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teedee52 teedee52 North Atlantic right whale anatomy 199 2 6 days ago by John
Dave Baldwin Dave Baldwin Flatworm found in garden 23 0 1 week ago by Dave Baldwin
Brian Brian ? "Eggs" on oak leaf 70 1 3 weeks ago by Drosophila
Hairstreak Hairstreak Snail for ID 233 2 3 weeks ago by Hairstreak
Azven Azven "Dinichthys intermedius" (Placodermi Arthrodira) 207 1 1 month ago by Dr T
haggis haggis Fish? 411 8 1 month ago by haggis
AlexiF AlexiF Unusual fish for a stream? 304 2 2 months ago by Dr T
Allan Finlayson Allan Finlayson Dragonfly and Bat identification 145 0 2 months ago by Allan Finlayson
JosieJo JosieJo Is this a slime mould? 186 0 3 months ago by JosieJo
JosieJo JosieJo What is this?  Some sort of slime mould? 197 0 3 months ago by JosieJo
KPT KPT small bird at Wicken Fen, Cambs 435 3 3 months ago by MikeHardman
KPT KPT duck at Budle Bay, Northumberland 427 2 3 months ago by KPT
rob29 rob29 What kind of mouse is this ? 590 4 3 months ago by rob29
Kathryn152 Kathryn152 Does anyone know what made this 'nest' type structure? 426 2 3 months ago by Kathryn152
Veej1012 Veej1012 Which animal poo is this? If it is actually poo. 507 3 3 months ago by Dr T
sid-hoo sid-hoo Looks like a dead leaf 431 3 4 months ago by MikeHardman
Salindra Kasun Salindra Kasun Any clue on ID of this spider ? 407 3 4 months ago by jaguarondi
teedee52 teedee52 Whats this bird? 297 2 5 months ago by teedee52
susan susan Is this a Redshank? 346 1 5 months ago by charadrii
atheleya atheleya any help further identifying this cordyceps sp. 301 1 5 months ago by flecc
Jonny Spaceman Jonny Spaceman Dinosaur Forearms - I've an idea what they were for 273 0 5 months ago by Jonny Spaceman
Diana Diana What could this bird have been? 945 8 6 months ago by Diana
ipri ipri Who left this poo? 335 1 6 months ago by lucy
ipri ipri Animal poo? 420 2 6 months ago by ipri
Westieboy Westieboy foetal resorbtion in Rabbits - What's the latin term? 303 1 6 months ago by rhossilian
addiction75 addiction75 Found on the beach in Sandgate, Kent 1,597 3 6 months ago by rhossilian
TRW TRW Am I looking at a Yellow-legged Gull here? 404 0 6 months ago by TRW
chipsuk chipsuk Name this Hawk 319 0 7 months ago by chipsuk
AliOli AliOli Bird ID please 300 0 7 months ago by AliOli
helen helen Bird identification please 600 3 7 months ago by helen