 109 1 1 week ago by Prostomis
nomad nomad Corscian Longhorn ID Please. 153 5 2 weeks ago by Clive Washington
Mat429 Mat429 ID of beetle please 42 0 2 weeks ago by Mat429
alastair_k alastair_k Is this Carabus nemoralis? 116 1 2 weeks ago by flecc
alastair_k alastair_k Is this Carabus problematicus? 118 1 2 weeks ago by flecc
Normapp Normapp Red Beetle in Cyprus for ID? 2,428 7 2 weeks ago by Biobuggy
EmselBug EmselBug Is this a Spanish Fly Beetle? 80 2 3 weeks ago by EmselBug
paulg paulg Please identify this bug 83 0 3 weeks ago by paulg
Ian Ian ID Request Please 131 3 3 weeks ago by Ian
Normski Normski Beetle Identification 121 1 3 weeks ago by Clive Washington
AndrewSlack AndrewSlack Weevil identification request 127 3 4 weeks ago by lucy
Scamp Scamp Identification please. 97 2 4 weeks ago by Scamp
Beans Beans Bug identification 142 2 1 month ago by Beans
elaphe elaphe Beetle identification 168 3 1 month ago by elaphe
brian f brian f beetles for i.d. please 206 2 1 month ago by brian f
awillkey awillkey What exactly is going on here? 199 6 1 month ago by Prostomis
Graham Graham Whats this Beetle 165 2 1 month ago by Graham
davempics davempics Carrion Beetle? 129 2 1 month ago by Clive Washington
au13j au13j Beetle ID 108 1 1 month ago by Florin - Museum ID team
peterc peterc What type of ladybird is this please? 119 2 1 month ago by peterc
Jason Jason Small black beetles found in house.  identification please 328 1 1 month ago by Prostomis
Whatbugisthis Whatbugisthis Found this beetle in my house. Can anyone identify? 180 1 2 months ago by Florin - Museum ID team
Hairstreak Hairstreak Can anyone ID this Mallorcan Beetle for me? 247 5 2 months ago by Hairstreak
brian f brian f beetle i.d. please 152 2 2 months ago by brian f
Frabs Frabs Tiny black bugs around the house 436 1 2 months ago by Florin - Museum ID team
Amyoconnor2103 Amyoconnor2103 Can anyone identify this bug please ? 191 4 2 months ago by Amyoconnor2103