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Gizz Gizz A bird I never managed to photograph but was intrigued by 34 0 3 days ago by Gizz
chriffer chriffer Do you help with bird identification? If so, help with this one please. 48 1 5 days ago by Florin - Museum ID team
Ka Ka Is this an oyster shell? 80 1 1 week ago by Steve Jelf
Hawkeye Hawkeye Is this Squid normal size for the North Sea? 117 2 2 weeks ago by Hawkeye
Eskimo Eskimo Mystery print... 208 3 1 month ago by Eskimo
RBox RBox Is this a paw print and what is it from? 160 0 1 month ago by RBox
chriffer chriffer Confirmation please that this is the Sage Leafhopper Eupteryx melissae. 214 1 1 month ago by flecc
helen helen Can anyone identify this feather please? 168 0 1 month ago by helen
ell45 ell45 Tiny 0.1/0.2 mm white worm in internal tree ring (limb) ID? 165 0 2 months ago by ell45
susan susan ID of bird's wing 256 2 2 months ago by susan
saltysalmosalar saltysalmosalar Freshwater Bivalve Identification 518 2 2 months ago by Tony P
Karmalite Karmalite Bird Identification 374 3 2 months ago by Karmalite
georgieaoo georgieaoo African Paw print size help 383 1 4 months ago by flecc
Remora Fish Remora Fish Any help with this Nocturnal Animal Call 412 2 5 months ago by Remora Fish
Abbyloujay1 Abbyloujay1 Spispid 414 4 5 months ago by Abbyloujay1
chipsuk chipsuk To name this duck? 291 1 5 months ago by Florin - Museum ID team
PeterS PeterS Can anyone identify this Beaver type animal seen on the banks of the River Rhine in Strasbourg 560 2 5 months ago by Polar Bear Town
Polar Bear Town Polar Bear Town A Polar Bear, Eskimo Dog and Red Fox all running after the same piece of meat! 252 0 5 months ago by Polar Bear Town
Ocapi Ocapi Can someone tell me what is the species of this caterpillar? It was found in Portugal last week. Thank you :) 438 2 5 months ago by Ocapi
SophieMasters SophieMasters What is this from? 241 0 6 months ago by SophieMasters
Tess Tess Snake, not common to me! 461 2 6 months ago by Tess
Paul Paul Unknown Body 394 1 7 months ago by flecc
Harold Harold What breed of dog is this? 441 1 7 months ago by flecc
Ann-Rachael Ann-Rachael Emperor Penguin Feet 348 0 7 months ago by Ann-Rachael
SheilaSims SheilaSims Female Great Crested Newt? 431 1 7 months ago by Florin - Museum ID team
Eve Eve What type of snake is this? 548 3 7 months ago by Florin - Museum ID team
Alexandria18 Alexandria18 Please identify chicken-sized egg found in my pond, and is it a dinosaur? 1,276 8 7 months ago by flecc
Don Don Can someone tell me what type of frog this is. Seen in Nigeria 530 1 8 months ago by rhossilian
Eskimo Eskimo Skinned hedgehog 860 5 8 months ago by flecc
copperpot copperpot Mystery objects found on the river bank... 765 4 8 months ago by Tabfish