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What the papers say...

Posted by Blaps May 21, 2010

Well, we have launched! We are now officially open and wait with anticipation as to what more is going to come thorugh our doors, drop through our letter box or be waiting in our inbox for identification - go on - surprise us!

Actually we a breathing a sigh of relief - we have been really busy this past few months getting ready for the launch, as we are a completely new department: (some) new staff, new ideas, new collections space and most importantly new resources to help us get you interested in natural history (if you weren't already!).


Our collections developers, Eleanor and Hannah, have been working in conjunction with our curatorial departments to bring together representative species from the UK collections of Zoology, Palaentology, Entomology and Botany (for Mineralogy - watch this space!) to be housed in the Angela Marmont Centre. These collections are really important to us as we can use them to compare your specimens with, both for identifcation and to help us describe your specimens better.


Often people drop in to the centre with something they have found whilst out and about, they might have even tripped over it - only yesterday we had a call from somone who had found a sea urchin fossil on the side of the road, which apparently had fallen out of a nearby wall - fascinating! It also happens to be that this person is a collector of marine fossils and has been unable to identify this one, so hopefully, by using our collections we should be able to make that identifcation.


Here are a few links to what the media have to say about us:


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