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National Insect Week 21-27th June

Posted by Blaps on Jun 22, 2010 10:03:38 AM

Okay, so I am one day late - perhaps entomologists are as unpredictable and imprecise as the insects they study?!'s National Insect Week, and there is so much going on...

It's great to have a whole week dedicated to those amazing and diverse creatures that help to keep this planet alive (I know - that's putting it very simply!).


So what is going on at the Museum this week - well, for a start Species of the Day will feature a British insect each day, and today's our lovely colleague Erica features the menacing Asilus crabroniformis or more commonly, the hornet robber fly



Follow this link to find out more about National Insect Week


We will be here:


along with the entomology department, basically showing off! It kind of puts me in mind of a village fete, but with insects, and without the cake!


The Identification and Advisory Service will have on display our weird and wonderful creatures that people have brought in for identification over the years and be on hand to identify anything you might find to show us - so come on down!


I see that National Insect Week has also got in on the Blog, it's great to see some old and new entomologist friends having their say - insects have a voice! Hoorah!


Here is one of the Phyllobius weevils hanging out with some ants!

2010 phyllobius with ants_low suffolk.jpg

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