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Antarctic conservation

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Author: Stefanie

Date: 8 August 2013

Temperature: -38.2

Wind speed: 20 knots

Temp with wind chill: -62

Sunrise: N/A

Sunset: N/A



Over the last few weeks our workload has dramatically increased as we frequently conserve over a hundred objects a week. This is due to our current conservation treatments of the contents of Venesta food storage boxes. Many are being looked into for the first time since leaving their manufacturer in England over 100 years ago and hold different quantities. Some boxes can contain over 70 objects in just one box while others can hold 30 objects. Most objects are food products that require various degrees of conservation assessment and treatment. The food products uncovered are in various conditions and although some are badly deteriorated, festering and leaking from cracked, corroded or broken containers, others are in astoundingly good condition remaining very well persevered in their original packaging with some still maintaining perfect form and smell.

Image1 (Medium) LR.jpg

Raspberry, Blackberry & Apple jam manufactured by Beach & Son

Image2 (Medium) LR.jpg

Ground Cinnamon and Ground Ginger manufactured by Griffiths McAlister & Co.'s


There were many commercial sponsors for the Antarctic expeditions. Scott lists these in an appendix to his journal and of these, this week, we have opened boxes manufactured by John Burgess & Son, Gillard & Co., Beach & Sons and Fry & Sons, finding exceptional examples of unopened fine and luxurious food products. A pick of which includes Raspberry and Strawberry Jams, Ground Cinnamon, Ground Ginger and the essence of vanilla,  French Olives, Devilled Ham Pate, Potted Beef Pate, Turtle Soup, Pickled Onions, Gorgona Anchovies, Meat loafs, sauces, pickles, condiments…

Image3 (Medium) LR.jpg

Essence of Vanilla, Savoy Sauce, pickles and meat pate manufactured by John Burgess & Son

Image4 (Medium) LR.jpg

Historic Pickles Onions...