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Scott Base to Cape Evans

Posted by Conservators Nov 10, 2010

Diana and Cricket have left the relative comfort of New Zealand’s Scott Base and travelled by Haggalund to Captain RF Scott’s hut at Cape Evans.  As they have no internet access at present and are unable to send blogs out, we thought followers of their blog might appreciate an update on their movements.

Carefully wrapped artefacts had been transported from Cape Evans to Scott Base for conservators to work on over the winter months and these objects must now be returned to Captain RF Scott’s hut. The trip to Cape Evans last week would have been slow as they cannot travel over 10 kilometers per hour when transporting artefacts. 

Travelling by hagglund on Frozen Sea Ice.jpg

Travelling by haggalund on frozen sea ice © AHT

On arrival at Cape Evans they would have been busy setting up camp, unpacking artefacts and adjusting to living in a more remote location.

They will probably be able to write a blog from Cape Evans next week and send it by Haggalund to Scott Base, for transmission by email to Christchurch, for placement on the NHM website.