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paulf paulf What's this bug 31 0 1 week ago by paulf
mad goat lady mad goat lady does anyone know what this larvae  is? 16 0 2 weeks ago by mad goat lady
Karajb Karajb Bird watching 2,562 5 3 months ago by sonyamorris
Frog Man Jai Frog Man Jai frogs breeding 1,751 1 3 months ago by AmandaB
CCP CCP Can someone clever please identify this plant 129 0 3 months ago by CCP
white-tailed eagle white-tailed eagle British species 168 0 4 months ago by white-tailed eagle
Boosh Boosh What is your favourite bird? 6,732 14 6 months ago by white-tailed eagle
twitcher twitcher Do you think we should start killing grey squirrels and minks? 2,348 9 6 months ago by sistersquirrel
Weedge Weedge energy change of calcium chloride in solution 370 0 7 months ago by Weedge
DrMLG DrMLG Coleoptera curation - Superglue? 448 2 7 months ago by DrMLG
Weedge Weedge Thyme and butterflies 359 1 7 months ago by Steve Jelf
MSellwood MSellwood What is Life? 1,673 6 8 months ago by Drosophila
Uri Uri What caused the first self-replicating molecule to replicate? 342 0 9 months ago by Uri
Weedge Weedge Th Fabled Blackdown Fauna 298 0 9 months ago by Weedge
alforno alforno What is your favourite underwater creature? 2,279 6 10 months ago by Katrien
Lou s Lou s What spider is this? 325 0 10 months ago by Lou s
BigAl BigAl How do some of our herbivores get so big? 542 3 1 year ago by awillkey
Roses1 Roses1 Snails and periwinkles. 372 0 1 year ago by Roses1
awillkey awillkey When do the museum experts step in? 394 1 1 year ago by kate
Bymez Bymez Bugging Me 407 1 1 year ago by Prostomis
Matt30 Matt30 One humped and two humped animals... 671 3 1 year ago by Dr Camel
theredwolves theredwolves What Is Your Favourite Arctic Animal? 474 0 1 year ago by theredwolves
gemma7115 gemma7115 can anyone identify this caterpillar for me please? 447 0 1 year ago by gemma7115
Gram Gram Is there some sort of protocol if one finds an endangered species animal in one's back yard? 480 0 1 year ago by Gram
Boosh Boosh What is your favourite kind of fish? 3,910 9 1 year ago by Indu
hendrik hendrik How to mate Orthosia gothica in the lab? 543 0 1 year ago by hendrik
AliceH AliceH What killed the dinosaurs? 910 1 1 year ago by AnimalGirl
AliceH AliceH What theories are there as to the mass extinction of dinosaurs at the end of the cretaceous period? 849 1 1 year ago by AnimalGirl
Lynny Lynny What is your favourite sea-creature? 1,531 1 1 year ago by AnimalGirl
Bruno9008 Bruno9008 What is your favourite tropical fish 617 1 1 year ago by AnimalGirl