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Dominic Dominic Bug on plant leaves 84 3 4 days ago by triops
Garret Garret Beetle ID 90 2 5 days ago by Garret
dave174 dave174 Beetle id 64 2 1 week ago by Florin - Museum ID team
RainyDay93 RainyDay93 Can anyone please identify? 87 1 2 weeks ago by triops
nomad nomad Portland Chafer. 93 5 2 weeks ago by nomad
John John Ground Beetle I.D. 112 2 3 weeks ago by John
nomad nomad Woodland Beetle ID Please. 77 2 3 weeks ago by nomad
Lindy Lindy Bronze beetle ID please 108 2 4 weeks ago by Lindy
Button121 Button121 Can anyone help identify these large beetles appearing in my house? 113 2 4 weeks ago by Button121
dhastings100 dhastings100 Which Beetle 157 5 1 month ago by dhastings100
Dfxdave Dfxdave Identify my beetle I spotted please folks 96 2 1 month ago by Dfxdave
Ahmed Ahmed Which beetle is this please? 104 2 1 month ago by Ahmed
Lindy Lindy Could someone please help to identify this beetle? 151 2 1 month ago by Lindy
beetle hunter beetle hunter help with beetles 115 0 1 month ago by beetle hunter
ArnorG ArnorG Hazel leaves rolled like cigars; Apoderus coryli ? 862 2 1 month ago by flecc
tom27 tom27 Small Brown/red beetles 77 0 1 month ago by tom27
Ross Ross Can someone identify this bug? 216 5 1 month ago by jaguarondi
Ross Ross Bug identication? 60 0 1 month ago by Ross
Ross Ross What is this bug?? 85 0 1 month ago by Ross
AmandaB AmandaB Black and gold beetle 137 2 1 month ago by AmandaB
Ian Ian ID please 117 2 2 months ago by Ian Can you identify this beetle? 188 1 2 months ago by jaguarondi
Teal Teal Unidentified beetle 168 2 2 months ago by Teal
Silxteen Silxteen ID help with beetle invasion at work 207 2 2 months ago by Silxteen
Elmira Elmira Pls help me identify this beetle (grey, 1cm) 248 4 2 months ago by Elmira
Ben E Ben E Isle Of Wight beetle ID help! 128 2 2 months ago by Ben E
c7498c270bff0b80a900561d6ec45831c98fb824 c7498c270bff0b80a900561d6ec45831c98fb824 What is this small brown beetle? 836 6 3 months ago by c7498c270bff0b80a900561d6ec45831c98fb824
geff.2007 geff.2007 Common Sun Beetle 265 2 3 months ago by Clive Washington
geff.2007 geff.2007 Identification required 161 0 3 months ago by geff.2007
Tkaif Tkaif Can anyone help identify this beetle? 140 0 3 months ago by Tkaif