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barnsey barnsey identification please 97 0 3 months ago by barnsey
mack mack WHAT KIND OF BEES 590 6 3 months ago by mack
casper casper Unidentified Bee/Wasp 198 1 4 months ago by Florin - Museum ID team
john_l_uk john_l_uk Carder Bee? 241 2 4 months ago by john_l_uk
Sarah Sarah Is this a buff tailed bumblebee? Is it a queen? 315 1 4 months ago by Arachnophile
Wardle86 Wardle86 Type of Hornet? 323 4 4 months ago by john auchengool
kestrel76 kestrel76 Bumble Bee indentification 252 1 4 months ago by Arachnophile
VeroMLR VeroMLR What kind of Bumble bee is this one? 184 1 4 months ago by jaguarondi
Arachnophile Arachnophile Bee id please 133 0 4 months ago by Arachnophile
Arachnophile Arachnophile Bee id please. 124 0 4 months ago by Arachnophile
Alex Willcox Alex Willcox What bee is this? 339 4 5 months ago by Alex Willcox
Don Don What kind of bee is this? 873 4 5 months ago by mack
Jeremy Jeremy Small bee or hover fly? 307 1 5 months ago by AmandaB
Eskimo Eskimo Bee secreting fluid? 232 1 5 months ago by Steve Jelf
brian1208 brian1208 Tawny Miner Bee with Aphid in its Mandibles - Extracting Nectar? 541 7 6 months ago by brian1208
Iknuman Iknuman Bee Identification No1 332 1 6 months ago by anthonyjackson5
Oscar Oscar Who has just left home in the streets of London? 175 0 7 months ago by Oscar
S.Mawii S.Mawii Apis cerana subspecies i.d please 182 0 7 months ago by S.Mawii
GrahamPD GrahamPD Solitary bee (?) Id please if possible 293 0 8 months ago by GrahamPD
BobH BobH Bee identification 398 0 1 year ago by BobH
Leen75 Leen75 Is this a bee? If yes what type and how do I get rid of them. 645 3 1 year ago by jaguarondi
mia mia Is this just a bee ? 701 3 1 year ago by Clive Washington
John John What sort of insect is this? 654 2 1 year ago by John
John John Old Bee 362 0 1 year ago by John
MSmith MSmith Bee identification 561 1 1 year ago by Jonathan - NaturePlus host
MattWood MattWood What type of bee is this? 671 3 1 year ago by ChrisE
Littlenan Littlenan Black Bee with a few white hairs Identification 811 1 1 year ago by ChrisLR
DMcKenzie DMcKenzie Bumblebee ID, London 580 2 1 year ago by DMcKenzie
pottersoo pottersoo Large Bee (?) ID help required 651 1 1 year ago by emg
Mike Robinson Mike Robinson A Bee ~ seen in the RHS Gardens at Wisley ….. 674 2 1 year ago by Mike Robinson