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The product sells itself

Posted by Conservators on Aug 23, 2013 1:13:00 AM

Author: Marie


Wind speed: 12 knots

Temp with wind chill: -29

Sunrise: N/A

Sunset: N/A


We have been enthusiastic about conserving 100 year-old food products: the great wrappers and labels, the inventive marketing and all the types of lid, cork and sealing we discovered. Even then, companies were offering freshness, purity, expertise and the latest scientific research and up-to-date technology to put on your plate.

An unopenned egg powder carton LS.JPG

An unopened egg powder carton


What a relief to know that 'The operations are under the supervision of a trained staff of experts with the result that important improvements are constantly being made' to your table salt composition. You can be sure that the salt in the tin is the best possible for your ‘bones, brain and nerves'. You can also rely on pickles, as they are 'recommended by the faculty of digestion'.  And, indeed, some of the food is beautifully preserved and looks incredibly fresh.

Some of the sales pitches LR.JPG

Some of the sales pitches


But, the top of the range was reached last week by egg powder in cardboard cartons, both for its persuasive sales pitch and actual quality. It is 'not a substitute but pure eggs without shell or moisture', in a new-style patented cardboard carton!  I'm not trying to sell the product, but even the most damaged carton (the one we had to open, sample and empty since it was leaking its contents) was in incredibly good condition. 

The actual pure fresh eggs in powder form LR.JPG

The actual pure fresh hens eggs in powder form

Leaflet detailing directions of use LR.jpg

Leaflet detailing conditions of use


The leaflet inside was in such brilliant condition that our loud and repetitive 'Oh! My! Gosh!' made our colleague in the next office rush in to check if everything was alright with us.  And, that was the very last artefact I had the chance to conserve at Scott Base before leaving the ice - lucky me!

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